Pick-A-Card Reading: Improve Your Health Part 1

hey everybody is your girl Amina right and I know I probably said in a couple of videos that I'm gonna be extremely busy this week can't do any readings until next weekend and to let you know today's date it is Sunday May 19th it's almost going on 7 o'clock p.m. I decided you know what I am in such a good mood I am in such a good mood today was a good day I cannot complain at all and I was like let me try to squeeze in a divination reading and before I start doing some things for the next day I would like to keep it under 30 minutes you know I can Yap and like a talk I'm gonna let you know and if I long wind it with my conversations look in the description box and or the comment section I will put the timestamps cuz this is going to be a pick a card reading today and while I am talking let me get to shuffling so I vowed that I won't to do any romance readings there's too many people on YouTube doing romance readings that people need to start doing other things now slowly but surely there are people who are doing tarot readings or Oracle readings on politics on celebrity gossip and whatnot I do have a lot of different types of sexual romantic tarot decks but I won't use them in the future like for couple readings because it's like again just too many people want to know what their boyfriend/girlfriend is doing or their ex boyfriend girlfriend ex husband or wife spouse whatever I decided since I bought a whole bunch of stuff that I will do readings on sexuality but not for like an interpersonal relationship it would be more like how to discover your own sexuality and sensuality and to embrace your erotic side because unfortunately I am seeing in life in general not just on YouTube there are a lot of people who are in denial of this sexuality I'm gonna let you know I am irreligious if you don't know what the heck that means that means I don't give a about religion and also I curse so if you don't like that you need to find another divination Peter on YouTube there's plenty of people on YouTube who don't curse what I do so now let's get back to you saying that I see a lot of people who are in denial of their sexuality and I want name names there's plenty of people on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram I could name some names but unfortunately these are kind of people coming from the Christian community or the Muslim community who claims that you know homosexuality is a sin I'm not homosexual I'm not bisexual I'm a head but and you look at them and they're demeanors and such they're gay or lesbian you can tell it's like they're just forced to say that they're not because their religion condones it but they're not living their true selves so I mean not everyone is in that type of situation but I am interested in helping people find their true selves in regards of their sexuality because I believe you should have breaks those sexuality is long if it's not harmful to another person I believe in consensual sex and I believe that she shall find a partner in life unless you're asexual and there are some people who you know they have no sexual desires for other people doesn't mean they can't get off you know sexually on their own but I believe that if you're not asexual you should find the right sectional partner for you and least be honest about your sexuality that you can find someone who can appreciate your sexuality and it doesn't bother them while at the same time you can appreciate that you're amazing at yours you can appreciate there's my scene in life I've seen a life too often someone has a particular sexual preference and I'm not talking about gender and their partner is not and they try to coerce their partner to get into something they're not interested in instead of just fixing the goddamn fact that maybe they should stop having a relationship with that person and just go find somebody who has the same sexuality preference as them I'm gonna give it for example let's just say you went to S&M and your partner is not into that stuff and but you're trying to coerce him cuz you you can't you cannot give over to get there fact that they're not into which you're into so you're gonna make them you know beat into that just just tell the person I love you very much but this is not working out I need someone who likes to do the same things that I do but that's not what this video is about this video is about health and wealth and I've been expired to do this video because I've noticed on YouTube various tarot readers or Oracle readers I've noticed in the past month there seems to be some similarities and people's readings concerning health it can be tarot readers or Oracle readers telling people that the cars are suggesting or predicting that they're gonna take care of their health like mental health psychological emotional and/or physical health and I'm in Chicago so I'm in the northern hemisphere so right now it is mid spring time so it could be with the mass consciousness of people watching divination videos on YouTube that the weather is getting warmer and people look forward to you know exercising getting to fitness being outdoors especially if they live in parts of the United States or other countries where there is an extreme temperature change between winter and summer unless you live like for instance Nevada Arizona or something like that even still you're just going from we going it oh you're going for I'm sorry I did not turn on my turn off my notifications I did not put my cell phone on airplane mode so if you hear some beep in here and there I do apologize so I decided I am going to do some tarot readings pick a cart readings and I'm going to do four choices yeah I'm gonna be quick about it six I'll be a kind of long-winded how to take care of your health this reading