Pixelmon: Let's Go! – Ep. 31: Etho & Mario Gym Battles

hey guys Wells Knight here and welcome back to another episode from the pixelmon let's go server hope you guys have an awesome day I am having a fantastic day today would normally be a kingdoms day I know but I'm flipping the schedule around a little bit because I know what I want to do next in kingdoms which for those of you who don't know what kingdoms is that's my single-player series my single-player vanilla minecraft series I don't want to do next in kingdoms but there's a lot of kind of grinding off-camera stuff that I have to do so that episode is not gonna be out it's not ready let's put it that way so look for that sometime this weekend probably Sunday instead I think I'm gonna do pixelmon today hermit craft tomorrow and then kingdoms on Sunday I think that's probably the plan even though normally it would be kingdoms today hermitcraft tomorrow and pick some up on Sunday so I'm just gonna flip in the two around but anyway in today's episode I've got some amazing stuff for you it's gonna be great I've done two battles that we will be watching today one against Mario who just opened up his flying-type gym and also then another one against etho for his steel type gym so we'll be watching both of those also I've been doing a ton of training between episodes check this out I have um all of these Pokemon are all new and trained except for these two these two aren't actually trained up yet but these guys are all the right level I am currently working on getting the right moves out in there I have the right Eevee's oh and I need to train up this Magnemite as well this I got from Nebra surly err today I traded I traded something for it I forget what I traded for it but I traded something for it and this is actually a hidden power fire Magnemite so and edie's like it's not the best as far as EVPs go but like it's it's close enough whatever it'll do the job that I need it to do which is use hidden power fire and kill megasis or that's really what it's for but anyway yeah I've been working on training I've been working on getting moves I am playing the wait for move tutors to Swan game which I seem to play way too often but as I said I've got some battles to show you so the first battle I did was a battle against Mario Mario mania who just opened up his brand-new flying-type gym and I think I may even be the very first challenger so let's go ahead and jump into that Wells welcome so the flying gym it is beautiful you can think fuzzy mole for all his hard work yeah it looks great it looks great I see you brought your cheerleader here Gary ah it it came out of nowhere I did I thought it was like I didn't realize it spawned in here I thought it was like a breeder Pokemon like one that was just in for aesthetics for some reason that's one big clefable – anyway you're calling your fat yeah yeah that is a fat culpable man oh god it's gonna you better not be sleeping tonight I mean either way so are you ready for some some high-flying battle action hey that's my line okay well I'll come oh yeah I'll leave the puns to you then anyway so flying-type gym uh what are your rules level sixty battle camp we'll be sending them up with the battle rules of course we will not be having stealth rocks in this battle as we're as it's our gyms we are allowed to ban a few things I have and two things as we learned from me so he bans a lot of things from his gym so yeah but in mine you're not a lot of these dogs and you're not allowed to use toxa pecs I have a grudge against luck specs right now as they make a battle lasts way too long well there goes my idea to bring six talks effects hold on I got it I got a switch out by no I'm kidding anyway I thought you would legitimately Edwin is a no now I didn't have a fair six talks the pics I don't have a proper counter for so the problem with six toxa pecs is they have absolutely zero offensive presence so I know but the regenerator the toxic spam yeah oh yeah anyway um I think I am ready whenever you are alright well send out your first pokémon we can set this up go Charizard throw there we go battle rules 60 yes 60 raise the cap folio on and yes alright there we go all right now let's choose archeops all right yeah archeops is one of my favorites I like it that's a Pokemon you don't see very often because it's crippled by a horrendous ability even though its stats are amazing mm-hmm I know how to use them as a thing so yeah okay okay fair enough hmm good thing I'm not streaming you could be easily stru sniping if I was no I wouldn't that's not my style I like to win fair and square or to lose legitimately exactly all right I think I am good leaving a leading with D night yep all right hmm just gonna drop a Draco and take that out we're add everyone multiscale oh yeah that's a that's a bull that's a choice specs max a special attack Draco meteor from a high dragon though even through multi scale it's a roll it's like it does 95 to 105 so it's like a 50/50 chance that it was a one-hit ko mmm because if you would have survived if you would have survived you would have set up a dragon