hey guys what's up big scandal here and I've always wanted to expand my YouTube channel so I thought I'd do something good a little bit different today and I'd look at health in gaming and the role of physical fitness now for you to understand why I'm passionate about this it's a good that you understand a little bit about me that's me now probably the most recent photo of myself taken but I own group in the area of England called Norfolk that's me and my dad there loved that picture so I'd show it to you guys it always makes me smile also because I can see how much I look like my dad which is crazy but I actually studied medicine at a university in the north of England that's me with my scrubs and my stethoscope looking obviously way too excited to go and be a doctor and I also wrote a thesis during those years on bio biology looked at specifically post prandial bone biology and that means by biology after you've eaten it was a really interesting year the study was hard to do but I will learnt a lot during that process so I've got a lot of knowledge in the medical field because I spent so long studying it chose not to be a doctor because it wasn't the career paths that I wanted to take but I led to lots of valuable lessons and lent a lot of information about the body and the science behind it and I can now apply that to my everyday life but I could also use it in gaming so this video is obviously going to be a lot about your heart that is the most important muscle in your body it is the most affected by exercise and it is the one that has quite an important role in certain aspects of your gameplay so we're going to look at heart rate the response of the body to stress the role of exercise and the effect of hormones throughout this video in some way shape or form we will cover these topics but let's start with eSports athletes in their own right now I showed you a very quick clip that I'm going to slow it down to 25 percent and even then it's incredibly impressive what eSports athletes can achieve in the right circumstances I don't think anybody wants to be compared to traditional sports and eSports we are very different from traditional sports and require a very different set of skills such here is your generic eSports player and a few examples of the important skills eSport players need including hand-eye coordination quick reflexes rapid hand and finger movements and then the mental side of things as well the decision-making the ability to process information communication leadership and teamwork all of which are the complete package for an eSports athlete these are very different skills that you would require in a lot of other traditional sports obviously there are comparisons to be made between chess and darts and so on and so forth but a lot of traditional sports requires such different skills that is very difficult to make the comparison between the two but there is a crossover that physical fitness can and will improve your gameplay let's have a look at it we're going to start with heart rate as this is the easiest parameter to get grips with when approaching physical fitness the average athlete will have a resting heart rate of between 40 and 60 whereas the average adult that isn't an athlete will have a resting heart rate between 60 and 100 a lot of you might ask why the difference is there it is because of something called starlings law and the ability for athletes at karts to pump more blood in a singular pump of the heart than the average adult therefore not needing to be pumping as quickly to deliver the same levels of oxygen requirements now tachycardia is defined as greater than 100 beats per minute and this will go up as a normal physiological response to stress and exercise exercise being a form of stress I can result in some of the side effects as you see to the side of your screen now these could and would negatively impact your gameplay if they were to happen to you in the competitive match and you can see that it would be a bit annoying to have a loss of coordination or tremors when you're trying to perform something requires incredible hand-eye coordination and precision let's have a look at a some graphic to illustrate why some of these symptoms occur when you have a high heart rate when you have a regular heart rate the left ventricle which is the chamber of your heart that pumps blood to the rest of your body is filling sufficiently so that every beat delivers an adequate amount of blood to the lungs and therefore an adequate amount of oxygenated blood to the brain when your heart beat increases the amount of blood per beat of the heart goes down and your left ventricle becomes less efficient therefore delivering less oxygen to the required areas it is the very very simple way of looking at it it's why athletes who have very good exercise and resting heart beats are able to deliver more blood per stroke of their heart that's what makes you fitter essentially now I'm not saying that being physically fit is going to make it the best player on this planet but it could have a positive effect on the way that you play there are plenty of eSports athletes out there of varying levels of fitness and fitness often seems to have very little impact in terms of their relative skill a lot of it also comes down to natural talent and another you practice and play the game itself so obviously physical fitness can be a minimal impact but if you're going to take that small minimal impact as a professional player why won't you take it to give you the edge a lot of professional teams are now taking this seriously including the league of legends team solomid team which when I last checked did have a physical training regime and it seems to have improved their performance going back to heart rate however I looked at a study from 1986 that was used to show that propellor law or a beta blocker which is a drug used to