won't have any date significance I know I said today is May 19th however it doesn't matter if you watch this video today Sunday May 19th watch this video May 30th July 4th you know December 18th of 2019 or you can watch this video in April 3rd 2050 this picker cart reading will still pertain to your life so what I'm going to do is hmm let's see what order I'm gonna have some health oracle cards I'm gonna pull first I'm going to use this deck for like your diet this deck is gonna suggest what you should eat for better health I'm going to use this tarot deck on your physical activity this might suggest overall health in general and this is going to be for emotional health basically I believe in positive affirmations so what you would do is have a mantra it could be on dieting or Fitness you can wake up in the morning or you can go to bed and say you know tomorrow I'm gonna have the best run ever you know if you're into running or if you're have a hard time eating better you will say to yourself I enjoy nutritious foods I am happily I am happy to give up junk food you know whatever positive affirmation you want to do if you can't think of anything there are lots of awesome YouTube channels on positive affirmations you just type in positive affirmations there are YouTube channels some are more visual than others where you actually have to sit down and watch the video for like 5 to 10 minutes because they flash subliminal messages on the screen and let's just say you're looking for a video on fitness and they may show various clips in a video of people exercising running doing weightlifting swimming and then there were have subliminal messages just pop up you know I enjoy exercising every day it releases my stress or there's some on food you know I enjoy eating right if you don't have time not everyone wants to sit down and watch a subliminal or video for 5 to 10 minutes so there are some where you just listen to you can also type in on YouTube brain Tremont you can sometimes type in what's another good one let me think is it chronic tones and by neural by neural tones I believe okay let me just if you can see it is a chronic tones and you can type in is a chronic tones for fitness as it is a chronic tones for dieting basically these are tones at certain sound frequencies that could communicate with various parts of the brain to basically I want to say influence your brain and/or the function of your body basically using sound as medicine so with is a chronic tones you don't need headphones on you can just listen to on a speaker but by neural tones you need headphones because one type of sounds may plane in the left ear while another type of sound plays in the right so just be on a lookout for that so ya have headphones for these you don't need headphones for these they even have and I've tried it there was one time I injured myself from running this was about several seven years ago and I didn't have any aspirins or nothing so I typed in is a chronic tones for pain relief and believe it or not I played it for five minutes even though the thing was like 15-20 minutes long I played it for five minutes the pain in my knee cause of like I pulled a hamstring something and it was affecting the back of my hands and around my knees cuz muscles and tendons are all connected together around the knee the pain went away and this is so cool so let me get let me stop talking and let me get to shuffling so again I'm gonna have four choices we're gonna pick a color and I'll pick the colors later so let me get to shuffling give me a moment we're going to and I like to shuffle there's a lot of debate on YouTube you know folks like seeing people shuffle because there are a lot of fake tarot readers on YouTube and some pre shuffle and then turn on the camera because there are some people copying off of real terror readers which is unfortunate this select stealing other people's work and there has been cases of people stealing folks videos I said I was gonna do food users for food and then a lot of people are trying to watermark the videos on YouTube because they're stealing their videos and they're putting their videos on websites and they're charging people to look at those videos give me a second so that was food this is going to be Fitness and this is going to be almost like a positive affirmation something to maybe say to yourself daily or like Anna courage Minh in regards to you improving your health and sometimes it's just like emotional support because people don't realize that having a bad mental state or low self-esteem issues affect your health some people resort to order eating some people resort to just not taking care of themselves becoming physically lazy couch potatoes cuz they feel like they're unworthy and putting time into themselves now that won't be here for everybody but I'm just saying that can be the case sometimes our health is affected by maybe a traumatic past maybe low self-esteem maybe just laziness okay I am done shuffling any place out okay now I'm going to close my eyes and pick a color okay I want you guys to pick a color that appeals to you and I also number these because I know that a lot of people are colorblind so they have an option of picking numbers instead if all the colors just look alike there's different types of colorblindness so let's go here uh yellow is the number three light green is number seven I'm a female so I'm gonna call this a teal green since um this is just a green but this is number five because a lot of men they're not into like different shades of colors they just say this just the is green I say this is like a bluish green this is teal cuz I have a oh I'm sorry this is the teal one this is the real green okay let me be quiet this is red this is six so again three yellow seven lights green five is dark green