Physical Fitness Program for Athletes : Butterflies & Hip Stretches Warm Up for Athletes

all right let's go until you butterfly and on this I'm just gonna push down just a little bit I'm gonna not too hard just like that yeah and you just want to hold it down just like that just like that and hold it come back up good good all right go ahead lay back we're gonna go ahead I'm gonna get his back we're still stretching out his hips all right we're gonna go into that right here straighten it up whoops inside hold them down right here I'm gonna hold that copy like the 20 count hold it then we'll come bend the knee still stretching the ball back right there saying come here right there all right we'll go back over here clang wait still stretching the little brand yeah nice one real time right here again hold it


  1. i think so

  2. is that Priest holmes?

  3. Yeah, I'm on that.

  4. this guy is not flexiball at all

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