Police: Valet Puncher ‘Did Not Demonstrate Any Consideration For The Victim’s Wellbeing’


  1. hey assholes he punch that guy on the sneak tip. and it appears to me that he went through that guy's pockets. and if that is the case he should be charged with strong armed robbery. the valet was not aggressive at all. a lot this Thug up!๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  2. He should fucking go to jail, fucking scumbag. Motherfuckers hands were in his pockets.

  3. I want to see this updated with that dink going to prison.

  4. Another bully who failed at being a cop and now ready for a life of crime.

  5. Kill this piece of shit

  6. there's no reason not to arrest Kiernan, once the videotape is in evidence.

  7. If he's not being charged good citizens should just shoot the c*nt when they see him!!!

  8. Iโ€™d say the valet will be driving his new $80k vehicle before long.

  9. So many terrible people in this world he's a violent thug that's for sure.

  10. Kill a cop is always a good thing in my book. I love seeing them suffer like the dirty pigs they are. They aint worth a fuck,all they do is protect the weak. Pigs fuck em all.๐Ÿท๐Ÿ–๐Ÿท๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•

  11. Little dimple face didn't want to spend $18 dollars……. Ur gonna pay a lot more now sunshine

  12. He should be arrested, and Rodolfo should be arrested by ICE and brought back to his own country, for being an illegal alien.

  13. Rodriguez' hands were in his pockets.

  14. He got a misdemeanor assault charge. Hopefully, the victim will get a good lawyer and sue.

  15. he's not worried Trump will pardon him

  16. What a peice of garbage

  17. And then over here in SC I punch a guys window for trying to run me over on my bicycle three times, and I'm arrested for assault. Seems I should just go work for the police department for a few months, quit, and get a lifetime pass?

  18. This case is still under investigation? Wtf are you investigating? Cops are such idiots sometimes just arrest this piece of shit already! If he punched a cop his ass would be in pound me in the ass prison already

  19. Haha Nah He Just Noticed You Wanted To Swing.

  20. When did punching someone in the face and knocking them out not be a felony? Punch an off duty officer and see how arrested you get.

  21. Evade man's justice but you can't evade gods justice

  22. A nice lawsuit will change that guy's attitude.

  23. Gutless TURD. Cop or no, he should be in JAIL.


  25. Holy cow look at how tiny that penis is!

  26. I am a police sergeant and i find it hard to believe that the perpetrator in this incident was not arrested and charged with Felony assault. Victim should sue him along with the police department who failed to arrest him.

  27. The employer said the belligerent and violent ex cop had every right to punch defenseless valet attendant

  28. Mistake I see here by the valet is never put your hands in your pocket especially at such close proximity to person who is complaining , yelling ecc

  29. Lamest excuse dude hands in his pocket… Just like a cop not much diffrent than a sjw..

  30. Why would he care the guy pissed him off enough for him to swing!! No one cares about what happens after that!!! And no provocation my ass not saying it was ok but sorry dude wasn't innocent!

  31. Let's hope that arrogant cop gets boot fucked by the Valet Avengers!

  32. If the puncher was black, there is no way in hell he would be allowed to walk the streets. White privilege?

  33. Someday it'll catch up to him. He's gonna try that shit on the wrong person.

  34. Remember all the dumb jocks and bullies back in high school? Most of them have badges and guns now. Sad….

  35. it's been weeks, where is the follow up story?

  36. A cop stole sunglasses? Biggest piece of shit, lmao sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ lmao

  37. wow, sad.

  38. B S PUT THE ARROGANT BASTARD IN JAIL FOR A YR AND SEE HOW HE LIKES IT ,THE scum bag who thinks he can get away with everything ,and he brags about his expensive vehicle ,he probably didn't pay for that ,he's a thief and a predator ,criminal

  39. Punk ass police should go tp jail like anybody else

  40. Bull Shit if this guys girlfriend said he hit her or an off duty cop said it he would have arrested on the spot followed by the cop saying I'm just doing my job & you can explain your case to the judge. Florida is well known for corruption in its legal system.

  41. This fucker needs to be put out

  42. BAD COP

  43. My neighbor is cop also and arrogant . He is another guy that would that .. Everywhere he goes he tries to pull his Im a cop when he is off duty. Im like nobody cares we are at a kids birthday party๐Ÿค”. It sucks i have to live next to him๐Ÿ˜ก

  44. that's why he became a cop in the first place fuckin pussy

  45. I wish he did that to me he wouldn't be around anymore.

  46. That's ๐ŸŽ shit!,Watch me shoot if I'm sucker punched.๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ

  47. Dude should give the victim like 10k if he's wants to get off charges!

  48. All cops are bad

  49. BULLSH*T! ย The cop DID NOT arrest him because the D**KHEAD told the cop he was a former police officer! ย So, I'm sure that's why the cop let him go – NO ARREST of a fellow cop (former or otherwise)…

    ย I hope like HELL the victim sues the LIVIN' F**K out of the psycho!!! (B*tch ASS Punk!)

