PHYSICAL FITNESS WORKOUT – Chinese Health and Fitness Video Preview

next we're going to see various scenes from the workout section of the video okay here in this section we're going to learn some really good physical exercise just to strengthen the muscles tendons and ligaments of the body without draining all the Chi that we just worked so hard to build up through the pieces of brocade and the meditation unfortunately in the West exercise has the idea that you have to workout to you completely exhausted and unfortunately this has more of a detrimental effect on the body rather than a beneficial effect we don't want to drain that she we want to continue to build it up and preserve that which we already have so we have to workout and run the specific manner not overdoing it and not under doing it we have to have a balance of yin and yang in the body so that we continue to move forward in our Qigong training and in our health rather than backwards which is unfortunately very heavy exercising such as weight lifting or very heavy long-duration aerobics can sometimes do so we're going to use exercises that just use our natural body weight the weight of our limbs as well as some light weight training done in a very specific manner to take our chi to a higher level we're gonna start off with some exercises that work the fingers as well as the forearms in the body there are many organ meridians for each of these systems that end in the finger tips so by working the finger tips and strengthening the finger tips and the forearms chi is generated in those areas and then the chief flows back down through those particular vessels and meridians strengthening the organ system and this is one of the simple methods that we can improve a health and increase our immunity at the same time okay a gender on the floor and we're going to do three different types of push-ups the first one is going to be in a to shoulder-width position which is just as it describes the hands are about the diameter of two shoulders within distance and that's going to work the biceps and the outer chest the next one is going to be with the palms directly under the shoulders and then evenly works the bicep tricep in about the middle part of the chest third one is going to be forming this shape here kind of like a triangle we're gonna place that right here under the solar plexus and push up these are probably the most difficult of these since it works just the tricep itself and you're going to really build up again so the tricep and the inner back as well so these you may have trouble doing some of these depending on your level of strength I like to kind of go outside in you can go in different order to mix it up as you like okay so here we are and we're going to get into the to shoulder width position here see if the body straight up on the toes classic push-up position down to the left alright and we're gonna breathe out as we go up I'm gonna do five of each one down two down three down four down five yeah we're gonna hold all right you notice we do the holding at the end of the set and that's the build up with tendon strength and more Chi as well yeah we're down here in the floor and we're gonna start off with a basic ab crunch but we're doing through the crunch a little differently we're gonna do an area where we just couldn't move the upper body and we're not gonna really look to lift the entire upper body off the floor let me just sort of a mini crunch because our goal here is to build up the chi and not to drain it so we want to build up the muscle yes and also look good but we want to more importantly also maintain that chi build up so you can either put one hand behind the head and put one on the frontal abs okay and I usually like to start with 20 you thirty or forty I found 20 in 15 20 and 30 is usually a good number I sometimes do a couple of different sets a day so I find that doing two or three sets with 20 is better than doing one set with 60 all right so I'm just going to start off here and you notice as I'm coming up I'm doing a little bit of hold all right doing a couple of half second hole in to build up the Chi and build up a liberal the tendons there are two large tendons that going to the side of the EPS and the whole thing builds up some chain just like with the rest of the working out any time you hold equal build up cheat I think that's 16 17 18 19 and 20 we're gonna hold five count all right then when I am on the side about a 45 degree angle so we're gonna have one leg of the floor and the other one up in the air maybe you'd like to keep both hands behind the head as this tends to add extra weight to it makes a little more difficult but again we're not pulling up with the head using the lower abs to pull up and again doing that half second hold 10 11 12 you can also keep one hand on the ABS if you want Jeb away 19 20 no the holding okay you can grab the there's an 18 pound rubber-coated barbell you can use this and practice your holding for several minutes something I like to do is if I'm watching the show every time there's a commercial break I just get up and do it stands during the commercial break which is typically about five minutes and in an hour-long program you grab yourself about 20 minutes of stance work so you get to watch your show and build up a lot of Chi at the same time again can be done with the BLA belt and also do horse fan squats or you coming up and down if so just a little holding you can do ten of these and then go into a holding or do several minutes of stance work and then do ten movements you can mix and match for the real light depending on your workout you want to do the same thing in the one shoulder width position or the feet together position or whatever it happens to be


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