PHYSICAL FITNESS AND DEER HUNTING? And Testing Sitka's TTW Gear – #WiredToHuntWeekly 34

so uh so mate dan the podcast this week we were talking a little bit about physical fitness and hunting especially in terms of deer hunting it's ridiculous the question be do you need to be super fit do you even absolute gym rat to be effective as a dear mother and you can see a lot of guys on social media or in the outdoor hunting medium general right now that take to workout stuff just super super hardcore they're in the gym pumping iron all the time they are rich they're running a hundred miles and hey that's great nothing wrong with that and I think if you're into that kind of thing go for it but my point in the podcast the point I want to make here today is that don't feel like you need to do that kind of stuff especially if you're just going out and being a deer hunter or if you're new to things just try and get into it don't let these gym selfies intimidate you and make you think that you need to be pumping iron gonna be out there chasing deer you just don't being healthy is a good thing and if you're going to go on an elk hunt or sheep hunt or something yeah you'll want to be in his prime if it's the same as you can be going out hunting deer you don't need you'll need to to be quite so hard for my I think the most important things in the deer hunter making sure you're not basic decent good shape at least enough so you can you know hike in a mile on public way and hang it want to make sure you can climb into your tree and not be winded you want a murderer you can drag a deer out of the woods and not get a heart attack so I think to do that and that's kind of the way I look at my physical fitness you just want to work on a basic a few basic things for me that's basically my cardiovascular fitness so doing cardio going for fights going for running doing some basic bodyweight exercises that's kind of stuff that I enjoy doing I hate the gym I don't like being in gym I'd only taking gym selfies I don't like pumping iron that's just not me for some people that's great it's just not me for me I like to be out in the nature out walking around and doing stuff and that brings us to why the wall I'm standing out here in the pouring rain so I've had some serious cabin fever over the past few months been stuck inside just had a baby 90 will get out and do the stuff I like to do having craving going out and go for a hike going for a run do different things like that but instead I've just been doing some basic bodyweight exercises in my office which is kind of lame not nearly as much fun is being outside so finally this week we got some warmer temperatures today it's almost up to 60 degrees I just got this shipment of new stuff from six gears or new train I think it's a training travel and work we're here it's meant for working out so that the scouring meant for doing different things related to your hunting lifestyle so I'm gonna want to try that out but it's been too cold and snowy today I thought well it's warm but it's raining so being an idiot I thought it'd be a good idea to come out here today and go for a run fight the rain I did think it would be a good way to test this stuff so I went purple for running the race and now as that you can see it is still pouring right and I can tell you now though this stuff works very well this is the CIPA vapor shake dry jacket completely dry on the inside completely dry up top and what's pretty nice is you can take this off it's my big mistake just give it a good shake and it's almost all dried off packs up super small so I like that a lot this is the redline shirt grateful wicking away sweat and whatnot so passing grade for the new jacket maybe not a passing grade for my sanity so yeah I'm definitely looking forward to some nicer weather to be getting out and doing this stuff and trying out all these new jackets and shirts all sorts of stuff that's been pretty nice and speaking of nicer weather and trying this stuff out I did get some samples from sick this past summer of the territory pants that I'm wearing right now in this redline shirt and I basically lived in them last summer because as some of you know my wife and I spent four months living out of the camper last year out of Montana and Wyoming and Utah and basically camping for four months camping fishing hiking backpacking scouting all that kind of stuff and I just lived in these pants and this shirt super comfortable this is the thing I wore off flight fishing trips hiking trips the pants I wore in town on the trail everywhere so digging that stuff excited to put the rest of it to the test this year you know I think the whole point of this video though is simply that I don't want people to get discouraged and think that because they see someone on Instagram pumping 300 you know 300-pound bench presses every day and being super ripped and being the ultimate predator that that they have to be that to if they want to be a good deer hunter nothing wrong being a good shape I think it's great and if you like hit the gym do it but don't feel bad if that's not quite you it's not me I can still be a plenty effective deer hunter but I do think some basic Fitness is important so for me that means hiking that means running I'll tell you what I will just say that if you're a deer hunter I would rather see you spend more time out in the woods scouting and hiking around then in the gym pumping iron and taking pictures so that's just my two cents out at all you're not gonna see me in the gym pumping iron anytime soon and that's probably better for all of us so hopefully next time a little better better weather to get outside do some fun stuff I'm ready to some shed hunting ready to do some scouting and nice and hopefully that we happens


  1. I just get out and run 3 days a week during the off season and do push-up and sit-ups every morning raising my number each week. I’m no longer in the army and don’t need to be where I was back then. I just need to be ready for what I plan to do for my hunts.

  2. Mark you're awesome

  3. *Talks down on gym selfies then inserts running montage *. Mark, you're right – you don't have to be a 'gym rat' to be a successful deer hunter. I don't think anyone sees Cameron Haynes or the Hunt Fit guys etc etc… and thinks that they can't be successful unless they lift and run. We all know that you could be very much out of shape (physically) and still be a GREAT deer hunter. Nobody is intimidated, I'd like to meet a single person that was dissuaded from hunting because they thought it required too much gym time – DNE: Does Not Exist. So why this video?

    This video feels like someone telling high school students that, "hey you don't need to get A's to graduate! You can skate by with B's, C's and D's. I know there are a lot of people who get A's but those people are over-achievers, don't worry, you shouldn't strive for that." — Would you tell your children that? No! You'd probably tell them to strive for the best and help them get there. You'd want them to model their study habits after successful students instead of the ones dropping out or just skating by.

    Gym selfies definitely aren't the best, I agree. But telling people that you can skate by with the minimum in regard to health isn't the best either. Why not strive for the best – the best that YOU can do? What's the worst that could come of it? Lower cholesterol and less visceral fat? Oh my! I think the point of all the exercise is to encourage people to strive for better in their lives; whether that be in hunting, physical fitness, or even in moral areas of life. People need role models and role models should lead lives that are admirable in more than one area of life i.e. just hunting. Seeing people being active and hunting is a great message to preach and one that doesn't need to be filtered.

    I enjoy the channel and the website/podcast but this was a little strange.

  4. No way bro, go hard or go home.

  5. Good work getting a run in Mark! I agree with being fit/heathy is important. But it’s the dadbod that gets you through late November 🤣

  6. Stay fit … be able to drag a deer !!! Run .. walk … stay fit

  7. Stay fit … be able to drag a deer !!! Run .. walk … stay fit

  8. The harder you work, the more likely you'll be successful.

  9. I usually train for and run a couple 5k races in the summer and I'm good for deer hunting but that Cameron Hanes is a little extreme .

  10. Look at T Bone from Bone Collector

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