Physical fitness piano routines

I pull the I pull the stretch up and back like this is a fabulous work out for me and again I don't feel like my wrists are getting really impacted in terms of you know straining my wrists but I'm thinking beyond beyond my lists that's what I think and I'm on the Gravitron which I glove and Jim I you know pulling myself up and I do different positions of my hand you know it might do this position when I'm on there you can see my hands are this way and then I pulled that way too so I'll be going to the gym this morning I I try to go every day to the gym forget about an hour and I really found it it's helped me with endurance in terms of piano playing um basic bigger sound and and just physical fitness so this is one of my favorites i love the tube stretch you can also use a more resistant one i always start with the less resistant one a blue one is pretty heavy and i do the same routines with this first above my head and then progress actually to my lying on the ground in this business and doing it both ways

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