you wouldn't believe what we'd find in the ocean guys there would be none other than magic Hoff himself previously on a Pokemon all right you guys welcome back to a brand new episode of Pokemon go today is the big day we're going down to the Wellington Harbour and taking on this incredibly crazy gym that's in the middle of nowhere literally in the middle of the water so hopefully we'll have our comic book to be able to go on a short little Pokemon hunt just see what's out on the beach before we go in there and yeah guys are gonna say this is incredible it's gonna be an awesome trip and I hope you guys are excited as well if you guys I'll let me know the lack rating down below and yeah apparently today there's also like some big Pokemon go off all around Wellington so you might just get caught up in that as well we'll see how we go all right so just go to the kayak we're on our way to the gym to see how far away it is you can see the fountain just coming up but I go check to see what actually poke corner and it is where we are on the map right now and there's a gym or two right there but that's not the one we care about or we care about one that should be directly for a week a year we can't even see the exits off the mat so we've got some paddling to do let's do it also I'm going to talk about some incest specifically five something suppose one of the water that's a half as when I was having fun I can laughter Satya they'll be so sick and a big shout out to third kayak sea lettuce that's pretty early and a good rate as well blood forgave us these wetsuits couldn't have shorts so that's always good you wouldn't believe what we'd find in the ocean guys it would be none other than magic half himself loot him he's just in the water just flipping about come on boy that's the gym pulling off over that you can see in the distance but we're gonna go ahead and catch our first New Zealand magic caught weight that you're going buddy where you think you're going come on flip it around the screen man dude if we find a Gyarados out here holy pipe man that would be sick all right at the front of my kayak I think I got him this is so cool all right one as Irish ooh the bagger and no what are you gonna feel bad all righty guys we've got our first Seabourn egg all right come on 2k egg hope in the water and it's gonna be a su bad really operated ago we just a couple meters over the drones out we've got some fans over there and quarter said we're going to go over there after beat the gym so let's get this started yeah let's get a-goin shall we they say here we are in the Connor memorial fountain this is why we're in Wellington and we're here to take down this gym so a big shout out to the previous train is here we got thrown off and legend game this guy's got a Gyarados sitting here that's probably gonna be a humping the beat I don't have anything I'm under 500 levels my guy system is gonna yeah I'm gonna go ahead and take this guy down there's nothing my team for it all right here we gotta get this bloody started hungry we're doing this all right here we go she got big stormy going up against trap it acts up and I'm hoping the blue sports and everything else will help me beat her ass oh wow it's going in just going in it's absolutely mugs driving at that wait for it wait for it Oh knows he's dead down damaged building and he have one we need to beat it one more time to claim it helix God going up against Gyarados who do you think of wait I want to try meeting with just helix good so I'm gonna do a strap wait would you far away think it back in range kata memorial fountain the flames just like that even playing the hottest I think in the wall I think there's any others let me know all right there we go Boston fortify the helix guard is in the gym to take that make shirts screen shorted there we go we have the fruit so I want team in SIG's trying to hold this mountain down unless it's a special cool gym it's in the middle of like the ocean kind of not really but you know like I don't even know you pull the speech yeah it's really dumb there we go that is it you came try and beat it discover the Venus or maybe scores going out we're gonna find alright so which way do we go now which way yeah all right let's go this way because it's the stairs you I didn't think that all about being in the ocean is that you just find ocean for it but look at that we go pretty much pop from the two cata peas which are called it on the land alrighty well tend to cool out in the ocean go on buddy come on bring it home bring it home let's go and now just going for a little bit of a deep-sea fish just off the beating the Jim like to go out cash some nice little calamari now we go say you catch some Pokemon in the ocean alrighty guys that's gonna do it for today's Wellington Jim adventure technically I guess you could say the world's hottest Jim considering you have to go over about I don't know 100 meters of water somehow I saw one guy actually did swim to it with like a body board to put his phone on to actually versus that's pretty bad but I yeah that's gonna be a wrap hope you guys did going to enjoy it a big thank you to everybody watching the series who made this happen you know it's been a lot of fun coming out here today it's an absolutely beautiful day and I guess that's what the whole point of this game is to get people outside and appreciate you know the the outdoors and it really is just a great day today which is actually blessed because probably yesterday it was like really bad so we got lucky yeah I'm gonna come back tomorrow with hopefully another awesome episode of program we'll go with you guys do enjoy the series let me know the lighting down below and of course hit that subscribe button both we'll see you guys next time


  1. I live on an Alolan Rattata nest… 😂

  2. The good old days

  3. who else using their tv to watch? (weird flex but okay)

  4. Anyone notice he said incest?? Does that bother nobody

  5. Lol epic shout to Vihaan

  6. i live in wellington

  7. what if gyrados swallowed your boat while you were catching it

  8. why was the gym on the dock purple?

  9. And I go to Wellington nearly every day

  10. I'm from Wellington well sort of I'm from tawa with is a suburb in Wellington

  11. There is a gym at the white house. Trump be out there grinding

  12. VIKKSTARMIE aha comedy

  13. Felt bad for team yellow cause its in last place cause i am in team yellow

  14. Dearest Lachlan,
    i think that another option for you shall be going to another world to catch venusaur because in your world maybe there's no venusaur.

  15. I have never seen the view of Wellington I am from Auckland

  16. Remember This Shitty Game ,Kids?

  17. Gym Challenge: Mnt. Hua, Korea DMZ, Pentagon, Antartica

  18. Team instinct is da best

  19. Woow

  20. I hate Lachlan

  21. Team extinct lul

  22. i live in nz!!

  23. I'm on a cruise trying so hard to catch a level 20,000 Gyardos using a level 923 Snorlax while I'm watching this… YES!! I CAUGHT IT!!! WHOO-HOO!


  25. Belive it or not my 98cp magikarp just evolved into 2177 gyrados

  26. L

  27. its not the hardest gym there are gyms in antarctica

  28. Love your videos


  30. that intro song tho gotta have whats it called

  31. I would lol if his phone fell in the water

  32. I miss the old vids

  33. Team Instinct 4 life

  34. Instinct seems to do quite well in NZ. I'm here for a week and have seen quite a lot. Taken five and still have them, too lol

  35. i'm excited for this Pokemon GO adventure LachIan:)

  36. Go Team instinct

  37. Preston, lauchlan, rob and the rest of the gang have been responsible for sooooo many replacement words for swearing

  38. Yes!!!!!!! Team instinct!!!!

  39. I would have of dropped my phone in the water

  40. Valor


  42. I love it

  43. thats new zealand's gym

  44. this is nice boyye

  45. That is not the hardest gym that is the hardest place to get to fight that gym

  46. I'm from Wellington the water front is awesome for pokemon go

  47. How did you beat that gym partner

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