Pioneer4you IPV V3-Mini – YiHi Auto Pump Squonk Type Device?

but we got something kind of interesting today from IPV this is called the v3 mini and it's got an auto pump system to hit this little RDA [Applause] [Applause] welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm Tony this is an interesting little device we've got some technology in here it's basically emerging technology and you know how that is when it's something that's brand-new like that it's well you know it's fresh its new question is doesn't work properly this has an automatic pump inside of it that pumps the juice from inside this little tank right here up to this which is good because it keeps the liquid separate from the actual atomizer so it doesn't cook in there and over time change the actual flavor of the juice or anything like that so that's what their intention is it's fully temp control it's a Yi he tip in here I don't always do this show you the paperwork that they send and stuff like that but this is different so I thought it would share this it's the latest yeehee ESS driver tech so the IP vv3 mini is an intelligent on one auto bottom feeding device with accurate temp control as a game changer that brings revolution in ecig industry from now on we'll have an ESS driver system besides our TA RDA system and pod system it adapts the yeehee ESS electronic spray squonk that's what ESS means driver technology supports the auto bottom feeding system on the basis of accurate yi heat chipset control so basically the chipset is deciding whether the coil is dry and it needs to be sprayed as they're saying with liquid the chip they're using is the Yi he SX 635 J chipset so this thing can support multiple intelligent control systems designed for those who never cease seeking for better taste and easier vaping experience small size and 1,400 milliamp hour it's built in make it easy to take it everywhere you go and support a whole day vaping meanwhile okay so their main features are saying the flavor and taste similar to an RDA flavor I concur you know I mean it's amazing this itty-bitty little thing is giving me already a flavor and all that but it kind of is 1400 milliamp hour battery so it says it works with both standard they call it freebase and salt liquids since two atomizer types are available one is 1.0 m and the other is 0.3 I think this one on here let me look at this real quick so we're gonna just pull this off oops alright so let's see okay that says 0.3 ohms I thought it said 0.5 okay so that's what I'm using is the 0.3 ohm looks it does look good no back I haven't had any of that no leaking I guess not overall functionality like nothing on the market no break-in no dry or burnt hits I could say a lot of that is very accurate the only thing is because it's emerging technology this is really the first one on the market that I've seen I did see one of these at a convention not this but I saw there yeehee technology at a yeehee booth at a convention I was like yeah it's not so great but they have obviously worked on it because it is functioning exactly as they described in this little device so these boxes and I believe even this right here might be 3d printed because they hadn't gotten them finished yet before they sent out samples but this is just all sample packaging I'm sure this will change before it gets to market but it says gunmetal see one that's what I've got right here you got this one here which is black and it's got a little design on the side there I really prefer that that looks really cool you can see the coils over here 0.3 ohm and 1.0 ohm and this one right here I'm gonna give you guys a chance to score so check that out later in the video underneath here you've got a couple of extras and I don't know I guess I'm pretty sure that you'll get these when you get it which is a good thing a couple of extras 0.3 ohm a 1.0 ohm so that's pretty cool and a USB cable in there I imagine this thing does support you know updates and all that kind of stuff you he's a well-known company and I'm sure that they do have that available so if there was ever any problems they could update this thing and make it so that it's working properly as far as the manual goes it looks like they've got French in here Chinese and English let's see I think I'm on the English one just blade shows that up here I mean you know that's pretty standard stuff here are the specifications I'm gonna go ahead and leave this up here for a second and if you or somebody who's like a techie and you really want to get into this go ahead and pause that so you can look at all of those now what's interesting here is you know it says the resistance and atomizer there's two adjustable wattage p1 is 12 through 15 watts and p2 is 22 through 25 watts now you aren't going to be adjusting the wattage you just choose if you want p1 or p2 and then on the 1.0 the p1 and the p2 have different wattages so it's going to detect which coil you have on there and it's going to you know act accordingly as far as this chip goes there this is supposed to be the 3rd gen creation of temperature control technology for them the high sensitive anti burning protection system the automatic eliquid control system and the e-liquid container is separated from the heating core I want to look at one of these things you know I'm going to do I'm going to destroy one of these just to pull it apart and look at it you can see it's got little air flows on the side of it let's see right there you know it's a tight draw it's more of like a restricted lung hit especially on the 0.3 ohm one and it's fully