Placenta previa – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology


  1. Is it chances to get again placenta previa after recovery from the placenta previa condition?

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  6. Thank you for doing this. I was 9 weeks along when I spontaneously started bleeding, and it took the emergency doctors 16 hours to determine where the bleeding was coming from behind the placenta before they diagnosed me. The doctors were just GMs so they didn't do a good job at explaining things to me, other than asking if I smoked (no) or did cocaine (most def no) which is sometimes the cause. Quite honestly that experience sucked all the joy and elation I had previously had towards this pregnancy, and now I'm just a ball of stress and nerves. I'm currently on bedrest. But thank you so much for doing this, you explained this so clearly.

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  9. Another name placental presentation

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  13. I take 22 week scan, placenta grade zero above 4cm from OS it’s complicated sir?? Or not

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  16. Hi, I have my wife currently 23weeks pregnant, and was diagnosed today with type3 placenta previa.. please pray for us. Thank You!

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  25. Can i travel having plasenta previa

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  42. Is it generally fine to perform a digital cervical exam on a patient with placenta previa?

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  44. if placenta per bleeding means is it possible to delivered in normal….

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