Podiatry Treatment: Steroid Injection

my name's Luke Thomas I'm an advanced podiatrist for basilar Health Partnership one of the main problems we see in our department is pain and deformity of the big toe joint this is often a long-term problem one of the treatments for it is a local steroid injection in combination with Footwear and insoles so today we have a patient in to have a steroid injection into that joint and we hope to just talk you through that process to make it more comfortable for yourself if it's you it has to come in to have that done so I'll just go into the patient now so today what we want to do then we're going to offer you a steroid injection for your joint due to the pain and discomfort so what we first need to do is mark up the space where we want to inject so I'll do this for you so we have to just slightly stretch the toe joint to locate where the big toe joint is and we do two little Mark's why so so we know where the joint is nice lovely once it marked up the joint just clean your skin try not to mop rub the mark off with the marker that's good and now we'll just inject that for you you might feel a slight discomfort but it shouldn't be too bad okay so what we do now we stretch the joint and it goes in like so sometimes the joint is a little bit graty so we just move it around slowly is that okay for you thank you what told you I just take that out and do that one more time because it's quite an arthritic joint sometimes quite difficult to get the needle to go in the first time we'll try that again there we are straight in that time very good and then we just checked we're not too near a blood vessel and then we slowly inject a better time that's lovely Martin and we apply some pressure so the steroid doesn't come out of the joint and then we apply a dry dressing come to you now was that okay well done


  1. He missed at first…wtf

  2. That shot hurts

  3. I got this done couple of years back and, it helped me only for few months. I'm again under treatment now…These steroids are only temporary

  4. I just got this done today. The needle does hurt for a few seconds but your toe begins to numb a bit shortly after. A few hours later today I couldn’t even walk on my left foot because the pain was so excruciating and still hurts like hell! I’m soaking it in the tub now and took some ibuprofen . I hope it feels better tomorrow and hope it helps me long term!

  5. This is very, very painful. My doctor always sprays it with a freezing spray as he injects.

  6. bet that hurts

  7. Are there any other areas around the big toe that can be injected into?

  8. Lovely

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