Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! – Part 6 – The 2nd Gym, Misty & The Game Breaking Eevee!

hey there guys silver August here and we are back for more let's go Eevee and Pikachu technically because my co-host for this segment of episodes as we check out Cerulean City as we just got out now moon is playing the Pikachu version and that kid and that special guest is of course fiery hello everyone oh dear ah I'm still stuck in the cave oh you're still up are you exploring or you just actually stuck I spend about five minutes in one battle and go way far behind okay so this lady wants a Rattata for a ratata so we'll give her that Oh interesting are you get deal all informed from this group from this lady that is interesting I defeat the point folks you think I won't go yeah cuz I was actually thinking of importing an all-in Vulpix from go for this I was like oh okay what was that noise over there a bill oh oh he ends on Pokemon all right we gotta find bill I have you heard about Bill everyone calls him the Pokemon fanatic but his collection but with a collection like his who would wanna be uh I just think he's a bit jealous that you're evil looks very promising I'm pretty sure that even I learned marvelous movie that if I do you want me to teach our marvelous move to EB what do you say oh here we go interesting so here we can have the guy who I guess teaches special moves to Evie and God somebody's attacking czar stupid but some of them a very strong 90 power special oh boy what do I want to get rid of for this you know what I'm gonna get rid of quick attack because I'm already kind of really fast compared to a lot of things I I don't want to go type coverage that's the main thing Oh buzzy bug it's a hundred percent what yep wait and I could teach it old three wait can I teach it all three yeah what do if no stronger stomach other names I can guarantee burn with this pretty sure you can okay you know what it's through dart a screw bite okay what is the water one do if it's not that's good take it I forgot to check the details move okay bouncy bubble okay bouncy bubble it absorbs water HP by half the David is too late the user attacks of shooting water bubbles at the target and then absorbs water and restores its HP by half the damage it's a Giga Drain it's a Giga dream this is why Eevee is the most one the most serious ones and their testing method show that because it's gets every idiot huge type coverage with amazing effects for me the best two moves are sappy seeds which is a 90 based power of physical grass move which puts a mixie nice things on the opponent is what the fudge and you know what I'll get rid of double kick I know I know my Eevee is basically a physical attacker I think I could stand to be a special attacker with a headbutt for a little bit what the fudge and if the 90 based power special families which also acts as a help heal belt so is this the one guy I go to they'll really like to learn all of Evie's moves yeah oh so I have to go back to this guy is it based on friendship or is it like based on like like gym coverage I think I might just Frank okay I is it one per game or can it relearn them eventually cuz I learned all three but maybe it's bit just because I know all three right now hey well someone in the comments will tell us and I'll probably know by a time this episode actually goes up but yeah I'm putting all three on it now because all those sounds stupid like like what excuse me like I just go into the gym right now do you know Pikachu's exclusive moves if maybe even more protein it's only it's only 50 base power it's electric but it always corrects and it's your priority a plot to oh I'll just take on the gym rightly so as a priority +2 it always hits and what hurts me is power it's 50 but it's critical it's hundred percent critical so it's basically 75 both power excuse me then you're forgetting the increase that so PC dude's got 120 base things Oh God and it's 6iv as well oh boy oh boy okay so I'm able to take on the gym right now and the gym is interesting because the requirement to battle it is get a level 15 Pokemon so it's not bring an electric-type that's kind of neat I appreciate that they're not they're really encouraging you to like you know basic play in the game and catch things I get what their intent is but if I'm not mistaken didn't you have to do something to be able to battle misty like do you have to do the build plot first I am not in tune with my Kanto I'm not sure about that but I before I bought out the gym I want to explore the town I can't get the bike right now I guess I almost don't want to use the bike because I would imagine they don't run behind you oh yeah actually Howser oblique like why would there be a bike in this game when like the whole follow you thing and riding Pokemon okay you wrong relatively quick as well yeah the relevance of the bike is not there oh dear maybe I'll go back there eventually but actually I'm gonna go back to one more time but I want to explore into town first you got a rare candy not that it really matters oh wait I forgot party pity me let's see add to party sorry or the Rattata you're being replaced by the alonein one there we go much better alright ah so weird all right is there any more to this place okay there's one more town to check out whoa hey onyx I was supposed to stop when I tried to enter in a Pokemon and my dear Roxy I was utterly unnecessary bionics e is such