Plant Based Diets Recognized by Diabetes Associations


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  2. This is some truly good news. 😊

  3. When I went to see my dietician for type II diabetes she talked only about how to read the sides of boxes to know ice cream bars have lots of sugar. She never said: Don't eat things that come out of boxes. I spent years doing research and did low carb for a long time. Then I had heart issues, and discovered Plant based eating. This has also helped by diabetese and I have significant weight lose.

  4. nice propaganda

  5. If carbs cause diabetes than why aren't people following a whole food plant based diet dying left and right from this disease?

  6. Sorry, plant based didn't work for me. I tried it for a year. Had to switch to kero/low carb. Run from anything tge ADA or any diabetes org recommend. They're donors are the business to make money off diabetics. Check the donor list of these orgs.

  7. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. ADA has also made low carb diets standard of care. Covered in the Virta Health Exposè

  8. Bear with me please… In a book written long time ago it is said: “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food…"

  9. Type 2 diabetes can be cured with plant based diet and exercise

  10. i say let them die…I'd just rather not pay for it!

  11. Are you planning to do a video about hypothyroidism and diet? 🙏

  12. The PCRM Geico studies I mentioned were highlighted in these videos: Slimming the Gecko ( and Plant-Based Workplace Intervention (

  13. A video about Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism would be great.
    Thanks Doc for all the awesome Work you and your Team do!!

  14. Eating only plants is sooo extreme…

  15. Two weeks ago, I think I transitioned into diabetes. My vision changed and I noticed some tingling in my pinkie toe. When I checked my blood (thanks to my grandmother's meter), I had a sugar well over 250. I immediately went plant-based (no oil, low fat) while I waited for an appointment with my primary care physician. Two weeks later, my sugar is stable, I feel amazing, and I can't see eating any other way. I know I'm not "cured" but I'm also in a much better place than I was just 15 days ago. Incredible what a plant-based diet can do.

  16. Showed this to my Dad, T2 diabetic, COPD, diverticulitis, and other ageing related diseases. Like many of the videos and information I show him he pretty much said 'wow that's really cool' and went away to eat a bacon/mayonnaise sandwich followed by a BOX of Krispy Kremes. This has happened for years, I've learned that no matter what they're told, some people just prefer eating what they want and being sick.

    You can't push someone up a ladder if they aren't willing to climb, for your own health and sanity, better to climb the ladder and have them follow. Look after yourselves peeps, eat a WFPB diet and others just might follow your example on their own.

  17. Me – "A plant based diet can cure T2D but Diabetes Canada still has dairy and processed meat on it's website as a healthy diet"

    Diabetes Canada – "But Jamie Oliver says…."

    Me – FML.

  18. Going to share with all i can

  19. Type 2 diabetes is caused by overeating and mixing sugar with animal fat. We can heal type 2 diabetes on high sugar and low fat diet and also on ketogenic high fat very low carb diet. I heal insulin resistance on 80% fat 15% protein and 5% carbs

  20. There was a study done on male pattern baldness that proved that those who do high intensity exercise 20mins a day, have almost zero male pattern baldness, while those who do only light aerobic exercise have increased rates of male pattern baldness. Athletes do look younger because they put their dna into a constant state of repair.

  21. Add Russian subtitles please!..


  23. Hey Dr. Greger… do you have literature links on how to do the transition for a t2dm person to a wfpb diet… in a controlled way… like what speed of transformation etc… and do you know of any md's in Germany who would support a patient… the standard doc here still believes it would kill the patient, with all the carbs… I bet that you have to up the intake of 'good' carbs and fiber gradually… any links would be very helpful

  24. Go on Canada!

  25. Its criminal negligence not to inform the patients about a plant based diet.

  26. From London UK, in the UK doctors are not trained in diet, nutrition. They are trained to prescribe. I dumped my doctor, 5 years ago when I was prediabetes. I went to doctor utube + Google. I discovered vegan + raw vegan. I have not looked back ever since.

