Pima County Public Health Update March 16, 2020 – We are in this for the long-haul

I’m Dr. Bob England, the Pima County Health
Director and this is your Pima County Public Health Update for March 16, 2020. There have
been a flurry of activity lately. Yesterday the governor and the superintendent of public
instruction closed all the schools in Arizona, initially for just the 2-week period. In addition
the CDC changed its guidelines yesterday and the governor immediately tweeted his support
for it to consider any gathering of people of more then 50 people to be a mass-gathering
that should not happen. We’re working with restaurant industry leaders on how they can
adapt to this new reality. We are soliciting input from business associations on how other
businesses can adapt. We’re working with our health care partners to try and prepare as
best we can for a surge in demand that may be coming. The good news is that these measures
combined with the common sense hygiene that we’ve been talking about all along washing
your hands keeping them away from your face staying home if you’re sick and so forth.
Will have the affect of slowing the transmission of the disease and that will help protect
our health care industry from a surge that they might not otherwise be able to handle.
People have to understand this wont brief. These kinds of measures to have a good impact
they have to be in place for the duration of the outbreak. If you relax while the outbreak
is still going on, you’ll see a surge of cases come back. So we all, as we plan ahead, how
we’re going to deal with this, have to realize that this may be in place for many many months
before we’re out of this. This has been your Pima County Public Health Update.


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  3. Thank you for the insight.

  4. Please close all the public facing facilities.

  5. Overreaction to go with the panic buying. Terrific. If only we tracked other viruses and diseases like we are this one. Then we could freakout every year. Fact that h1n1 was worse than this covid-19 isn't even on the radar. Not even 100 deaths in the US and panic is rampant. And panic causes it's own problems.

  6. Nice job Pcounty. I think we are probably all going to need to be home for 15 days or so… perhaps the quicker we do it?

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