dance right there on you yep and then I have other things that can out speed it though that's fine um did you do I think at this let's see still I'm dropping things um Oh funny enough this team almost defeated a neveress esteem oh yeah yeah there's the only reason it lost cuz to go the Pokemon were not fully ready yet yeah fair enough I think mmm so was really like a four on six situation yeah but it almost beat it in that situation come on Fry a mere enough I have a feeling I know what this is gonna do um yeah I mean it's kind of the obvious play isn't it yep I'm guessing you also saw that too oh yeah absolutely hmm cutting your attack in half mm-hmm you know I do like going for the more bulkier doses rather than just a Fury's sweeper yeah makes sense hmm how fast is your hydreigon by the way max speed even with a max this Daguerre doses max speed as well with the speed nature yeah but Gyarados only has 80 base speed hi dragons at 97 base speed and let me guess you have a choice I don't wanna don't you I'm a yeah that explained why you out speed it even was my own choice I actually I told you earlier I have a choice specs on this hi dragon because that's the only way can knock out dragon it mmm-hmm so yes I mean you don't have us well no cuz he used ice bang and then oh no you switched that's right that's fine all right hmm hmm huh whoo you're dead you were so dead right now Am I yep is that so wait it survived that yeah I did the math on this I did the math I should have one shot you're gone any Garchomp even with max defense it's not stab huh like I've rained a calculator like dozens of times it's like has a 2% chance of not killing well I didn't mean it did like 60% though so it wouldn't be yeah I don't know either way um they don't do that really you survived that yep and you hit the you hit the stone miss mm-hmm I got ready yeah that is super lucky and archeops should be able to get an easy knockout here if I stay in anyway that's fine ah yeah hmm I know he's fast just forget how fast yeah he is he's fast but he has poor defense in special offense Charizard why yep because Charizard X actually breaks my own rules of flying Pokemon oh yeah I suppose it's not technically a flying-type anymore is it yeah it loses his flank tupping and replaces that with dragon really you you're getting lucky with all the stat with all the chances and I can't get a burn with a 40% chance of burning yeah well that is horrible firm that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes I have gotten a little bit lucky on some of the hacks remember you eat that hack see though I mean I hit a stone edge but that's a 70% chance yeah and then but then you also survived the Garchomp orangie has not been on my side this battle yeah we'll do it we need to count that you should calculate that Garchomp ice that I the ice fang on gliscor mmm-hmm should count that again to see as this is this is jolly max attack max speed yeah but that's the thing I've done in it should've hmm but anyway I mean after yeah it would but yeah so after so after all that rng was heavily on your side today oh yeah no rng was on your side today and it decided this guy's should win for no apparent reason and I'm just kidding I believe you're supposed to yep there we go there we go and ender get off my Jim Jim I think there's supposed to be a badge is there I don't I forgot to set up that and you're Jesse that's why so we're gonna have to cut and go back to his spawn mmm-hmm all right I hear that we're the real winner the clefable got it sky badge there we go fantastic well were you here during the type tournament actually a type tournament are you talking the mana type yeah I know that was before I joined that was like right before I joined hmm yeah cuz I remember that's actually the funny enough that's actually the tournament a one to get the this gym leader position and it was flyer types funny enough not the flying types yeah still well that was fun GG it fun gym I like it and I will catch you later oh and an air balloon you can use that to float off my gym it's like a souvenir like you go to the flying gym and you get a free balloon to take with you alright guys I am back I hope you enjoyed that battle against Mario we did pull it out in the end pulled out the victory I've got the gym badge hanging in my house back in spawn town right over here it's hanging up on the wall and it was a lot of fun you know good stuff he did ban stealth rocks in his gym which i think was actually a really smart decision because using stealth rocks and a flying-type gym i like using it against him it's almost cheating since every single Pokemon would be weak to it and take a ton of damage but here we go it's hanging right there the sky badge so next we have a battle against etho for the fly or for his steel type steel type gym yeah yeah and he actually has different difficulty levels he's got difficulties ranging from easy to very hard his hard and very hard battle modes stipulate that you can't use any oh you Pokemon I I don't really have that many Pokemon that aren't oh you and would be suitable to bring to a steel