proprietary it won't screw on to any other 510 as far as I can tell so yeah this tip doesn't come out this doesn't come off unless I'm gonna try to force it out there but you can see the coil inside of there it seems like a pretty simple little thing let's try this so I guess this will be a good test to see house to have that little v that little connection is I don't want to call it a 510 because I don't think it is oh there we go did come off I suppose it does come off they're somewhat easily it just didn't come off with fingers doesn't look like it's rebuildable at all this little thing comes off of there looks like peak right there some peak insulators and I'm gonna guess that that wires probably stainless steel okay that looks like they got cotton lining that there we go very interesting I'm guessing that it doesn't allow it to get very hot and you can see where the liquids gonna come up from the bottom alright so we'll just put this back on here now I did try the 1.00 I just prefer the 0.3 ohm USB is down here it's a sample 1400 milliamp hours and that is your little tank now let's just show you that real quick I could pull that out just like that it's got a little seal on it when you want to fill it you just fill it in that little hole right there I me the bigger hole that one right there I don't really know exactly what that's for again this tank might look a little bit different on the finished ones because I think this one's 3d printed just so they get the samples out and it's got the little feed tube right there this just slides in just like that super easy to fill I mean that that is a nice feature right there says IPV ESS driver here in the back it feels really solid it's a little bit heavy it might be zinc alloy that it's made out of but it has that classic look of the original IP v3 that had the two cutouts on the sides just like that before anybody else did it I really like this because at first I was like oh carbon fiber and then I looked a little closer and it's like I don't know what that is it's like hexagonal and it looks Jade looks really cool I like that the gunmetal is the one that I liked the most and I do have to say it's been a pleasure for so here's the deal fire buttons right here when you hit that it wakes up from sleep there's a battery meter right there your temperature and p1 or p2 and when you hit the button I mean it just goes it'll probably go until it cuts off or something you got it set at 430 degrees Fahrenheit right now and you can use the up and down buttons right here you see how that changed to 49 right there that's the actual speed of the pump so when I'm doing this I'm Justin the pump on it so that the pump will either feed faster or slower and when you push this button you literally feel that pump in here it's like the whole thing is kind of vibrating or it's hard to explain what you feel but you feel the pump going and it's just feeding that yep no problem not burnt or anything functionality on this if you hit the fire button three times one two three then it's locked none of the buttons will work no problem one two three and it's unlocked you see that it is firing pretty quick you know it's a pretty fast fire when I hit the button it's firing now if you hit the fire button five times one two three four five then you can change your temperature in height and you can change that to Celsius if you prefer I like that and then you could change which function you're using P 1 or P 2 and let's see I'm gonna go back to this and say 420 degrees then you just let it sit and it will go back to the main screen just like that now let's see once again because I have the 0.3 ohm coil in here P 1 would be 12 to 15 watts and P 2 is 22 to 25 watts I like it a little bit hotter and really I think the wattage just helps to ramp it up to the temperature you know what I'm saying that's just like your preheat but if you want to go from p2 to p1 you got to go 1 2 3 4 5 and then you go back over here and you change that to p1 I like p2 there you go screen is nice and bright too so for any of the adjustments you got to do the 1 2 3 4 5 and you'll adjust your temperature there you can decide what your Fahrenheit or Celsius is and then P 1 or P 2 and again if you don't think it's feeding this fast enough if it keeps cutting off because it's going dry then all you have to do is adjust it with the up and down buttons when it's in standby mode and you can feed it more or less just by turning it up or down now there are two other things here if you want to mint because you're probably wondering when you first put one of these on here it's absolutely dry and it's trying to feed it and whatever else but you know what you got to do I guess you could drip some liquid down the top but what I did is I just manually fed it and to manually feed it when it's turned on you just press and hold the button and now it's feeding let's see if you can hear that and that is actually pumping liquid up into the atomizer and then if you find that you've actually flooded it then you can just hold that one and it'll pump it back you can actually feel it pumping back into the the little tank down there so you know overall it's it's cool I'm just wondering about failure of the pump and you know the use over time with this but it's it's a pretty novel little device and I think it kind of shows us what else can be done with vaping and we'll see where the technology goes so that friends is the IP v v3 mini so once again this is powered by the EE SX 635 Jade chipset and that's a special chipset that actually somehow works a little