red is six I'm gonna start how I'm gonna start let me figure this out and I just go across I'll just start you know what let me go in numerical order so I'm gonna go by three five six seven let me let it let me be easy on myself okay so so again look in the description box and in the time stamp I'm sorry and in the comments to find the time stamps okay oh let's get started lets me move crap around okay for those who picked the yellow clip number three let's turn this around your message for improving your health bodies soul in mind it says in our thority dear Archangel Raphael thank you for supporting me as I take back my power and listen to my intuition desires and feelings so the card is telling you for two improving your health you need to trust your own intuition I know sometimes we can be overwhelmed with people telling us what we should do there's a zillion goddamn different types of diets in the world this South Beach Atkins low carb keto Paleo whole thirty then there's just a Whole Foods and I don't mean the store on just meat just eating Whole Foods just grains fruits vegetables meat that's just it nothing in a gut damn box nothing processed there's the meat what they call it the carnivore diet where you just eat animal products no vegetables no fruit you're just strictly meat eggs cheese and butter there's vegetarianism and with that those different forms it's lacto-ovo there is vegan there's the fruitarian diet where you just eat nothing fruits and when I meet fruits I don't mean sweet fruits there's some foods they're actually vegetables what we call them vegetables but they actually fruits like avocado squashes fruit isn't anything with a seed or a nut technically so you know pumpkin squash tomato avocado those are fruits as long with blueberries bananas you know let's see so it's telling you you need to decide what you need to do for nutrition and fitness you need to stop listening to other people as someone's telling you that you need to run and if you hate running you go like man I hate running though they try to do something that you like don't have someone force you doing a sports activity or fitness activity you're not interested in you know choose find out what you desire this could be like for instance I would say this is more gifts to our person who's tried every diet or every fitness activity that's popular that's a fad that's a trend and you and never resonated with you and never made you happy it just feels like you're miserable this card is telling you that you need to find out what you enjoy doing don't go by fads and trends you need to take the time to find out what gives you pleasure and then incorporate that in your life in earth or tea you make the decision what you should do for your health and this is not about diet and fitness it's telling you that let's just say you went to the doctor for something and you tell the doctor that something's wrong with you I don't know we don't even have to make up an example and then the doctor says you have this issue and you go like I don't think I have that issue this is telling you to go with your gut feeling if your doctor says something to you that doesn't sound right go with your gut feeling and maybe go somewhere and ask for another opinion because I have seen it many times there's a lot of stupid doctors you're thinking that they went to medical school yet they should be smart many times lots of doctors make dumb as decisions and they have done to people that ruin their lives health-wise I have seen doctors prescribe wrong medications that almost kill people I've seen doctors suggest certain surgeries that wasn't really needed it says just go with your gut feeling on any everything in regarding in regards to your health I don't know what your situation is but it's just saying go with your gut feeling in authority you are an authority over your own body be an authority over your own body what should be your your diet queen of Wands queen of Wands is basically telling you that basically you should eat foods that make you happy but healthy happy or healthy or if you like a particular type of junk food let's just say let's say you eat at McDonald's three or four times a week okay you love a good hamburger and french fries bitch you love a good hamburger french fries okay have your hamburger french fries but make sure you're not eating processed meats make sure they're cooked in a certain type of oil not vegetable oil just maybe some good old you know olive oil so eat that food but you can fix it from home you can make oven fries you can make a gourmet hamburger from quality meat like Angus beef okay from home so cut out the McDonald's and fix what you love in a more healthier form at home it's also saying that you should food that are visually appealing a queen of Wands person is a person who's visually appealing she's like a fashions she makes a fashion statement let me think of a celebrity that had that who makes fashion statements um my mind is going blank cuz uh most celebrities are kind of boring to me it is what it is but I'm gonna say Lady Gaga before she went off the wall doing the meat dress I wanna say when Lady Gaga was YouTube famous when she first started her career she was kind of fashionable it was she was even though she was imitating eighties fashions and the various artists from the 80s she was kind of fashionable little show-off fee you know that she went downhill when she started wearing meat dresses and wearing all kinds of crazy now she stopped the antics and her fashion is okay I guess but this is saying you should eat pretty foods boats that are visually appealing stop getting foods at McDonald's because it just comes in a paper bag in the little paper box start looking at cookbooks or cooking magazines take pride and fixing your food in your plate