Physical Training With The Pukes

we will we shop around everyone to a PT anyone above the rank of captain is excluded from PT whoever is blowing on their Mike you better believe I'm about to kick your phone an escort I hear your BS craft it's good now everyone line up shoulder the shoulder in front of me now let's see how much you all know I want you all to get into line according the regiment all that the 7-foot stone of the same position and a fakers will get the fuck out get the walk oh gee well look at this it appears to the four foot seven foot steady together fine fine faded many eyes look at me I like it so far I've counted you've done five laps up that mountain so please tell me what is my personal opinion of you right now you are all pukes now what you are puke and I will refer to you all as such do you hear me do you hear me you reply to silver can I place a performer right face so can anyone tell me what is puked aboard you make an L with your fingers face oh oh boy oh boy my two favorite pukes messed up again how many times man say it you did not go 90 degrees on your left why say fuck you 270 degrees over your right shoulder so you know what you go up the mountain again I swear to God that wasn't me that was nothin which one of you pukes wants to listen you can't stop me I'm everywhere because I got nothin let this be a shining example everyone I don't care how nervous you are I don't care how much stress you are under I do not care if you are dying on the floor blood is coming out of your eyeballs which have already been scooped out by a Mullen baller I do not care if it was a sword inside your spleen or your testicle or a goddamn vagina I listen to move my actually demoted oh yes thank you wait so I'm not military police whores step back in line private


  1. “You can’t stop me I’m everywhere,” I’m crying

  2. Oorah! – briar

  3. Oorah!

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