Physical Fitness in the Marines Corps

hey what's going on youtube welcome back to my core today we're gonna talk about physical fitness all right what do I gotta do to prep myself to get ready to be united states marine corps recruit okay like I said what do I gotta do be4 i go to Marine Corps Recruit Training all right why these hard dogs out there you're gonna be like Oliver Ames do three pull ups they do three mile runs and you know hey listen it is prior to you joining the Marine Corps when you come to see that Marine Corps recruiter what should you already be doing as a Marine Corps Recruit or a pulley somebody is looking to become one of the few and the proud all right I will tell you this for the run both men and women both have to run a mile and a half men 1330 is your bare minimal try to make it a little bit faster we don't like bare minimum in the Marine Corps yes does it get you by yes will it make you a better person a more competitive marine you know we'll just getting by be okay I don't see where any marine who's successful just does enough to get by okay so 1330 guys a mile and a half try to get it under 11 you know be superstellar all right for the young ladies out there get it under 1430 you have 15 minutes but get it under 14 30 or if you can beat some of the guys beat some of the guys alright once a month you should be doing a pool function or you should be getting together with the other police all right you should say okay this guy's been faster than me for months I need to get on his heels or passing all right we should be progressing every month all right so mile and a half run it's on to one of my favorites and that is the dead hang pull up alright so dead hang pull up for guys three bare minimal max 24 young ladies over the next year we're going to transition you guys into the pull-ups all right bare minimum three max four young ladies will be eight as a right now you can do to flex our name and as what's required 70 seconds is the max 12 seconds to be a Marine Corps pulley is what's required that's bare minimum flat flex army and the crunches rain court modified Marine Corps crunches all right you need to at least do 55 or more the bare minimal is 45 that's sad all right you need to be practicing you need to be working out show those why you should be a Marine alright that's the challenge alright coming to recruiting all the say you look a sergeant recruiter I can do 15 pull-ups I can run a mile and a half in 10 minutes I can do crunches all day all right I am ready to be a Marine all right don't walk into the recruiting office and say heard you guys had a bullets what's the bonus today all right what are you going to do for me all right the rake or doesn't do anything to you except provides you the best training the greatest institution you know great occupational specialties all right so remember when you go to recruiting office it's not what we can do for you but what you can do for us as Marines all right show us why you can be wanted a one percent of Americans who become a United States Marine or even get an opportunity because once you get to recruit training hey nothing is giving everything is earned all right when you going out recruiting office and take your notepad learn something all right down some questions some answer always come prepared ask the questions okay don't go into the recruiting office and say well I want to join because I just want college all right listen he joined the Marine Corps for the love of it and I know right now you probably don't know a lot about the Marine Corps so you're doing your research but you have recruiters all over the nation yet Marines all over the nation that can tell you a little bit more about what the Marines are all about be proactive go there with a agenda what do you want to accomplish what are you trying to do with your life because at the bare minimum four years as a Marine will give you that building block to build on for the rest of your life some of you will stay in the Marine Corps I've been in for over 13 years and to be completely honest with you I still love this you know I love this more than anything in the world I can't see myself getting now and working some nine to five job that doesn't really have meaning you know this is something that you can excel in something you can be successful in an institution with moral values more characters you know we're going to make sure you're a better civilian when you return after your life and the Marine Corps is over whether that's four years 30 years 40 years hey they're going to kick this guy out the Marine Corps because I ain't going anywhere green is my favorite color all right hey look guys way too much time on here I just want to a wish you guys good luck and uh hope you have a great week and don't be afraid to like comment subscribe I just want some really good questions because we need to get that real answers out there nothing sugar-coated here at my core like I said hey y'all have a great week and I'll see you next week Semper Fi


  1. chin ups are allowed go google it

  2. chin ups are not allowed they must be dead hang pull ups where you lift your chin completely above the bar and come down to a complete dead hang where your arms are straight.