a good boy he goes into his Pokemon takes me fast actually has a nerd thing I just realized I didn't encounter an onyx and male moon or candy gate onyx a mountain it's a wonderful thing called out for fudge hey Officer Jenny what a shame the people here were robbed somebody even saw the thieves escape and they said it I said it was not her in Team Rocket to protect the power the poor owners the house from the further harm I won't be letting anyone in not even a little right attic and we'll sneak past me all right uh yeah I can't get on your trailer to let them pokémon battling it's tough at life isn't it are you even so ruling yet I am yes what is it Bellsprout please looking at the fountain Oh bells for a like Stillwater all right cool I don't think there's anything I want uh have you seen a rare candy I've never found on the shop I heard it makes Pokemon level up instantly yes but probably don't need it once you defeat the gym leader you get a new badge and visit the shop yeah the shop is probably more relevant after we battle the gym yeah you can eventually buy yours which will be good for chaining yeah that's all I imagine the main draw would be oak step north they found out today actually give an extra shiny well yep they I think if I'm understanding this right oh oh are you curious what the acro bikes yes it's by far the wildest bike it's very different of bikes let that is the acro bike allows you perform tricks unitary techniques a little back to you let's see are you curious what the mock bikes yes and as the name suggests the mock bike is super fast the frame it pursues actually I know I just realized a bike might be required because I remember in Gen 1 you needed a bike in order to traverse though the bike path that's the thing they remove the office now you don't need a bike go on it oh I'm pretty sure they remove what yeah I wonder if you can actually get these bikes goes on and on I'm thinking like they can't they kept the bike guy but you'll actually get a bike in this game it feels like that's what's leading towards because key items don't exist in this game basically okay let's take on the gym let's see how absolutely broken I just made evey oh my god the water move heals you in a game where there's barely healing like man rock-type suck in this game the things the Eevee oh boy but these names are so stupid though bouncy bubbles sizzly slide and buzzy buzz oh my god you're not forgetting buzzy bath today Oh God very bad it sets up a reflector that's where they're doing them what oh my god okay Eevee for ubers Oh God you know what bouncy bubble there we go I gained a bit of HP back I gained like one Oh God dang man Oh God wait so Pikachu only has the one exclusive move right or doesn't have like 20 like a V I think it gets missing last thing I know I'm pretty sure it gets like flying whoo oh I know it gets moves and reference to like surfing – ooh and probably flying Pikachu yeah flinching is the guarantee exploit or just hide like shades of flinch guaranteed oh oh my goodness me it also get mrs. flash wait but only 35 ah Eevee even in my opinion so far something he got the better end of the stick because he has more options and also far older have guaranteed statuses or like things they do there anything is key to that yeah I suppose that's the trade-off it's a fast I'm not sure but I do know that both of them were pumped up like a hundred stat points oh my god like also I never realize like I never thought like what's the point in avoiding these gym leaders you would want that experience even in the original games Beauty Daisy sent out she'll see oh man this game is gonna floor me with it's it's absurdities Aquajet oh god every time I do buzzy buzz I keep thinking that Eevee is like paralyzed okay buzzy buzz is broken what the fudge it's like here I'll Andy attack now I'm faster than you look oh my god these moves are so stupid we do it it would be worth if they gave that freezing weight it doesn't have a Oh Oh what is the Glaceon one do it so it gets rid of statuses or it get sort of buff hey get through this fat ball god damn like oh my god what so easy if basically acting like a mean you can do any job you like that is I mean to be fair that is actually fairly accurate for Eevee like as far as how it was the designed as a Pokemon so if you can't make it evolve literally tailor it to whatever you want hi you're a new face what's your policy on Pokemon what's your approach my policy for battle is an all-out offense with water type Pokemon well misty you're in luck because water type is like one of the few times I could actually efficiently pull off monotype pretty effortlessly my sweep won't learn ready are you just yeah because water combos really well with each other at least when you have abilities and natures and v's boy d'Artagnan buzzy buzz him why would you call something so stupid like buzzy buzz dear paralyzed and then able to move fast to get to water again Oh God detective Pikachu photo-realistic side huh can this ski actually I just had an earth ought about detective Pikachu now that you brought it up earlier at least on the last episode I'm curious now and worried about like the idea of them making like merchandise for detective Pikachu when they start making merchandise I'm like photo-realistic Pokemon fluffy yeah I know everyone's made that joke about mr. mine I'm pretty sure they used mr. mine deliberately for the joke of he is creepy in fact