Post Run Recovery Yin Yoga for the Hips

Hi I’m Helen Clare and this is a post run
recovery yoga sequence. It would be useful to have two blocks. If you don’t have blocks
then maybe some rolled up towels or blankets.
Then we’ll come and get started. So come and lie down, have your blocks
either side. We’re going to take the soles of the feet together knees out
wide to the side and the blocks are just there for your knees to rest on, so this
is where your your rolled-up blanket or even cushions may work here. If you’re
used to this posture then you may be happy without any support under the
knees, if you are holding quite a bit of tension in the adductors though it’s
really nice just to allow the knees to be supported by something. I’ve got my
blocks on the lowest height but you could have them higher if you wish, just so there’s
no strain or tension there whilst you’re you’re lying back and you can just rest
into this posture a little bit more. So we’re just going to lie back here for a
minute or two, hands can be perhaps on your belly or by your side, notice
anything you can feel. Remember in these slower recovery sessions we’re not aiming
for an intense stretching sensation but it’s that the duration of time that we’re
here that actually has the rejuvenating benefit. If you feel like it’s a bit uncomfortable
in your head and you can use a cushion under your head, otherwise try and keep
the neck and spine nice and long here and of course for perhaps for athletes
more than anyone it’s hard to unwind and become stiller,
so use this as an opportunity to practice becoming stiller knowing that
it is going to benefit you. Just the last few breaths here in this one, relax your
shoulders. hmm
Take a long breath out, lift the knees feet to the floor, take one block and I’m gonna put
it on the highest height but it is up to you how high you have it, you’re gonna
put it underneath your hips, underneath your sacrum. Obviously if you
are using a rolled up blanket instead you’re gonna be lower and that’s fine. I’m just
going to pause here in this supported bridge. Mmm nice opportunity for the hips, pelvis
just feel really heavy. Last breath there – removing your block
pop them out of the way. Okay cross your right ankle over your left thigh, flex
your toes back towards your knee, gently rock a little bit from side to side, pause in the center and interlace your
fingers around the back of that left thigh. If you can relax your head back on
the floor depending on tension in the hips you may be a bit higher. Keep this
top foot active, just a few breaths here Breathe into what you can feel and then keep this shape but release
your hands and take your left foot the lower foot to the floor and then slowly
again you’re rocking all the way over so that this top foot comes to rest on the
floor or just prop it up on something nearby if you need a little bit of
height. Chest is up-right towards the ceiling. So we have ever such a small
twist in here it’s not so much the twist that we are looking for but it’s more
what we can feel for this hip. This can be a great subtle way to release some
tension in gluteus medius even TFL. Let’s see well you can feel there. Keep this
top knee up right A couple more breaths Come back to the center, release that leg. So left ankle over your right thigh, and
again just rocking first of all a little bit side to side. Hmm and then reach
around the back of that thigh placing the toes back Release the hands, foot to the floor and if I
can keeping that shape I just drop it over to the side, knee can stay up… Last few breaths here And back into the center release the legs. Okay
we’re gonna finish with the legs up the wall you might like to use a flat
blanket or a cushion for underneath your hips, and then scoot in a little bit
closer. Swing the legs up. Let’s come in as close to the wall as you comfortably
can, you don’t need to be right flush against the wall though. Bring the legs
as straight as feels good without feeling much of a stretch in the backs
of the legs and then at least for a little bit I recommend opening the arms
out nice and wide. If you have the opportunity to do so this is a good way
to spend quite a bit of time in an evening. Taking all the weight out of the feet
and the legs Probably the best way to reduce any
potential swelling from a really long run and a nice easy subtle way to
lengthen out the hamstrings, and a great way just to relax. So if you can stay there longer please
do. When you choose to come down it’s usually best just to roll to one side and push
yourself up from there. Well done, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed that. If you did
enjoy it please give us a like and a subscribe and please check out some of
the stuff that we’ve got listed down below, and see you next time. Namaste.

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