piles Treatment In Hindi. Home remedies for Bawaseer In Hindi


  1. Thank u sir Bahut achchi jankari diye….bawasir theek ho chuka hai lekin massa bahar nikla hua hai…use kaise theek kre btayie plzz

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  3. GR8

  4. Hey, yep it's unreal to see how hemorrhoids can shrink into nothing, after a couple of days, give and take a day or two. And the bowel movements, wow. Maybe Melissa Thanderski's website isn't fit for everyone, but after googling it and testing the treatment she recommends, it's not that hard to understand why it works.

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  6. Good jaankari Deyein hain Sir jee Aapka Bhuat Bhuat Dhanybad Sir

  7. Thank you sir

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  9. Mujhe bahat bleeding Horahakya karu

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