control heart rate and hand tremors improved shooting accuracy by thirteen point four percent now the study did reveal that the heart rate had no significant impact on how the shooter performed but it was more to do with the suspected effect on their hand tremors but to take this a little bit further I looked at a couple of other studies and I wanted to look at the relationship between aerobic fitness and the ability to recover and manage with psychological stressors including competition and a lot of studies seem to point towards the fact that being aerobic leafit helps you deal with psychological stresses better and helps you recover from that situation – I'm sure a lot of you have being in a situation where you are about to go on stage you're talking in front of a crowd and you're getting anxious and that causes you to have hand tremors I'm sure this is the same for a lot of people who play on stage in competitive gaming but it's also important for you when you play your average everyday game of ranked of whatever game you play be vainglory be at League of Legends or csgo a lot of us do get something called ranked anxiety and especially when the competition gets pretty intense some of us can feel the effects of that including loss of hand-eye coordination to the normal level that we play at or hand tremors or generally over excitedness and a lot of that can be controlled by having a good response to psychological stresses of which these studies seem to point towards having good aerobic fitness could help with that interestingly enough proton aloe and beta blockers are now banned in the Olympic sport of shooting because positive effect they have on marksman's precision you may remember the Chinese Olympic athlete that was stripped of his medals because they found propel all in his blood and the fact that that caused a lot of controversy because Pannalal is a very regularly prescribed medication let's move on to stress now when you are stressed including when you are you to undergoing physical activity your body releases a hormone called cortisol now cortisol main aim is to increase your blood sugar that's so that if you are running a far distance or doing a lot of physical activity your body has a direct energy source and it does this the reprocess called gluconeogenesis long term increases in course so can affect your mood your cognitive ability and your nutrient balance which is why when you're very stressed you might find it difficult to concentrate or your thoughts might be racing this is in part due to the body's response to stress which is also in part due to the body's response to cortisol when you increase the blood sugar it's also important to eat wealthy but it doesn't have to rely solely on cortisol for its energy source you want to be able to produce its own energy source obviously and you can get that from eating well and eating regular meals the interesting part about all of this is that a lot of studies have shown that physical exercise increases tolerance to cortisol because just like anything if you expose your body to a substance over and over again you're going to build a tolerance to it and physical exercise is one of the ways to increase cortisol in the body so you get a higher tolerance and a higher threshold for when cortisol is released and therefore you might find that if you're in a stressful situation like a competitive game your body won't respond with cortisol your body won't really release that level the same levels of cortisol and you might be able to perform as you would do naturally without having the added factor of stress hindering your performance if we look to professional teams they are started to take this more professionally as well you know the likes of TSM and immortals have created positions for sort of sort of personal trainers to produce workout plans and meal plans for their athletes they are taking a holistic approach to producing a very well-rounded eSports athlete not only very very good at the game that they play but also physically fit enough to cope with the stresses that come with it because you know eSports events and these sports matches produce levels of stress that are similar to that of really hardcore physical exercise so having the be tolerance to that and having the response that physical stress is really important as well you can also see a lot of news articles popping up around this nowadays it's a topic that is being talked about more in gaming and eSports and how having a physical well-being as a gamer can really help improve your performance as well and I'm not the person to discuss this but it is very important to me because of my background and very important to me because I know that sports will be more widely accepted and gaming will be more widely accepted if we take a holistic approach to the way that we play games that we realize that yes it's great to practice games it's very important that we practice a lot to become good but it's also very important that we take care of ourselves as well very important that we take care of our bodies because you you as a person need to be in prime physical condition to be able to perform in prime condition it kind of makes sense right I think it's a no-brainer anyway so we covered a lot of topics here this is a really an intro video if you guys enjoyed it I'm looking to do more especially on mental health I did a survey last January but I haven't published the results of and now I'm looking to make that into a video and I think mental health is really important to me as well so I'm going to be talking about that and how mental health and gaming relate to so that'll be my next video but if you enjoyed it I hope you have it's a little bit different to what I usually do and somewhere that I might every so often make a video for for my channel see you see you


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