Physical Training Kit in the British Army

what's going on guys drekia welcome to another vlog it's been a few days since of lust uploaded guys have been really busy doing my rehab work and then on an evening going to my girlfriend salsa type of stuff there's been a few comments below my last video guys in regards Drake your why did you wear an ITC tracksuit and I soon idiot called me a Walther witty as well making out I'm pretending to be in the military what an idiot so you got instantly blocked guys I'm not having not Walter witty on my channel guys anyway I thought I'll cover in this video why I wore an ITC cut Rick Trachsel on that last video guys just to give you people in idea and tell you exactly all what is guys within the British army but also I'm going to be recording my next three obsession guys within the gym on camp we've got another small gym attached to it that's where all the people who are on re-up couldn't look very up and every morning when I go it's empty in there so what I'm gonna be doing a speaker PT I asked him if I can fill my own workout like being given by the rehab and then show you guys what I do to get my back better which is already yet 85% of the mini still struggling to lift heavy weights guys but everything else is falling into place so I'm at people that I'll come anyway guys I wanna show you all the kit no and I'm gonna explain exactly the way it works because you know it really pissed me off that guy calling me Walter Witte first of all I'm gonna get out of this kit because as I always said guys I try and you know stay away from this old military you know vlogs within my workouts that type of stuff I'm trying to stay away from that because my channels you know just about me living my life and I don't really want to focus too much it on the British Army but at the minute with everything what's going on going on in my personal life guys you guys know him obviously about me wanting to sign off etc obviously I do videos in regards leading up to a my transition from military to civilian and then from civilian cutting on where normal day-to-day stuff working you know as a lorry driver joining the reserves and that I'm going to film everything to give people an insight you know and if make it informative for people to see exactly how it works is transition enough how I'm going to be coping that type of stuff but anyway guys so we'll show you all the kit now will I've got over the last six years in fact I won't bother because this videos not going to take too long guys I'll get changed afterwards yeah I'm going to go through all the stages of what you will be wearing my young PT within the British Army I from basic training will flow to your face to getting to your first battalion or regiment guys it's you know I'm going to explain it now and show you guys so the people who had the question in regards why I was wearing an ITC truck so the reason is I'm going to quickly tell you the reason is why I was wearing an ITC truck so it does not matter within the British Army whether you're ROC infantry it doesn't matter what cup match you are guys if you are attached to a different regiment and you're there permanently poster or you know if you've got small attachments and wells you will be wearing their training you know the training gear I track soon shorts t-shirt that type of stuff it was me when I was an ITC Catterick obviously I worked for the troop which is Support Battalion for the infantry training centre in capturing guys that's why I was wearing it when we're doing PT conduct PT within the British Army has to be uniform or there for everyone across the board it's gone up the same t-shirt on and pretty much most times the same shots that's the way it's guys yeah I'm going to quickly show you now what shorts and t-shirt you'll be wearing in basic training and then very very lightly in Phase two as well until you get to your first regiment or support battalion or battalion itself right so the very first thing we've got yours you're issued blue navy shorts and it's issued green t-shirt guys that's what it looks like yeah and that is a basic t-shirt you get three of them avoid I mention that in another video and you will be wearing that for PT and we'll be wearing it underneath your shirt when you're in uniform guys then blue shots are standard blue Navy shorts guys which you'll wear during basic training honestly guys that's what you're going to be wearing all the time during basic training I'm more slightly in phase 2 as well guys and this is the shots why I got and the t-shirt for my first regiment wants our left basic training guys on my face to establishment I went to my first regiment which was six regiment in Germany guys and this is the t-shirt and shorts you would be wearing for PT guys if it is like Co specie on a Friday a commanding officer's PT yeah that's the sort of stuff your wife if it wasn't on battle PT if you do battle be PT guys you'd be doing it in K however if it's like your own regiment to run or something you'd be wearing the t-shirt and the shorts guys and then here we got the squadron t-shirt guys obviously a regimental shots again but on squadron PT for the people that don't understand I've just shown you the regimental PT kit yeah within your regimen obviously you've got different squadrons in the owl seeds called squadrons within infantry battalions it's usually platoons each squadron has their own t-shirt with the logo on guys in them we just used to wear any type of black shorts and we also had squadrons PT tops guys like them rugby tops you can see there we've first got the Michoud when I first rocked up in Germany guys and then they stopped doing him but yeah you know that's how you accumulate lots of stuff because once you leave the squadron or the Reg well your regiment you've got to move on to your next place and you're not gonna throw this stuff away because he's still gonna use it for a PT if he go for to the gym or whatever yes the training chopper was wearing when I was in Kenya for free month guys again you wore green t-shirt with black shorts so that what that's what I was using in Kenya guys him from Kenya went then to ITC Catterick here we got the PT kit I was wearing when I were an ITC Catterick Support Battalion guys as I said already guys you don't pick and choose what you wear if you are attached somewhere you wear what you get give them and get told to wear guys that's the bottom line of it so these are the shorts and t-shirt we used to wear here we've got the tracksuit top guys and then another PT top long long sleeved so that's what we were wearing in Catterick 4 PT this is my last set s you guys know who've been watching me for some time I did my PNC or promoted and then obviously with promotion you move within the hour I'll see you guys most likely if you put a posting in sometimes you can stay on in your regiment but yeah here at HQ squadron because that's what I'm power off we wear navy blue tops guys with the DST logo black shorts in them we also got a training jacket with the logo guys and that's how I managed to accumulate all this stuff guys I've got a draw with all my PT kit in so some days I just wear any truck top you know without having thinking I'm having to justify myself I'm wearing different track tops and being called the walter mitty so right guys i hope you enjoyed this little video and it explained everything to people who like the question in regards why I was wearing an ITC top etc like I said I shouldn't have to explain myself but I know there's a lot of people who don't really know other ways about the British Army the way it works etc etc guys in my Chong has always been about helping people and helping people understand before they make that decision to join the military and all there's a lot of people who've been in the military or watch much on guys and as I say all the time I try and stay away from being in kit while I make videos obviously this did take too long so I stick with in kit well then yeah it's about my life guys if I can help people I'm glad to help people out I do other than that Instagram guys but that Instagram I get that many messages on there guys it's almost impossible for me to reply to everyone and it's and all this messages on there from like the past two weeks I'm not being ignorant guys but as I always said I help people out for free and all ask for anything there's hundreds of messages all the times or better I mind guys they'll get disappointed if I have months your messages within a couple of weeks I will get to it in regards the whole you know video Sanaa I'm glad to help people out and you know like I just said in making that decision they're giving people younger people especially a little bit of an insight of what you would be doing with an army and give them a little bit more of an understanding in regards to whole thing and within the British Army the way things work etc etc I've had some crazy questions in the past people been asking me is it true Drake you that when you join the British Army you're going to be locked away all week you know a lot to go anywhere guys it's different after basic training guys why in basic training you still get a weekend off here in there once you get to your regiment guys it's a it's a it's honestly sucking out my life you do your normal job if you're on camp and then only an evening after you finished work which is usually a plus for five o'clock you just go do your own thing whether it's gaming in your room going out with your friends join your friends in the room play a bit of PlayStation or whatever you want to do guys the world's your oyster there you go hopefully you like this little video give you a little bit more of an insight make sure you subscribe if you're new if you've got any questions leave them down below I have mentioned this before and suddenly I'm doing a live stream on YouTube guys my first live stream in a few weeks and yeah so I'll see also me or not live stream guys take care


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