if you don't have any nice plates go to Target go to Walmart if you can't afford to buy a fancy-schmancy plate from Crate & Barrel where one plate is probably cost you 20 bucks hey just you know find something cute to eat off of target has nice little cute plates look like restaurant style quality plates for three dollars three to five dollars get something real cute they have cute utensils um stainless steel ten bucks you get four spoons for knives four Forks you know and fix your food nice like restaurant style or how they will show in cooking magazines for your fitness mm-hmm king of wands let me think a king of wands person is a person that's inspiring they're a great lecturer a great speaker and motivational speaker so it says that you need to find somebody who can motivate you doing physical activities so this could mean this could mean looking for going on YouTube there's lots of people who make fitness videos on YouTube you can just spend one day your off day for like an hour to just clicking on various people to find out who's exciting who has a great personality who's encouraging not everybody is a couraging while doing fitness activities if you want to go to the gym or maybe you haven't you don't have a membership at a gym so maybe you're going around hunting for a nice gym meanwhile ask if you can look in on there maybe there yoga classes if they have a dancing like Zumba class maybe you're looking for a strength trainer it says to find a person who's good at motivating you encouraging you to to have a fitness routine and to enjoy having a fitness routine so you're apparently you're the type of person that needs pep talk you need somebody to cheer you on because you know keeping on your toes maybe you get bored with physical activities so you know you need someone to motivate you your message the message for you is wellness is the natural state of my body this card is telling me that once you get into the groove of eating right exercising taking care of your health you gonna feel good about yourself baby you gonna feel good because when you take care of yourself it changes your your mental state you start to Kindle confident you know you mean you know it happens and not only that physical activities increases your mood to be happy and to be calm and to handle stress eating well makes you feel better about yourself I mean if we all done it we all have taken our ass to McDonald's KFC Church's Chicken I'm from Chicago we have Harold's chicken Burger King Taco Bell but if you grab something it feels good to eat whatever little junk food you want to eat but doesn't that feel better when you eat off our fancy-schmancy cute little plates and your food is looking good like it came out of a goddamn food magazine let's just say Martha Stewart you can pick up a Martha Stewart magazine I would guarantee you there's nothing in her magazine that does not look appetizing but you will feel better you feel cute or if you take yourself instead of going to McDonald's you decided to take yourself to a nice restaurant it doesn't have to be 5-star there are some good restaurants when you can get a meal between fifteen to thirty dollars and they have a cute little atmosphere with cute little plates and spoons and forks if you can't afford to go to some smashy fancy restaurant where you spending like around $100 for your meal 100 dollars or more you know or you know make the stuff from home get cute at home you will feel better let's see what the back says it says my body communicates with me and I am willing to listen to and understand it messes its messages okay this card is saying when you take care of yourself your body is gonna show it's gonna give you messages to show it's appreciation for taking care of yourself because we tend to forget this we tend to forget that our body really doesn't belong to us and let me explain why cuz you're gonna say how is it my body doesn't belong to me okay you are two people actually you're three people in one like a Trinity your mind your soul and your body are three different things connect it together almost like the Christian Trinity God Jesus and the Holy Spirit let me in and I'll explain why your brain may be working okay highly intellectual very smart but your body has a handicap just think Steven Hawkins okay smart mentally smart highly intelligent but his body couldn't function there are some people who have a healthy body but they have a handicapped brain that could be psychological issues mental issues or just low intelligence but a healthy body and then there's your soul do something stupid to your body your soul is gonna leave which causes you to kill your body which makes you dead that gonna be overdosing of drugs and alcohol some people stupidly put themselves and harm way doing I don't know let's just say goofy extreme sports where they want to swim with the sharks oh just some dumb people do all the guy at that time how about you know text messaging while driving you know getting an accident your soul separates from your body you know your mind your soul and your body are three different things connect it together to function if you are a healthy person homeostasis when you start taking care of your body your mind and your soul and you start to neglect you don't have to mean to neglect all three things you just need to neglect one so let's for instance you eat healthy for a month and you say you know what I am going to go to Dunkin Donuts and get me Donuts even though I've been eating you know I don't even have to say you have to give up sweets you just eat quality sweets you actually carry your ass to a bakery where they make fresh pies and cakes and cupcakes everyday okay you do it for a month and then you go to some place like Dunkin Donuts and your body will feel the change and they go like what