type gym battle so we're gonna go ahead and challenge him on Normal difficulty which is basically just a standard Pokemon battle like what we've been playing on the server pretty much non-stop no Legendary's none of that kind of stuff standard oh you pokemon normal rules held items are fine you know just like every other pokemon in the battle that we've done in the series so far so why don't we go ahead and jump into that one and I will see you afterwards all right guys we're here for a battle against ethos steel-type Jim what we're doing it on Normal difficulty because his rules say that in hard and very hard you can't use overused Pokemon and I don't think I have enough Pokemon in my team to form a team of you you and below so we're gonna challenge on the highest difficulty we possibly can right now and we'll come back and do it more do more later so I think we are ready my team is Volcarona Skarmory hi dragon Garchomp Gyarados and Gengar these are the items and there we go and they'll set that up alright so he is bringing Magee Erna Skarmory scissor Heatran Empoleon and aegislash so I could totally see him leading Heatran or Skarmory he Tran is probably the better lead because if I lead Skarmory then I just basically lose to he trans so I think I'm gonna lead Garchomp here I think that's probably the better play cuz Skarmory doesn't do anything really that scares me heap and Garchomp can help speed and knockout Heatran so we'll lead Garchomp he's probably writing down my team which is fine it is important to note he has his team posted on the wall so I knew what he was bringing and every single Pokemon on my team outspeeds every single Pokemon in his team except for my Skarmory obviously we both have skarmory and skarmory does get outspent by a couple things but everything else it's out sped alright so he's leading Empoleon which is perfectly fine and po Leon is a pretty tanky boy so presumably he's just gonna set up stealth rocks here but I can't really risk the switch so I'm gonna go into Gyarados as he probably sets up rocks now he's gonna go for ice beam okay that's fine and I'm just gonna I'm just gonna dragon dance right here I'm gonna D dance in his face cuz I can take another ice beam or a scald yeah and he's gonna go out to Skarmory and I can't really hit Skarmory like I can hit Skarmory with waterfall but that's not really gonna do much so here I think we go in – I could go into Volcarona but he probably has brain bird on the Skarmory so I think I could just go into my own Skarmory I think the play here is to go into I dragon this high dragon has fire blast on it oh he's gonna roll with me out and bring out my own Skarmory okay that's fine I will go for rocks I'll try and set him up if you world wins me again then so be it that's fine he doesn't really have any hazards to take advantage of me being whirlwind it out that caused chip damage but that's okay all right we got our we got a rocks up now this mcgahren ax is a pretty big problem for me because I don't really have anything that deals well with this it has floor cannon which hits me pretty hard it also has Focus Blast which hits me pretty hard I may just have to sack a Pokemon here which I don't really like but it might be necessary my Gengar will out speed it so I think I'm gonna go into Gengar here if you use this Focus Blast obviously won't do anything and went for shift gear okay so raises the boosts his speed goes up that's fine and his attack goes up I will out speed and my best bet hit to hit McGee r-not is probably focus blast actually Shadow Ball probably does a little bit more or I could just get a burn on it but I mean mcgahren is a special attacker so it burns really not gonna do anything so we're just gonna click Shadow Ball get some damage off on this thing you can use flash cannon so that's a steel type move I'm kind of surprised actually to see that coming out but that's fine and I really don't out speed this afterwards I mean Gengar is really only here to deal with mogera so we're just gonna hit click Shadow Ball again it is much damage off on this thing as we can and then I think we're gonna go into hmm this McGee Erna I don't I need to know what this mogera is speed wise cuz shift gear you got one shift gear off that raises speed by two so yeah nothing on my team out speeds this mogera nah I think I have to go into Volcarona and I'm just gonna go or a bug buzz here I think is kind of what I have to do cuz I don't think he'll be able to knock me out in any one hit I mean he does have Fleur cannon so if he if I send one of my dragons I'm just gonna lose my dragon cuz it will out speed and one-hit ko like any of my dragons I supposedly could have run like a focus sash on Garchomp for example I'm predicting he's gonna switch out here to well either he's gonna stay in in which case Volcarona hopefully gets the KO or he's gonna switch out to Heatran only one for thunderbolt okay that's fine oh we didn't get the kale okay I was thinking he might switch out to Heatran there so that's actually really bad um Thunderbolt did not do that much but I can't risk the ko so I think we're