  50. Another White thug showing no regard for human life.

  51. The hotel should be more involved if this goes to court. Help support the valet you employ with his legal fees if any down the line and show you don't support your employees being assaulted. Hopefully the CEO of the property will continue to push the DA to press charges.

  52. โ‚ฌ80k car as well… Looks like sounds like a dirty cop.. No surprise there…

  53. the should hire a good defense lawyer and sue this nutcase.

  54. Two people get in a fight and both get arrested. This scumbag cop sucker punches a hotel employee and the cop isn't arrested cause it's a misdemeanor ? Yeah right

  55. Sack of shit doesn't need to go to jail. Someone needs to beat the fuck out of him….. And just like this prick, nobody should go to jail on both sides. Fake ass cop. Fuck him.

  56. He should be jailed!

  57. I hope he sues he hell out of him!!

  58. The only bigger assholes than cops are ex cops.

  59. piece of shit comer cop can't read says 18 dollars parking fee if he didn't like it why park your piece of shit truck there

  60. Bozzo

  61. probably will say he was fearful for his life.

  62. Someone should find this fucker and slice his throat.

  63. Trumptard ex thief, ex cop !

  64. It's USA and he is white cop, nothing will happen.

  65. he is white thas all crazy

  66. It was White supremacist terrorist attack.. Nothing else, he was a former white cop.. White bastards..

  67. Cops… loosing respect on a daily basis.

  68. FORMER COP 100% PUSSY, needs to be on probation.

  69. The victim was just standing there casually with his hands in his pockets!!! What a low move to sucker punch a valet!?!?

  70. I wanna know his facebook Instagram and store he owns

  71. He said he had an $80,000 truck and shouldn't have to pay for parking, and he's an ex-cop, he should know better, he needs jail time, and if he can pay $80k for a truck he can pay $10 for parking.

  72. Bottom line… police didnt arrive until 14 mins later… ambulance until 15 minutes later… the police can not help you. You have to be ready to defend yourselves fr pieces of shit like this truck owner.

  73. Mike Tyson ko

  74. Murder the cop and his wife. Violence is the only thing terrorists fear.

  75. Former cop…

  76. hope the cheap fuck gets stabbed repeatedly ๐Ÿ—ก๐Ÿ—ก๐Ÿ—ก๐Ÿ—ก๐Ÿ—ก

  77. nice truck, but can't afford an $18 parking fee, and had stolen sunglasses, what a loser.

  78. Imagine if he was as black guy, he already would be convicted in first degree assault

  79. Because he's a cop. Cops aren't afraid of breaking the law.

  80. There is something seriously wrong with Policing n America.

  81. 80,000 dollar truck and he steals a pair of sunglasses? petty indeed. he has no room in society

  82. This is how my cousin died, someone punched him for no reason but as he was falling his head snapped back and smashed into the concrete killing him on scene.

  83. Showed that latino who the boss is.

  84. So this cocksucka gets away with this?

  85. Scary…

  86. Any update? was he found guilty? any punishment?

  87. He should be fired. Scum like that should never be allowed to be a public servant. I want to see real justice in this case.

  88. He was not arrested because the cops want us non cops to hunt him down and beat him with in an inch of his life i guess.

  89. "Still under investigation". Which in cop speak, it'll be a cold day in hell before we prosecute AND the media will let it die in another couple of months.

  90. Typical cops. Hyper violent, hyper aggressive liars, thugs and murdering cunts with badges. The more that get gut shot and die shrieking the better. Then I'll piss on their corpses.

  91. Worried about a 18 dollar fee with a 80 k vehicle

  92. If that was me I would be dragged to jail

  93. Just another blue vermin who actually thinks he did something in his corrupt career to be considered an elite human. His wife probably said no.

  94. Hey, they get away with murder all the time so, whatโ€™s the big deal?

  95. Can the hotel sue this guy ? It was one of their employees this punk hit !

  96. If the CRIMINAL were not a former cop, felony charges would have been filed immediately and the PERPETRATOR locked up. FTP.

  97. Someone need to knock his ass out! Arrogant jackass. He couldn't knock me out like that! I'm 6'3 280 and I bench 350 and I can take a weak ass sucker punch like that.

  98. What a fucking piece of shit. A goof that thinks he can bully employees and beat them if he doesnโ€™t get his way. Honestly, this guy needs to be put in jail. Heโ€™s got the mentality of any thug and by his attitude, itโ€™s a good bet that heโ€™ll be arrested again and again until he crosses that one line where they canโ€™t let it go. Yeah, this animal is in need of a cage badly.

  99. Oh look a cop covering for another cop, who would have guessed

  100. Fella needs a bit of natural justice.

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