  27. SUPER FAX!

  28. Plant-based diet is very vague term… Is it 95%, 80%, 55%… Which is it? Omnivorous general population ALREADY eats 70-80% plant based (processed to be exact!)… I think we need to come-up with a firm definition of ''what IS a plant-based diet, and what it's not''… In most cases it's not reffered as 100% plant-based (with supplements), but it usually contains some animal products. Unfortunately!

  29. I like clams

  30. Most doctors don't recommend pbd because they are either ignorant or don't want their 'customers' to become healed and, therefore, stop patronizing them.

  31. Unfortunately, in Canada our soon-to-be new Prime Minister Andrew Sheer has gone on public record saying he would like to reverse these positive changes (in an effort to curry favour with our powerful daily and cattle industries).

  32. 'The evidence for the benefits of plant based nutrition continues to mount ' -Dr. K WIlliams. Well said!

  33. Fan-frickn-tastic!! The “fad” is becoming mainstream fast now. These guidlines alone will help so many people IF they can give up dairy and meat, a big IF for folks like my Mom who has type 2 diabetes and is in her 90’s. Some people would rather shoot them selves up every day instead of changing their diets.

  34. death is really rampant with modern day diet, or any diet. 100% death rate so far 😉

    i know, they really meant "premature death".

  35. Type 1 Diabetic and whole food plant based for 4 years with astonishing improvements re 50% lower insulin needs, and typical improvements of weight loss into a normal range, normal cholesterol, no more pain from neuropathy, good energy levels = motivation to exercise, and more….. Vegan for life! Thanks to all the brave, pioneering, unapologetic plant based docs!!

  36. Why did my father’s nutritionist recommend low carb, high protein for diabetes?

  37. Patients wanting not to reduce animal products is one thing, but the mental gymanstics I've seen prominent doctors go through to try to dismiss plant-based diet is incredible.

  38. Super foods plants and fruits

  39. I get so many people ridiculing this to my face, it stopped being funny. Here's what I think: people are gonna listen to advice that conforms with their comfort zone, wherever that might be. If a person is currently addicted to cola and doughnuts, I can virtually guarantee that they will deny the applicability of the WFPBD in treating diabetes. People almost always do what they irrationally believe they must do, no matter what information they're given. People [edit: almost] always believe what they were programmed by mass media to believe.

  40. Plants for the win again. One more for the good guys.


  42. Thanks for the info!!!! 🙂

  43. ALELuuuuuuiA

  44. Hasn't hit canadian colleges yet, i am being told to eat bone broth, connective tissue and liver from my nutrition teacher… and that plants aren't a complete protien and vegan and vegetarians are all nutrient deficient.


  46. Please go on Joe Rogan's show and spred some knowledge! ❤️️

  47. It looks like the PC’s are getting in this October. Their leader Scheer says they are bringing dairy back in to the Canadian food guide, especially milk. Scheer says chocolate milk save his kid’s life because he wouldn’t drink white milk and was at risk of bone disease from a dairy deficiency. He was at a dairy farmers convention at the time. It’s all about the money. Our new food guide is the only thing the Trudeau government got right!

  48. Anyone has a link to this study???

  49. Well that’s about as clear as possible. Now we need clinician and GP adoption.

  50. Anything is better than SAD!!!

  51. Medical students in most western countries receive 4-8 hours of nutritional education. Even if it was 48 hours, it would be too little. Diet is so important.

  52. Create a Better World by……GOING and staying healthy and VEGAN

  53. I'm trying to get my diabetic mom and dad to eat a vegan whole food plant based diet but, they tell me they listen to their doctor who recommends, fish and white meat! Ugh

  54. excellent video!

