Physical Fitness: SoCal Spearfishing


  1. This is my cousins

  2. Where is this spot also what size gun you use i have a 60cm gun is that enough for me to catch same fish like you ?

  3. Sweet video let's spear fish sometime ! Went yesterday and it's still pretty good

  4. what size rob allen is that?

  5. Good video! Im in SoCal trying to start spearfishing, mind showing me the ropes? Let me know Thanks.

  6. great job guys keep the videos coming. Also mad respect to the guys using pole Spears it's all I use.

  7. 😘

  8. were is that?

  9. nice shoots guys

  10. Cool video. Thanks for sharing

  11. Siiiiiiick man

  12. Nice video dude 👍

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