Physical Fitness 2

back on the stage warmed up stretched out and ready to exercise a groove just for you chucky cheese along with a guy who knows how to mr. alright just 40 Giles join right in suddenly friend Charlie Rocket okay alright you guys are all great you know folks seeing all the young hopeful faces out there kind of inspired this next number and we hope that you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoy performing it carry the touch that's me pass to you the visions wide open do what you have to do though it may all seem uphill you can make it if you only weigh stand proud and tall give it your best even when they first leave the nest before you can run as hard as it seems don't ever give up like those FIFA in favor petition this so it may all seem up here you can make it if you are when they first you can as hard as it seems to ever give up on your dream Seema so give it your best as hard as it seems don't ever give up on your dream

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  1. I love your post for this showtape, as I have a soft spot for CEC! I dig Helen's duet with Pasqually on "Don't Ever Give Up" – it's delightful!

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