Physical Fitness For Self Discovery and Personal Growth

what's up everybody today I'd like to talk to you about the importance of physical fitness with regards to yourself discovery and personal growth now a lot of times when we talk about physical fitness the first thing that comes to our mind is going to be our physical appearance as well as our health so there are a ton of benefits that we can get from physical fitness and being active with regards to our parents nine times out of 10 that's the reason most of us are physically active in the first place with regards to our health these things are pretty much known in society at this point in time you know there are many health benefits with regards to managing your weight to preventing chronic diseases helping you avoid things like cancer diabetes high blood pressure heart attacks and many other different health problems that we really don't want to have but the Internet is saturated with that type of information and for this video we want to take a different focus we want to look at how does this affect our process of self-discovery and how does it encourage personal growth so it's regards to self-discovery being physically active can teach us a lot about ourselves especially if we're one of those people who says I'm not physically active or I'm not an athlete and that's because the first thing that being physically active is going to teach you about yourself is your own capabilities so for most people in the beginning of their physical fitness journey they have this feeling like their capabilities are next to nothing and while their physical capabilities are not non-existent they are limited due to the fact that they don't have a history of being physically active and this is one of the things that causes people a lot of trouble because when you go to the gym when you start a sport and you feel like you can't do what everybody else is doing it can be very discouraging but if you're patient enough and you see the process through you're gonna start to see that you actually are capable of a lot of things that you previously thought you weren't that say I can't do this I can't do that or they have this mentality of I'm not a runner I'm not an athlete and then you get them in a program and you make sure that they're consistent and then after a while if they're consistent with their program you don't have to even motivate them anymore they motivate themselves they get out there every single day and push themselves and a non runner then becomes somebody who runs three four five seven eight miles a day I remember when I started rock climbing in the beginning you're always stuck at the lower level climbs and you feel like oh my god this hurts so much I don't think I'm ever gonna be able to progress but sure enough as time goes on you get better and better and better so sometimes this whole idea of I'm not a runner I'm not an athlete or I'm not physically strong is really just a mental block that you're creating for yourself it's not that you're not those things it's that you haven't put in the time to become those things so through physical fitness you have the ability to discover what you're really capable of and your capabilities then are going to open you up to a lot of other opportunities another thing that I would encourage you to do regardless of whether you're new to physical fitness or you've been in it for a while is to try different activities you might be the type of person that you're always in the gym well go out and start running or start riding a bike maybe you already do bicycling or long-distance running and you want to incorporate some weight training into your training program but there are any number of activities out there that you want to explore and get to know because you may find that you have a newfound interest in a different activity that you previously weren't exposed to or you previously weren't doing on a regular basis again running is a really good example because most people don't like to do it but I've seen people go from I'm not a runner to really loving running I mean even myself I have been athletic my whole life but I was never a long-distance runner but once I trained for a marathon and actually ran a marathon man I really want to run all the time and I feel like I can call myself I am a runner and I like doing that this is gonna be the same regardless of the activity that you do for the process of self-discovery is that when you expose yourself to new things you're gonna find that you have new interests and so it's also true that you're never gonna know what you like if you don't try new and different things and so as we've said with different steps of this process is that we're trying to expose ourselves to as many things as possible again remember that these videos are geared towards somebody who's frustrated with their life they're not really sure exactly what they want to do or where they want to go and so want to expose ourselves to many things as possible so that we can spark interest in what are those things that we may like in the directions that we may want to go but we also want to be doing things that are going to generally improve our overall state and physical fitness is definitely one of those things so through the process of developing a fitness plan for yourself and being physically active on a regular basis it's going to teach you about your capabilities it's going to teach you about what are the things that you act like and that's gonna help you define more of who you are which at the end of the day is one of the core reasons why we're doing this now on the other side there's a lot of room for personal growth while you're doing these different physical activities that you choose to do so for the most part I might refer to things like rock climbing running or powerlifting but at the end of the day these principles are true regardless of the physical activity that you are gonna choose for yourself or the different activities that you might choose for yourself so with regards to personal growth being physically active in a personal sport or even a team sport is going to teach you so much about patience remember when we were saying that a lot of people they have difficulty in the beginning because they feel like their capabilities aren't really there well it's gonna take time for you to develop those capabilities so you're gonna have to learn a thing called patience and thing about patience is that it's true for nearly every activity that you do most of the time the people who are successful are the ones who are patient enough to see the process through and that's because most people give up and another thing that you're gonna learn in this process is something called discipline and this is because there are a ton of distractions that are out there and there are a ton of reasons why you don't want to wake up at six o'clock in the morning and go for a run or get in your car and drive to the gym if your friends want to go somewhere or your muscles are really sore and you want to take an extra day off there's so many tricks that you can play on yourself with regards to preventing your own personal development in regards to physical fitness and in order for you to actually see that process through you're gonna have to have that characteristic of perseverance so in order for us to be successful in our physical fitness journey we're gonna have to be patient we're gonna have to be disciplined we're gonna have to have perseverance we're gonna have to be able to continue to get through the difficulties that we're going to face along the way and again those can come in different ways so you may find that your difficulties are mental