  3. good luck in joining and no matter physical or mental don't give up

  4. good luck in joining and no matter physical or mental don't give up

  5. Guys,

    Get in shape if you wanna join the Army. Trust me. Nothing worse than being that fat, slow guy, that anyone is starting to hate, because they have to do push-ups the whole day trough because you're out of shape and too fucking slow on the parcours.

  6. I'm 21 right now and gained weight since high school athletics… I would had been ready to go right into the pool if I would just visited that recruiter after graduating. Now I'm 35 lbs heavier… time to get in the best shape of my life.

  7. Do you know if since 0311's don't get promoted that much and in that case they'll most likely be honorably discharged if after they're discharged can they join the Army (Ranger)?

  8. How many pull ups and sit ups should I do before going to boot camp

  9. Good video sir

  10. Make sure you save all medical documents first off the more you have to show the recruiter the better, things that will hinder you are things like any kind of surgeries, knee problems, heart issues, concussion if it's a continued thing, all medical questions can be answered by the recruiter or MEPS doctor.

  11. i am a sophomore in high school and 15 years old. I can run a mile in 6:15, i can do about 15 pull ups, and a lot of crunches. I play football and track.I do very well in school. What things can limit me when joining the marines as far as injuries. I hurt my neck when i was younger and stretched one of my ligaments but i still can play football and it never bothers me unless it gets hurt. But do concussions or anything like that stop you from joining?

  12. Anytime and good luck on joining.

  13. Thanks this helps

  14. Thank you

  15. I would definatly look at your running shoes and make sure your really stretching good before you run especially the hip flexor muscle and quads and hamstring, that could be why your thighs are hurting. Interval training ie.. sprints short distance and just running using good form will help improve your time do what you can at first and then try to push for a little more than what you started. Crunches help when your practice do full sit ups (chest to knee's) and core excersises to improve.

  16. My run time freaking sucks 14:40 :/ my arm hang is 50 sec and crunches 73. Any running tips cause my thighs start hurting/burning a little after a mile.

  17. Best thing to do is take all your medical paper work on the pectus excavatum to the recruiting office they can call/fax your paper work to MEPS and the MEPS Doc can get you definite answer if not that day with a day or two. Maybe call first to save on gas, ask to speak with Staff Non-Commisioned Officer in Charge.

  18. I have pectus excavatum (sunken chest), have you had any recruits with this condition? Mine is pretty mild and doesn't give me any problems. I got checked by cardiologist and he said my heart was 100% healthy and normal as are my lungs. Thanks

  19. I can do 20 pullups, a bunch of crunches, and I can run a mile in 7:30. The problem is that I'm a short and skinny guy. Will that screw me over? Any experience with small guys during bootcamp? Any advice would be appreciated! Subscribed.

  20. I would run about a mile and a half to two miles every other day. Do crunches/sit ups everyday mon-fri do as many push ups and pull ups during the day everyday mon-fri take the weekends off for recovery. The cool thing about a lot of recruiting offices they usually have workouts with all the guy/girls going to boot camp soon at least 3x a week check it out.

  21. 1 more thing I'm trying find a work out plan I'm out of shape but not fat I'm trying to be ready in a month any suggestions

  22. yes, if i was you i would study basic's up to Alg. 1,

  23. Is the math part of the asvab really difficult

  24. Diet and cardio, watch what your eating ie.. starches sugars and saturated fats and quit drinking soda if you do and increase your cardio ie.. running, elliptical, crunches, jumping rope, about 30 mins everyday but you don't wanna loose more than 2 pounds a week it ain't healthy. Get with a local recruiter and see if you can't work out with them once or twice a week to get an idea about more workouts. The tattoo shouldn't be a problem as long as it's not gang related.

  25. You will sign up for Infantry Option Military Occupational Specialty of 03XX and you will get what we call designated after boot camp at Infantry Training Battalion ( The School for Infantry Marines). Does that make sense?

  26. New Video will be out next week.

  27. Thanks for your informative videos, please make more. I'm trying to learn some more about the USMC because I have a friend in the USMC, I'm trying to learn more so I can understand it better since I know nothing about it 🙂

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