Physician Health

if you took a room of doctors and asked them if they'd ever experience burnout personally chances are most hands in the room would go up we are given the privilege of working with people and incredibly difficult moments in their life and sometimes it's it's horrific and it's really our job to offer the best possible care at that moment and then we often have to carry on there's a perception that you have to be perfect I push towards being quicker to do more in less time and that sort of showing vulnerability is not only a challenge but would traditionally have been frowned upon there's a culture of bravado we are expected to be stoic self-sufficient and to hide any distress one of the most important things is to actually acknowledge there is a problem that helps break down some of the stigma and one of the important initiatives here at the CMA is to take physician health seriously someone's unwell it's difficult for them to take care of anyone else Canadians should care about physician health because it increases their safety increases the quality of the care that they and ensures that that care continues I think the training environment has shifted in recent years from what I'm aware and what I hear from my staff colleagues and those who are teaching us we need medical education and schools hospitals and our training environments that actually support a culture of wellness there's there's a number of people who are working very hard to turn that around but it still goes on today we have much work to do to make our profession more positive more proactive more kind and we don't need to sacrifice anything when it comes to excellence or quality to do

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