it's quite normal looked about you know what it would look like let's see okay now stories paralyzed oh shoot oh that was the bang okay let's see just go for a buzzy buzzy ghin cuz evey you're arguing pretty roughed up out there scold that's pretty advanced Oh God Eevee better be careful okay now we can take care of it that's the thing they've made all these changes to make it more like Jambox and then it kept school in the game yeah I mean what were you gonna do give it bubble beam but like yeah I'm just fighting like the choice of teams like baffling so far whoa you're okay you know why I do like how her team was – literally a you nod to the anime because I'm pretty sure um in the in red blue and yellow her team was star you and star me even though that was still accurate to her team but I'm I'm positive that sie doch was for the anime those interesting because she gave up her star me but the story here was probably just for the sake of difficulty all right you can have the Cascade back to show you beat that you beat me this teamwork stuff is cute I find it I'm a little sad II don't the show and do a little graphic for like you actually holding up the badge and showing the badge yeah okay so now in this game misty gives you scold which I suppose kinda fits her personality it's just kind of funny like a good we got a good TM okay Oh Eevee wants to interact is gazing happily at your sparkling badge there you go Eevee good you did good out there pal you did really good man I actually really liked how responsive the motion controls are there you go and you know what fudge finai wait no no uh play with d'Artagnan oh dear Oh Evie you're looking tired don't worry we'll fix that all right uh there we go there you go Evie feeling better feel better champ there we go not too shabby not too shabby at all okay and there we go we gotta get you to a Pokemon Center pronto uh I'm pretty gone in this regard man still no members to the team that I want to add yet yes we're two badges in it's still just Evie and pals god I don't know I haven't I haven't died what gonna keep war yeah right now Bellsprout it's gonna be the longest lasting member just because the animation is hilarious okay you ringleader nothing okay let's see okay we got ourselves a badge pretty much checked out all there is to cerulean I don't think there's much else we can do here for the time being so with all that said oh let's see Bellsprout is fascinated by these plants constantly now is Oh dropped in the flowerbed a pretty wait the wings are in this why would the wings be in this game a beautiful feather wing is a regular feather and has no effect what it's a regular feather it has no effect this Goldeen a supersonic when I had a minimal I thought okay so much for that I hit myself oh yeah Oh silver Oh silver you've got a you're not gonna believe this poke about it yeah what the foot you're talking about pal you were challenged by trainer blades joke's on you I now have a broken TV no boy like I don't even know well I suppose the launching of how easy is doing this makes sense given v's be a biology totally allows it to in theory have access to all the elements because of its own evolutions so I sort of get it for that reason but half so no oddish keep battling unless you see how stupid you can get imagine if you could trade the Eevee over Jen hey Oh God yeah that's the thing is I'm sure they won't lots of thing I'm wondering is let's go go to have any compatibility with transfer systems or is like let's go going to be its own sub series you know I'm just imagining that if they let you send it this specific Eevee and suddenly it's broken and then if they keep XIV I doubt they're gonna keep the evolution boost but imagine combining that with like an evolution boost I I'll imagine if there is trading for general they will not let these picture an EP that truth burger like a special lock like yeah it's god that's funny there's so many stupid possibilities with this what happened I was trying to get ferry one owner Jim but oh yeah just use good ol Eevee or Pikachu huh deep breaths okay let's try that again sorry it's not liking me to lose my cool like that but there's this house but there's this house where this favorite Pokemon fanatic lived I wanted to stop by just because I thought maybe I could get some Pokemon or something what I found and and don't freak out when you hear this that Pokemon phonetic bill wasn't there it said there was a Pokemon that talked oh my god I'd be more surprised but we are more shocked by the lack of a talking Meowth yes Eevee even you've played a confident look well sure Eevee all raising your use come on now oh boy we got a hold nugget bridge up there no dear route 24 there's a lot we can probably explore up here and I think let's see I mean there's gonna be a shorter episode but we did it well you know it now I'll clear out the Nugget bridge how clear from the Nugget bridge before we end things off here and in that way by the time we leave for this segment we will be able to move on to the next town hopefully okay bouncy slot or sizzly slide Oh God silly slime where are these names meow why not it's um even in it oh I was considering putting on my team uh where do you get it it's free oh well you know what I think I have an idea I think I think I can get you that meows I think that'll be a goal that we can make for the next episode is to get you that meow but to do that first we have to