Population Health: Baystate and NTT DATA partnership helps identify rising-risk patients

when we think about population health the next frontier for us is this concept of rising risk we generally think about rising risk patients as that group of patients that will develop a significant disease over the next 12 months these patients are yet to be identified but hopefully we can predict using some of our analytical tools who will develop disease I think that's the innovative way to go these days I think it's important to try and help our patients before they make it to the complex lists up until now when we think about health promotion and disease prevention we've looked at very traditional factors such as obesity or hypertension what we're starting to realize now is that we can aggregate data across millions of patients and we can start combining that data not only of those traditional factors but with new data such as the social determinants of health and when we combine is data together we're able to really identify who the rising risk patients are sounds really great but it is easier said than done for this to really work in a clinical setting we need to know what data to look at and what are the factors that can help engage patients better so that we can move the trajectory of health from undesirable outcomes to better how to rule this challenge is exactly why we created techspring to bring together technology companies such as NTT DATA with healthcare providers to help us understand and face the challenges of the future of healthcare delivery so we are excited about our partnership with dextran we are currently working to figure out which health metrics to measure and how to aggregate and analyze data so we can identify patterns that actually put a patient at risk the bottom line for me is to take my patients healthy take them out of the hospital in the emergency rooms so if we could find some identifiers and help the patient's prior to them getting to that point it's really a good thing for the patients and their families many people are talking about health care leading to change to achieve what we're talking about as the Triple Aim improving the health of the population improving the patient experience and lowering the cost of care techspring working together with technology companies allows us to look at new and innovative ways to achieve that Triple Aim

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