Pinterest + Collective Health: Driving a better benefits experience

Hi, my name is Alice Vichaita and I lead the global benefits team here at Pinterest. When I first walked in the building, I just felt this energy in the people. The vibe here is very different than any other companies that I’ve been with. I think benefits play a huge part in the culture. What we put out there in our benefits offerings truly reflects the type of company that we are and what we value. Prior to Collective Health, we really struggled with employees just escalating issues to the benefits team. It felt that employees were given the runaround by providers, and then they get really frustrated, they can’t get their questions answered. So it looks great on paper, but when employees are utilizing, especially our health plans, they are not getting the type of employee experience that matches the best in class offerings that we provide here. We spent a lot of time managing the daily or weekly eligibility files that will come from our HRIS system. Those are types of work that just, you know, keeping the lights on benefits administration, that I felt it makes sense for us to outsource that. After Collective Health, it really felt there was a huge lift from the day-to-day work. We felt really confident in that we can trust the process to go ahead and direct employees to contact Collective Health and then we knew that this issue, these questions would not be escalated back to our team. We were able to streamline the benefits eligibility reporting. The billings are, the process is being managed by Collective Health. The icing on the cake that, you know, kind of sold me on Collective Health is that the amount of work, the day-to-day administration work that can be off our desks. That really frees up my team’s time and my time to be more strategic and think about how can we better communicate our benefits for our employees to get the most value for our employees and just even candidates that we’re trying to recruit into Pinterest. We know that Collective Health is working. It’s because I can see our employees are happily engaging. I also just anecdotally get employees that are coming up to me and letting me know how happy they are with Collective Health. How easy Collective Health is to interact with, and just impressed with the technology. What we were able to accomplish with Collective Health is that we were able to optimize on our employee experience. People really understand and have the full experience of how great the benefits are here at Pinterest.

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