Pima County Public Health Update for March 18, 2020 – More Testing Means More Positives

I’m Dr. Bob England, Pima County Health Director
and this is your Pima County Public Health Update for March 18, 2020. Lots of activity
obviously still going on. To keep up to date with good information the best way is to start
with our website that you see up there at the top of the screen. You are going to see
more and more positive tests results roll out every day. That’s not just because more
people are getting infected, that’s also because testing is becoming more and more accessible
to health care providers who want to test their patients. So over time as the private
sector labs scale up and more and more tests are run you obviously will see more and more
positive results come back. That’s going to feel really scary as the numbers rise but
that’s exactly what is expected and there’s no way around it. We’re even working on ways
to make sure that even the uninsured population in our community can get tested if their health
care provider thinks it’s warranted. This has been you Pima County Public Health Update.

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  1. Just want to take a moment to say thank you for making these daily updates. It really provides peace of mind, at least for me, to know our public officials/servants care and are taking the time. Thank you.

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