clear this nugget bridge I mean it is a genuine classic albeit for technical reasons because it's a normal type so it had really good move diversity and a glitch that made a move always crit because of its great speed I could eat I could have you Bulbasaur but of youth that every time I played actually is nurse also your starter that I can get in cerulean you can get both myself I've got my garlic from where do we go to get it because when I gonna choose like oh you've got 250 oh Jesus whoops okay I'm gonna go back there once I clear than like a bridge that'll probably be the goal for the book here in this episode and then next episode I'm gonna get you a Meowth and you can give me whatever exclusive it is on that in on that route unless there is no nothing oh I just have one we just have one last encounter what's off okay sure game sure like sure be that way Oh meow all right the turn d'Artagnan just headbutt it because I'm like wait why am I worried about the move being weaker I forgot the Eevee's even pikachu have perfect IVs right out of the gate like this game is designed to make you not want to abandon your starter fad my order has minimum four wives perfect that kind that oh man let's see camper Kevin a growlithe oh yeah that's exclusive to Pikachu all right bouncy bubble bouncy bubble I can't get over at his dumb names so if you've over like 30 unique species or just 30 Pokemon yeah I'm pretty sure I've hit that feel like I hit that I didn't hit that and we're in trouble Nero resevoir Bing yay Nidoran is like part basically join the part of the team and also we get to see the evolution cutscene which is pretty cool and how glossy it is now I could evolve it right now into needle King I don't know if I'm losing out on any moves because I don't know what it's a level up thing looks like in this game yeah that's so I don't know if it gets anything special you received a nugget haha I'm evil want to join are you sure come on join us tell you to join okay you need convincing I'll make you an offer you can't refuse a painful one rocky crud all right there turn in you can do it and buzzy buzz oh man I never like I never cuz I did research these games before release I had no idea how broken these moves were like cuz I don't know how much we knew going into it but holy crap I think we just moved it title and date combining came out oh my god forget give up on poison powder sleep powder is just better keep battling doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo you know oh boy these moves are silly man it is interesting it is legitimately interesting scene what the heck they do with these games because I'm also observing this from a perspective of what they are trying to do to make you not want to abandon the starter well also addressing the fact that in pokemon yellow you really weren't putting yourself at a disadvantage by just having an ordinary normal Pikachu with nothing unique about it okay so which room do I go to for this Bulbasaur the one next the Pixum cool okay oh I don't think I actually went in that room sir all right oh hey that lady take care of this Interpol coordinator bolas fully recovered I like to give the Pokemon to a trainer we've got a lot of Pokemon I can trust the number of all going you caught is 40 incredible would you take care of his mobile sorry man I have not caught as many Pokemon it's you but then they even chaining mmm Bulbasaur are you gonna take over Bellsprout spot on the team let's see party uh got Pidgey you're so close to evolve into a pidgeotto I think think it never lating ratata your variety let's see Pokemon at the party uh you know what Rattata I know I just added to you I know you're in a lull inform I'm sorry I'm putting on the bench because Nita Reno I like for something mental reasons Mew Mew is just funny to have around for now as III paid money for I'll put it in my party yeah I have a Mew what of it yeah boy and let's see take out a pokeball oh you're cute that is wait I just realized I know the best practical use I can make out of you all right uh take out a pokeball there we go I'm a new rookie trainer hey hey I have a Muniz getting stuck on walls Hey okay let's go to the Pokemon Center heal and then we could take off take on uh we can check out what's happening with that this bill person I've just realized something I should put on it in the party right there you got oh you found an Onix yeah count on it gosh darn it what a weird-looking party I have here all right beg take it oh right I've never opened the Pokedex before well I'll check that out later it's not very it's not exactly full right now let's see TM case actually yeah what can learn it well you can learn all right Buddha TM you learn scold nothing can well a few things can learn payday but not necessary all right there I've taught me you a couple things I'll make it mildly useful at the very least okay well so with mu in the party just staring at my chest intently I think we'll end things off here next time we're going to check out bill and see what is going on here with blights tall tales of someone who's a talking Pokemon and we'll see what else we can find out on that route and also we're gonna get fire area me out because version exclusiveness is fun and hey it encourages that training so yeah but for now guys this is silver August with fiery a we'll see you all next time as we explore the route up north and check out on bill so see you next time guys


