Physical Training

so the drum corps activity is extremely demanding on the body it's a combination of cardio upper-body strength stamina endurance and legs in core four days so during the offseason we put everyone on a single Facebook page called muscle city drum corps and we assigned them workouts in the offseason to help prepare their body we this Facebook page was just awesome from the perspective of us giving them information but it was also great huz it was pure motivation the members motivated each other they could post what they were doing they could post unique workouts I think a couple people went kayaking some ones that they climbed a mountain something about pushing parked cars coming into spring training we kick that up a notch we actually do full core PT this morning we did a bunch of partner dependent exercises which means that one partner does one exercise while a second partner does another dependent exercise meaning the second partner cannot stop doing their exercise until the first partner finishes this is very unique psychological challenge that we have for them and it really under helps them understand how they are reliant upon each other so it works not only the physical aspect of what we do but also the team mentality and the morale of the entire group [Applause]


  1. Stone and Charlie are killin it at 0:35

  2. What a great way to draw the team together!!

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