the are you doing eating this cheap-ass processed food or you don't have to be ducking doughnuts you carry yourself to the grocery store and eat a Little Debbie it don't matter which Little Debbie did Little Debbie has all type of different types of cheap cheap desserts you know a little box of Little Debbie let's just say there'll be ten little ten little cakes and they'll sell it to you for a box for two dollars eat that after eating homemade pies cakes and cupcakes for a month your buddies go like what the hell you giving me this cheap process crap oh you're gonna get sick alright you're gonna get very sick fix quality hamburgers and french fries from home for a month they carry on behind to McDonald's or Taco Bell your buddy go like what the are you doing well you're putting this crap in my body what the hell so this card is saying once you treat your body right when you start to treat it wrong your body's gonna tell you that you're up and you need to get back and treating it right again that is your reading for the yellow number three and I hope you enjoyed it now we're gonna move on to number five which is grain okay so your message is that you need recovery let me read the cards it says dear Archangel Raphael thank you for your hold thank you for holding my hand throughout my recovery upon the path of radiant health so you need to recover it it can be physical recovery let's just say you broke an arm you need to heal that you have a flu you need to heal that it could be recovery from alcohol drugs there's all types of recovery recovery from smoking and what not only you know you need to be in a process of healing and the message is as simple as that let's move on for nutrition okay I'm seeing in this cart grapes the car could be telling you that you need to have fresh fruits and vegetables I see a bird here it could be suggesting that you should eat mostly poultry I'm basically seeing that the card is telling you to eat whole processed foods fruits vegetables meat okay this card not a Pentacles is about a living single this person doesn't have a partner so it's telling me that if you are a single person you need to not use it as excuse to eat poorly there are cookbooks or single people you know cooking for one and whatnot mmm or you need to find ways to enjoy eating by yourself especially like a lot of people don't like to eat by themselves when they go out to restaurants for whatever reason hey we live in an awesome a time of electronics go to a restaurant you don't need another person to go to a restaurant with you go to a restaurant by yourself bring the book or heck we all have cellphones put an audio book on and listen to it while you eat there listen to the news listen to a podcast listen to music you know you need to learn how to enjoy eating by yourself it could be that the cards are saying you need to enjoy eating by yourself you don't need to be a social eater and whatnot as for fitness this person who is holding a sword okay this person is holding the swords because he won the battle and lay lost and they gave up this card is telling me that you need to have a physical activity when you where you are in competition with somebody like for you fitness activity wouldn't be an interesting unless you can play a sport to win it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be on a team of any kind but just to say you want to pick up a sport like tennis like you fight with another person so this could be tennis this is gonna be taking up a Marshalls art when you battle with another person a win and lose type of situation track running you need a sport that has a win-lose situation now this could be this could be saying that you wants a sport where you do physical activities with weapons so that could be sorting I would say martial arts you got nunchucks there's all types of martial arts type of excuse me what do you want to call it self-protection type equipment and stuff like that that's all I can think of right now but basically unions for activity where you know you can get off on a win-lose situation with somebody it's not necessarily teamwork your message is I let go of limitations and recognize the true beauty of my being I visualize I sorry I visualize all my limitations falling away one by one until I am safe healed and whole so I kind of see this with the food thingy Oh with everything your limitations you need to recover if you have a physical handicap right now you got physically injured you need to do something to heal and recovering let's just say you you hurt your ankle or something or hurt your your knee but you're interested in running or playing basketball and you don't need those parts of your body to be injured so let's say you get physical therapy you're recovering for a physical ailment and you need to you need to not have limiting thoughts about your healing you can recover you have to believe that you can recover from that physical ailment and you just need to put your buddy not in a more harmful way but push yourself to overcome your physical ailment if this has to do with you know drug and alcohol recovery you need to stop having limited beliefs that you can't overcome becoming you can't overcome not being an alcoholic or a drug addict because a lot of people have defeatist attitudes okay you need to believe that you can overcome it go if you have to look at motivational videos on YouTube about people who push their limits physically emotionally psychologically intellectually go on YouTube there's plenty of motivational speaker whatever your problem is there is somebody who was successful in recovery whatever type of recovering that is for you if they did it you can do it now will it be easy oh no nothing in life is easy bitch nothing is easy it's just gonna be your personal challenge in life that you