Physical Fitness Training at Fort Jackson, S.C.


  1. This seems much more relaxed than when I went through basic there. I salute each of them. Don't rely on a video >4 minutes

  2. I graduated from basic fort Jackson like 3 months everyday we ate at defac all dirty and exhausted lol good luck new recruits

  3. I was in the best damn shape of my life when i was in the Army. Gosh i miss those days….

  4. That’s one thing that made me scratch my head about basic how we didn’t do a single pull up at basic. Think it should be a must.

  5. This was all a breeze. after 2 months the P.T test is a snap.

  6. Went through Army Basic Training at FT. Jackson in '92. I can't believe how different it looks from when I was there. Coed training, pull ups etc. The PT uniform was grey sweats and shirts. I could run a 7 minute mile by graduation day.

  7. Good exercise guys like doing a sports

  8. We like it here, we love it here, we finally found a home. Hooah!

  9. I'm 57 and this looks like good I'm used to exercising too bad I'm too old to join

  10. They letting them run on a paved track? They made me run on a clay dirt track because they said it adds a minute to the required run time lol.

  11. Was there in the winter of 73. It wasn't anything like this, looks like kids playing at recess.

  12. It looks a lot easier than I remember. But then again, I went in 2009 lol

  13. I was there in 1995, Delta 2/39 "wardogs". My how things have changed! This is the most relaxing PT session I have ever seen.

  14. these young people have a lot of courage ,god bless them all

  15. I'm 46 can I join the army

  16. This definitely aint Jackson in 1975,,, C-2-1 ,,,, life on Tank Hill

  17. 1980!!!!

  18. 1999 was nothing like this!!! What in sweet baby Jesus's name is this?

  19. I never trained with women..  in 1982..

  20. Hey that's 2 13 I graduated from there

  21. I hear good old First Sergeant Ruiz. He was intense but funny as shit sometimes.
    2-13 E Co

  22. I really need to work on pull-ups. I was doing 18 in college. That was about 6 years ago. Now I can barely do one. I'm pretty worried for basic training.

  23. girl at 2:26 looks like she just realized she made a horrible mistake

  24. How many pullups and pushups can the average gal there do? How much extra credit are women given to pass PT?

  25. It doesn't seem that bad…until you do it 100 times over 😂😂😂

  26. Damn, I'm glad they never made us conduct PRT in our OCP's

  27. Anyone shipping out Aug. 22nd

  28. I'm so tired of hearing from men that women are useless in the army. Without your mama you would never even have the opportunity to be in the military or have your life, show some respect.

  29. served Fort Jackson back in '94 and it was non of this training back then! I never did any pull ups on bars, or bad women mixed in with men…

  30. 2:50 what that exercise called?

  31. Don't post your ship dates, there's a thing called OPSEC.

  32. Shipping July 24, God help me

  33. 1-13th C Co

  34. Anyone shipping on the 21st ?

  35. Has anyone heard of the film hacksaw ridge
    If you have private Desmond dos trained here and saved 75 people in WW2
    He also refused to touch a gun

  36. ship January 30. 4 more days .

  37. I was in THIS company for the summer cycle! this is crazy

  38. January, 17 I'll be there

  39. ship October 31 <3

  40. God Bless you all. Storms are bad.
    my Eldest Son is in bct now. Three weeks left i believe.

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