  1. Eevee really isn't as OP as people say. Neither is Pikachu. More often than not I will cream them before they get to do anything. I kept Eeevee in my party until the E4 out of sentiment, but ditched it as soon as I got competitive. It just wasn't good enough against anybody who even slightly knows what they're doing, despite its excellent coverage.

  2. Am I the only who hears eevee saying "ya boi"?

  3. I like how all the beauties in Cerulean gym are Misty's older sisters Daisy,Violet,and Lily and have their respective pokemon

  4. How the hell does someone spend 5min in a battle in this game?

  5. Nice job defeating the second gym leader! Congrats on the evolution, too!
    I wish that a version of Bouncy Bubble with a better name was a move available in future games to most Water-type Pokemon.
    Wait! Zippy Zap has the same priority as Extreme Speed? Damn! I wish that the Bicycle and Fishing Rod existed in these games.
    I like that the gym trainers of the Cerulean City Gym share the same name as Misty's older sisters: Lily, Violet, and Daisy.

  6. Its been a bit since I've played RBY but I don't remember there being any thing stopping u from trying to take on misty other than her pokemon lvls.

  7. I want the record to show that Ash is an awesome trainer for being at the disadvantage that you are in the regular yellow every region And his XY counterpart It’s brownie points for having the disadvantage of being saddled with electro ball

  8. I wouldn’t mind the Special Eevee moves being Available to the evolutions gen eight and have each one exclusive to each evolution like Buzzy Buzz for Jolteon But for the love of all that is good and decent in this world give them better names

  9. I think each team has of moves And they are kind of scattered throughout the region from this point on so I think for now keep your eyes peeled and see if you can find any other tamers because it could be that you’ve tapped that guy out

  10. I like reference to Misty’s anime Team by giving it a Psyduck Speaking of that house anymore and wondered how she got it to battle or is that the mark of The writers repressing any and all not complaints against Ash details from seasons before BW and XY or Bulbasaur

  11. I wonder if Ash’s Pikachu will get a Special LGPE move

  12. Its a little silly that they reverted the Rocket Grunt on the Nugget Bridge to his original dialogue, as I prefer when the game actually let you answer in the remakes.