have to struggle in order to succeed and once you get over that hump half the battle is done when you start believing that can get done it can happen for you so maybe that's why it says like for instance you know eating alone kind of doing stuff alone let's just say for example you have a partner or a family you're living with them and let's say you want to lose some weight okay and your weakness is sweets kick pies and all that but you feel like your excuses oh it's hard for me to eat right because my partner does the cooking and they always serve up you know the the sweets and the cakes and the pies and having dessert as always every day five scoops of ice cream with some chocolate syrup this thing is telling you what the other person is doing inside the house bitch if you got to cook your own meals by yourself half eat something totally different from what they're eating you just have to suck it up go beyond limitations suck it up let them eat the high sugary the high sodium foods while you're on the different path okay if your pardon if you would like to just say you're an alcoholic and you want to use excuse well you know what my partner likes to drink and they don't have an alcoholic problem and they always tell me that you know is not their fault that I'm an alcoholic then this is telling you you need to do some on your own nutrition wise and separate yourself from that person if they need to maybe have if they want to drink alcohol and you're recovering alcoholic you tell that hey you ain't helping me none you're not supporting me and I'm improving my health I'm not saying that you can't drink alcohol just because I have a problem but best believe if you want some alcohol bitch you better have alcohol outside the house you need to go to a goddamn bar or you need to renovate the basement or the Attic and if you if you if you have a spare bedroom that no one's using a steady room you need to tell that person get a bar make a bar in there okay that's the only place in the house you can drink where I can't see your ass having a drink do not keep the alcohol in the kitchen cabinets in the refrigerator you better have a locked up space where I can't get to the and I can't see you taking a sip of wine beer cognac GN vodka it's saying you need to do some to separate yourself from the other person don't use that person as an excuse for not doing what you need to do and as for physical activity it's saying that maybe you too much of a team player this card isn't that there's not about teen players this card is about selfishness me myself and I I win they lose on the victor they're the spoils of war maybe for the first time in your life you need to do something where you're not a team player that's nothing wrong with being a team player it's a good skill to have to work to learn how to work with other people it's good to have interpersonal skills but bitch if you're much of a team player maybe a doormat and you never experience life where you allow yourself to win it's telling you maybe you need to take up a sport activity where you have to challenge yourself stop having limitations and see how far you can go as an individual and you need a win-lose situation to not only compete with yourself but to compete with others not like in a hateful like you're my enemy and I have to compete with you know you need a comparison you need to compete with others as a comparison or how far you could go don't treat the other person like an enemy necessarily but as a person who can help challenge you to become a better person through physical activity because in life the only person you should be competing with is your goddamn self you really can't compete with another person I mean you can but it's gonna make you miserable because life is about self-improvement when you're just competing with somebody but you don't want to change and self improve yourself it brings up all kinds of crazy-ass mental ass like envy jealousy and all that stuff were you focusing on the wrong thing you focusing on the negativity instead of a positive aspect of competition it's like a person who says you know what I want to be just like Beyonce instead of being like you know what I'm a singer and I dance a little bit I hate that bitch I hate Beyonce ass because she's just doing too good she's doing better than me no bitch don't be having that kind of attitude just be like you know what I am not the grass singer in the world I am not the greatest dancer in the world and I would like to be as famous or more famous as Beyonce but I'm gonna find out what makes Beyonce do the that she does I'm not gonna hate on the bitch I'm gonna use the bitch to inspire me to become a better person because who knows everyone has their time it's not just about music I don't think about music business just business in general education somebody's gonna be at the top the best the cream of the crop now but they're gonna be that way forever there's gold there's gonna be a new person so you can look up to a person and say you know what I want to be like that person I need to find out how to get there I'm gonna use that person to inspire me and I'm gonna see by not setting any mental limitations to myself I'm gonna see can I get as good as them or better good as them I better I'm gonna end this video I'm going to let you guys know that I'm gonna do a part two and I'm putting the part two in the description and comments section because YouTube only allows a little over 60 minutes for recording on their app anything over the net you just have to do a part two so I'm going to cause this out so anyone what I'm gonna say I'm officially finished with green at number five so anyone waiting for six and seven we're gonna do a part two I see you guys a little later bye

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