pump that's inside of here taking that liquid from that little tank up there and up to this itty bitty little atomizer the question is how does it work well it actually works pretty well you know a big question for me though is that every time I use this that little pump is going off so I'm kind of like okay is this actually something that could break down in the future I mean I did try this technology when I was out at a convention about a year ago at the EE booth and it was in a much different type of device this is actually really small and nice it didn't seem to work that good at that time but this is really working well the thing is pump is always going on it and at first it feels a little bit weird because you feel the pump going in your hand it's like oh it's you know it's it's vibrating you can feel it going you know what I mean not a whole lot of settings on this thing you know you got p1 or p2 that's power one or power two and I guess it's deciding the wattage that it uses to get to that temperature that you've selected so it is using temperature control you're not going to be able to use any other kind of atomizer on here I don't know maybe you could find one but I mean it's it's such a thin little device that I don't know what you'd put on here and be sticking off the side so it look a little bit awkward and you'd have to use I guess stainless steel wire might be what they're using but in the little paperwork thing that they sent they basically said that it's going to give you the performance of a full-size RDA I'm gonna say it's pretty darn close the performance of it is nice it does give good flavor it does give good vapor as you can see and overall this device just it does look really good it's very reminiscent once again of the IP v3 this is you know it is called the v3 mini that's why you've got these edges on it because before any other company dragged to this look into the equation that's who did it with the IP v3 you know the device seems very solid it works exactly as they describe it's actually quite simple to use you just screw a new little atomizer on here not sure how much those are gonna cost or how available they'll be because if it doesn't really take off and if it's not really popular oh they'll probably stop making them so you know that's my issues with it is that these little atomizers how hard are they going to be able to find and how long will the pump hold up on this thing so those are the only two issues that I have with it other than that it does perform well they've been that lucky bird which is basically a marshmallow cereal milk and yeah I mean you know it's it's working quite well so I don't know yeah I mean I guess it's up to you if you're one of those people that's kind of a hobbyist and you like to get the latest and greatest new technology if this thing appeals to you sure you know but just keep those little things in mind that I mentioned but if you are a hobbyist and you like to really tinker with your settings and stuff not gonna be able to do that on here because it's as you saw very simple let me get one more here all right so what I wanted to do there is take a super-long hit and see if this thing would stop and apparently it did when it got to where it was dry it basically stopped the heat to the coil but I could still feel the pump going that was something I hadn't done yet yeah but give it a second and it's doing just fine and if you find that it is drying up on you you can actually change that speed of the actual pump in there you can even manually feed it which is what you're gonna have to do when you put a new atomizer round here because it just doesn't have juice in it I suppose you might be able to drip it down the center of it but I think they intend for you to manually pump that with the with the buttons on there it is an interesting little device and I do want to give somebody a chance to score one of these all I got to do is fill out that Google form it's right down below the video in the description it's your shipping only $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it if you live outside the country you can look for William Cooper in the comments actually it's Cooper's vaping view now it's got his own channel he's volunteer to be your friend in the US he'll receive it and send it on to you still got to do the $10 PayPal fee have to do that for regulations and you'll have to pay the International shipping you'll work it out with him so look for his comment down there and you can follow his directions for that I want to thank you so much for your support here on the channel likes comments shares subscriptions always very much appreciated if you like what you see hit that thumbs up if you haven't subscribed yet there is a red subscribe button that's right down there you can click that and if you click the notify button down there notification button or bell you'll get notifications every time I upload new videos and give you chances to score I do have links down there for Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram if you have one of those that appreciate a follow and don't forget advocacy yeah the links are right down there into the description including the link to August 8 org where you can send letters directly to your lawmakers your legislators every day of the week if you want to just click the link put your zip code in there add a little bit of your personal story and send it off well that's gonna do it for this episode we'll catch you next time on the vapor trail Channel


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