  13. You can totally fight Misty before you get to Bill, but the training you get on the way is quite useful so its ill advised.

  14. I knew Eevee would be broken, so I passed on teaching it the moves.

    I'm not one of those whiney babies who call the game too easy. I make the game harder for myself because I'm logical and don't spend a lot of energy on complaining like a lot of entitled childish adults do.

    There are tons of adults in the PokeTubing community who complain about pokemon games becoming too easy and not having difficulty levels.
    Pokemon never needs difficulty levels because as a human being you should have the logical brain power to be able to make the game harder for yourself. Even Misty's gym isn't, "Show me a level 20 pokemon." It's level 15, which would be a difficult level against Misty. And you DO NOT have to use Grass or water against Brock. The gyms are just making sure you're a competent enough trainer to challenge the gym. It is NOT handholding. The game basically challenges your intelligence and competency. Yes, it will SEEM handholds to veterans of the game, but veterans should also be smart enough to understand that the game is trying to see if you're competent enough. But instead of being competent, a lot of veteran players are complaining like stupid idiots. You can literally take on Brock with a level 5 Caterpie if you want a challenge. YOU MAKE THE CHALLENGE FOR YOURSELF. So childish adults should quit complaining and feeling entitled to shit and use some goddamn logic and brain power. Seriously, why are adults complaining about this stuff? THEY SHOULD BE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN THAT. It really pisses me off how critical people are of the game. It's as if they want the game to do all brain work for them, and yet they still want a challenge. Too many dumb adults are entitled and stupid. This is why the world is about to go up in flames – adults would rather complain and feel entitled, rather than making things work in their favor and preferences.

  15. Yup. You can get all the Alola forms through in-game trades. And those trades can actually be repeated indefinitely!

    There are two more Move Tutors for Eevee. One is in Celadon and the other is in Fuchsia. This guy in Cerulean only teaches those three moves.

    You should also examine the Bike on the wall at the Bike guy's house. He gives you something nice if you ask about all of his Bikes.

    The one Eevee move that wasn't mentioned is the Psychic-type one: Glitzy Glow. It has 90 base power and sets up Light Screen. It's basically the counterpart to Baddy Bad.

  16. I was looking at some stuff earlier and Eevee and Mew are apparently the most broken. Also people are hacking shiny Mews in the game, it is shinylocked in Let's Go.

  17. My names for those moves are better!

  18. So apparently your starter will get jealous if you catch another Eevee/Pikachu I just found out

  19. Pokemon Let’s go Eevee stats: Ep 6
    “First the Z-Move, now just “normal” Moves. Eevee is OP”

    General Stats:
    – Pokedex completion: 21/153 (32:02 Nidorino, 34:57 Bulbasaur)
    – Badges: 2/8 (20:29)
    – Generic Trainers defeated: 38 (13:39, 15:00, 16:33, 28:22, 29:18, 30:07, 30:53, 31:43, 34:01)
    – Super Bosses defeated: 0/8
    – Master trainers defeated: 0/153
    – Shiny encounters: 0

    Party Member Stats:
    * D’Artagnan (Eevee) Lonely Lv. 19
    – Headbutt
    – Bouncy Bubble
    – Sizzly Slide
    – Buzzy Buzz

