Plant-Based Diet & Mood


  1. I'm an angry vegan cause I can't find organic produce in my area.

  2. THANK YOU DR. GREGER. I am posting this for all the angry mothers I have come across that need to change their diet. Don't get me wrong, there are many lovely MUMs. But boy are there some aggressive ones too. Perhaps you could educate Loose Women about Nutrition. And get them to unblock their comments section!

    Lastly, thank you Dr. Greger for changing our life. Without you I would still believe that 5 fruit and veg kept us healthy. So much for State Education. But they still pick on us Home Educators. I think they need to chill and eat a carrot.

  3. 3 months in eating whole food plant based and my moods have never been better. I am calm, centered most of the time and my food cravings are less and less as each day goes by. Loving it! Thanks as always for the great info on health, Dr. G.

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