difficulties where you're always trying to make excuses for why you shouldn't do what you need to do for the day why you shouldn't go for that run why you shouldn't go swimming why you shouldn't go for a five mile bike ride or why you shouldn't be doing those sit-ups but you may also find that you get stuck at a certain level you know you have a plateau most people they start out it's really difficult in the beginning but then they see a lot of progress but after a while it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere they're stuck at a certain level and you have to have perseverance to push through that period that you're gonna go through where you're not seeing as much progress as you were before another thing that you may have to deal with at some point in time or another is injury most people during their physical fitness journey at some point injure themselves and so that might mean that you're gonna have to persevere and push through an injury or it may mean that you have to stop altogether and give that part of your body time to recover and again either way that's gonna take perseverance there gonna be some injuries that are so small that it's not gonna stop you all together from doing your physical activity but it may put you in some level of discomfort then there are other injuries that are gonna totally knock you out of the game and you're gonna have to stop you may have to go get physical therapy but regardless of whether your injury is something that is just a nagging injury that you have to work through or it's something that forces you to stop all together you're gonna need to have perseverance to see the process through because a lot of times that's something that might stop somebody and then they never return back to that activity another area of personal growth with regards to physical fitness is that as your capabilities grow your confidence is going to grow as well and confidence is one of the attributes that we want to hold inside of ourselves that is extremely important and that is because most people fail because they don't try and they don't try because of what they think of themselves and their capabilities and when you have the confidence that I can do this I've done more difficult things or I've gone through a process that has been hard and I saw it through you can apply that to so many other life lessons and you want to be able to use that in your own personal life because there are so many activities that we're gonna want to accomplish that are gonna help to make us successful that are gonna help us to you know really define who we are that are gonna require all of those attributes that we talked about in order to be successful on anything you're gonna need to be patient you're gonna need to be disciplined you're gonna need to have perseverance and you're gonna need to have the confidence that you're capable of doing this thing in the first place or else you're never even gonna get started so there are a lot of lessons that we can learn through the process of physical fitness that will help our personal growth not only in that area but in all the other areas of our life and that is one of the reasons why this is part of our process of the road to self-discovery so with regards to the idea of using physical fitness a means of improving your physical appearance there are really only two things that you have to understand there's a lot of information out there a lot of it is confusing but two principles extremely basic or all you really need to know diet and your activity level your body will not grow if you do not eat you need to eat but you need to know how much you need to eat one of the ways in which we can really figure out if we're overeating is to monitor our food the reason being is we don't really monitor what we eat and monitoring as a process is so beneficial in self-improvement regardless of what it is that you're trying to improve in when you start to monitor your food you start to see what are the things that I eat now one of the best apps that you can get out there for this process is My Fitness Pal My Fitness Pal basically allows you to enter in all the food items that you eat throughout the day and it will give you the amount of calories protein carbohydrates and the different nutrients that you consumed so you can start looking at what are you eating throughout the day and what are you getting enough of what are you getting too much of and what are you deficient in it also allows you to add your weight as well as your physical fitness level so it can give you a gauge of how many calories how many carbohydrates how much protein should you be eating throughout the day to either a maintain your weight be gain weight or C lose weight so with regards to your goals for your physical fitness you're gonna have two to three that you're gonna be aiming for and the first is you want an overarching goal of I want to become or I want to be a physically active and athletic person that's because if you set just specific goals a lot of times what happens is when you reach those after that you don't really have much to work for and a lot of people regress so we want to have a goal that we are aesthetic and physically active person on a regular basis in whichever form that that takes now on another level you might set specific goals such as I want to be able to run a mile and so on a third level you might be saying that I want to run three to four days a week you could apply that to pretty much any other physical activity such as I want to be able to swim a mile so I'm gonna swim three to four days a week so I want to make sure that we have goals that are more overarching with regards to who do we want to become as people with regards to our physical fitness and then want to set specific goals and then we want to set goals that are gonna help us achieve those specific goals so if you're new to the physical fitness world you're gonna want to set small goals that are really achievable because you want to be able to get them out of the way so that you can build up your confidence and keep yourself motivated to keep going but once you become more physically active and you've built up your confidence a lot more you're gonna have a better understanding of what your capabilities are you'll be better able to understand what are more reasonable goals that you can set for yourself so I hope this gives you a better understanding of how physical fitness can be used as a means of self-discovery because first and foremost it's going to show you what you are capable of and it's also gonna teach you a lot about what you like and what you don't like what are your preferences with regards to how do you want to stay physically active and it's also gonna teach you about who you really are as a person but it can also act as a means of personal growth with regards to the development of your patience your discipline your perseverance and your capabilities which is gonna have a huge impact on your confidence and again all of these different attributes are gonna help you not only in your ability to do physical things but in every other aspect of your life so I hope this video was beneficial to you if this is your first 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  1. I was regularly practicing jiu jitsu at a gym for more than a year and I loved it. After that I got a rib injury and I feel like I can't get motivated to workout at all even though that injury healed a couple months ago. What is your advice to get motivated again? Jazakumullahu khaira was Salam alaikum

  2. I've found during or after a workout I get some interesting insight about myself

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