    Area Stats:
    Note: New pokemon counts for completely new species available ATM. e.g: Raticate on later routes are not counted since rattata is available since route 1, and water pokemon in Route 22 are not counted since they are only available later on. Regenerating, Scripted, and trainer gift items are not counted.
    Pallet Town: Complete
    Route 1: Items collected: 0/1
    Viridian city: Items collected: 0/1
    Route 22: Items collected: 0/2| Trainers defeated: 1/2
    Route 2: Item collected: 0/3
    Viridian Forest: New Pokemon Obtained: 1/2 (34:57* Bulbasaur) Complete
    Pewter City: Items collected: 1/4
    Route 3: New Pokemon Obtained: 1/2(3 in LGP)
    Route 4: New Pokemon Obtained: 0/2|Item collected: 5/6
    Mt. Moon: New Pokemon Obtained: 4/6
    Cerulean City: New Pokemon Obtained: 1/1*(1:06 Alolan Rattata)|Item collected: 2/3(8:18, 23:39) |Trainers defeated: 1/3 (26:17) (Gym: Trainers Defeated: 4/4 13:39, 15:00, 16:33, 19:49)
    Route 24: New Pokemon Obtained: 0/3(2 in LGP)|Item collected: 0/2|Trainers defeated: 6/7 (28:22, 29:18, 30:07, 30:53, 31:43, 34:01)

    Guest Stats:
    – Unique Guest stat
    * (Lucy) “Cute” counter: 24
    – Guest battle records
    * Silver W: 0
    * Guest W: 1?(chinese person)

    – 2:46, 3:06, 3:54, 4:29 this is only the beginning for OU Eevee. But at what cost?(BADDY BAD 12:58 WHY?!?!)
    – 5:41 Yup, that sums it all up so nicely doesn’t it
    – 6:30 Silver.Jpg has stopped responding, would you like to (Ban pikachu)
    – 31:29 if it’s any consolation, the japanese names are pretty ok.
    – 36:39 ah yes, a newbie with the mythical genetic source of all life… wait-

  20. 21:31
    Nintendo's been doing motion controls since the Wii
    They got this

  21. 03:42 – 04:45 – Bouncy Bubble also counters the rock types that resist it which have lower special defense on average, making it the better option over Double Kick.

    12:32 – Black haired ladies! 😀

    14:27 – 14:40
    Starter Eevee pros – Amazing coverage options with great secondary effects that you can change to suit the situation you're in.
    Starter Eevee cons – Normal type attacks don't super effective anything and it's BST is roughly a jack of all stats, making it less offensive in nature.

    Starter Pikachu pros – Has super effective STAB and it's stats are more suit to offensive sweeping overall.
    Starter Pikachu cons – Only has a few move tutor options, one is STAB and the other two are Flying and Water. By no means terrible, but it's definitely the least impressive overall(Good thing Pikachu gets access to some TMs Eevee doesn't, like Brick Break)

    Eevee definitely has the lead, only being mildly hindered by it's lack of super effective STAB and less offensive stat spread.

    14:57 –15:00 – Actually, 110 BST increase to each, but close enough.

    21:02 – Fiery red head that uses water types… Scald is definitely a good TM match for her. 🙂

    32:45 – For the grunt, that is.

  22. Finally, a game where Pikachu gets the short end of the stick!

  23. I know this isn't on your mind, Silver but I say end the KH 358/2 Days you've endured a lot

  24. Wasn't Daisy the sister of Misty with a Seel in the anime?

  25. Also apparently Teleport has a purpose during battles… it switches with another pokemon in your party. Lol!

  26. Good news Silver. The moves are re-teachable. If you delete one of the moves, go back to ANY one of the trainers in the center and you can re-learn the moves.

  27. not just eevee has that perfect iv boost. just yesterday i got the alolan iv judge
    every pokémon that you get through ingame trades – "amazing stats!" nothing below 'good'

  28. Get Bulbasaur house next to Poke Center and imagine if Eevee could use eviolite in this game

  29. Hey Silver! Not to nag you or anything, but when is the next PAIR episode?

  30. I guess I am second for once?! Awesome.

  31. I'm first today? The yays are doubled!

    Love ya Silver, Firey and Friends 💙=^_^=💙

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