  55. I totally disagree with the conclusions here. Realty check to Vegans/Vegetarians. Homo Sapiens evolved eating animal products as the main source of our diet. Plants were a minor percentage of our food. There was little or no diabetes, cavities, heart disease, etc among these earlier populations. About 50 years ago a small cadre of people convinced us that meat 🥩 & the fat associated with eating animals was detrimental to our health. And look what has happened to us now! We are fatter, diabetes and it’s concomitant negative side affects are reaching epidemic proportions! Eating low carb or a Keto lifestyle seems to solve a lot of these issues!
    Let’s not keep our heads buried in the sand and look at facts!

  56. Sugar comes from plants… O.o

  57. What of those of us diagnosed as being Hypoglycemics? What research is there for us per healthy eating and/or reversing this metabolic disorder; etc.? It is hardly discussed, just DM I & II is.

  58. And yet, it's nowhere to be found on the Canadian diabetes association website

  59. Finally we are making strides in the right direction. I am really surprised it has taken out society so long to recognize the benefits of plant based diets. Absolute insanity

  60. I cured myself with bacon.
    First it is ridiculed. Lol

  61. I would like to see the terminology change to “whole plant diets” (WPD) rather than “vegan” or the lengthier “whole food, plant-based diet”.

    I feel like WPD is just more concise, while the vague “vegan” label does not relate to healthiness.

    I have seen a “whole food, plant-based” muffin recipe. Now…tell me…how could a muffin be a whole food? It could contain some whole foods (many very-unhealthy ones already do). But much of what goes into a muffin is not a whole food, even if everything is plant-based. In looking at the commentary, it is clear the author is confusing WFPB with “vegan”.

    I am very excited about WPD. Getting as much of my food into me, in the form of whole plant food, is a low-key daily goal. 😀

  62. Night doesn't disappeared off the Earth's face unless it rotates about its own axis. Great to see how corporate houses and media houses keep us in the dark.

  63. More proof we're winning..

  64. Always grateful for you and your passion.

  65. Chew on that Joe Rogan

  66. Seven months on a plant based diet eating tons of fruit and starches lowered my A1C from 6.3 to 5.7, ldl from 155 to 75 , BP from 138/80 to 116/60 . Stopped my pancreatic cancer from growing or spreading for the first time in six years. Reversed my ED and shortness of breath during exercise. Oh and I've lost 45 lbs ! Take that all you meat eaters…

  67. At this point I can't imagine eating dairy and meat. The beans, potatoes and rice are too satisfying.

  68. They still don't have it, recommending no eggs??

  69. My dietitian told me this same info many years ago. There is nothing new here.

  70. What does plant based have to do with veganism? Very different diets

  71. Please do a video about keto and intermittent fasting

  72. Is this the same stage that Tobacco was in in the 1970s?

  73. What about for type1 diabetes?

  74. Great video! Thank God!! My doctor is still in the dark ages. Anyone got a better one in Philadelphia?…

  75. Tone is everything. Snarkiness doesn’t win converts.

  76. On April first of this year, I weighed 296 pounds. It's August 3rd, I weight 239. I'm getting there. It makes a difference.

  77. Plant based diet is Best for Herbivores. Therefore we are Herbivores (even though some of us HATE it, that's the Truth). It's not an emotional issue, it's a scientific Fact.

  78. What is your opinion on FODMAP diets?

  79. ADA recommendations CAUSE diabetes to keep them in business. Eat meat (Vitamin A in the correct form).

  80. Diabetics should eat a low carb high fat diet. Lots of complete protein animal foods and vegetables. No grains or fruit. This will virtually eliminate the high blood sugar problem and you will lose weight. The vegans are wrong just like the crazy Mormons!

  81. A plant based diet can easily contain wheat, flour, corn, soy and sugar: all vegan and terrible for diabetes. Type 2 especially is caused by an excess of carbs and plants produce carbs. I have cured diabetes in folks on a Paleo diet. Vegan diets can work for diabetics but they need employ very healthy plants. Eating Ramen in a Styrofoam cup is vegan but not healthy.

  82. Fabulous summary!

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