just gonna go for the bug buzz alright he's going for the Z move that's fine his special attack is now like stupid high and I really don't have a good way to deal with this thing now I think I just lose at this point cuz he's got Thunderbolt which takes out Gyarados he's got flash cannon and presumably he has flora cannon so I guess I just kind of have to go hi dragon and go for a dragon regard chomp more useful hi dragons more useful than Garchomp honestly and Gyarados doesn't really do anything at this point so we're actually gonna go Gyarados take the floor cannon that's going to lower his special attack a little bit I'm gonna go Garchomp and I'm gonna go for the earthquake yeah and I think I just lose cuz I don't have a good way to deal with this like this I can't unless I can like peepee stall him but that's not gonna happen yeah so I can like roost and heal up a bunch but I just lose the mogera which is unfortunate I should have brought more answers to McGarrett up but yeah it's just a really hard Pokemon to deal with but I played that pretty badly all right there we go well I finally got rid of his mcgahren huh-uh but all I have left is I dragon and he has his entire team and he still has his Heatran though like pretty sure I just lose at this point yeah there's Heatran I can't do anything about this we got to go hi dragon I guess the only thing I can really do is just like click dark pulse and just try to like knock stuff out with flinches because I do out speed but that's not like a viable strategy if I still had Garchomp left I might have a chance but whatever I had we got earned so that is definitely game we're going to go for I'm just gonna drop a Draco meteor hopefully knock something out yeah you know what I think I'm probably just gonna forfeit this match because I don't think there's any possible way for me to come back at this point because Skarmory has no attacking moves and he Tran like hi dragon is burned like I don't think there's any way yeah I'm just gonna I'm just gonna forfeit the battle as it is actually impossible for me to win at this point uh that did not go well man dude I needed that bug buzz to knock out the mcgahren ah the first bug buzz that I hit it with I don't have the ball Corona you had like a sliver of half dead like a third of my oh yeah that one that was a big one yeah basically after medina took out Gengar I needed I went for bug buzz and you had like a sliver of health left and I needed that to ko and it didn't quite and it like if I'd gone for I didn't go for a flamethrower because I was worried about you switching Heatran in right and you know get the flash fire boost which in retrospect was probably the right play to go for flamethrower anyway cuz deal I had a lot more answers to to heat ran but yeah that did not go according to plan either way GG I tried Madeira is kind of my ace ace up the sleeve you know and I thought I had enough to answer it but I did I just did like I thought between Volcarona and Gengar it would be fine I thought you were gonna switch to Skarmory after I FLIR Canon that one time yeah well the problem with the Skarmory I this particular Skarmory was really not best for this battle but I don't have my other scar Marie's trained up quite yet so this scar Marie is running toxic which is completely useless here you know could have been a little better even though I probably would have I don't know maybe whirlwind over toxic or spikes or something either way either way gg gg that's fun alright guys I am back we did lose the battle to etho unfortunately I did not play that as well as I could have to be entirely honest I really kind of underestimated McGee Erna at the beginning like before the battle even started and I really didn't bring enough to deal with McGee Rinna and then I I didn't really play it all that well either I made some pretty bad plays and it kind of cost me the game but you know that's not to take anything away from me though he played really well he's got a very strong team obviously and I am absolutely looking forward to a rematch down the road I am going to plan to make a team of entirely Pokemon that are you you and below so we'll be able to challenge and beat him or at least hopefully beat him on the very hardest difficulty also I got a reach allenge net worths again – there's a whole bunch of gym badges that I need to earn that I have not yet done so so it's on my list of things to do and I'm still here waiting on move tutors to spawn some someday I will get a move tutor with all the various moves I need the problem is this there's a lot of them there's a lot of them M TMS for that matter there's some TMS I need as well I got some tricks up my sleeve or some other battles and for some teams and things down the road that I think are going to be pretty cool but unfortunately my friends I think that is about all that I have time for today if you enjoyed the video you know what to do links in the description below so check that out as well otherwise my friends thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one


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