Phosphorus & Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment. Renal diet tips to avoid kidney failure and dialysis

so you had chronic kidney disease and your doctor told you to watch your phosphorus how the heck do you do that well don't worry we're gonna talk all about managing your phosphorus coming right up hello kidney warriors James here your favorite online kidney health coach and for all of us who have chronic kidney disease we have to watch our phosphorus if we don't oh we could get heart problems weak and brittle bones all sorts of issues now before we get into this if you haven't already take a moment and please subscribe to my youtube channel and click that little bell icon that way you'll get a notification every time I upload a brand new video and now to today's topic phosphorus phosphorus is a mineral found throughout your body as a matter of fact it's one of the most abundant minerals there are and it works with calcium and vitamin D to make your bones nice and strong and healthy when your phosphorus gets out of balance usually your kidneys take care of that and keep everything nice but those of us with reduce kidney function because of kidney disease we need to help our kidneys out by giving it just the right amount of phosphorus not too little and not too much that way we can avoid heart problems and bone issues so let's talk about phosphorus buildup how the heck does it get into your body well it's pretty much in everything you eat and drink so you are constantly consuming phosphorus now it also comes in a variety of forms lots of different names does a lot of different things so you know it can be tricky and hard to find but on the good side phosphorus it seems to do magic for foods and beverages that's why it is ever where we just got to be really careful not to get too much or too little because both of those can be problematic for us was chronic kidney disease now let's talk about hidden phosphorus the food industry loves phosphorus they are so in love with it they are using it everywhere and there are foods that just recently were considered low phosphorus but now the food industry decide ah let's pump phosphorus in there and make it even better and now now they're no longer low phosphorus so you got to keep an eye out and this is a list of things that are changing and phosphorus is it's gonna be everywhere pretty soon so we've got to be really really diligent and tracking it so we don't get too much so what are some of the places that used to be low phosphorus and now may be high well flavored waters ice tea's sodas and other beverages enhanced meat and chicken products how they put phosphorus in does make some juicy breakfast cereal bars non-dairy creamers and bottled coffee beverages chances are you're enjoying one or more of these and you may be lucky you may have one that's low phosphorus but you got to check those labels we're gonna talk about that more in a second those can quickly become high phosphorus just with a change from the manufacturer to make it even better or the perception of better for more people so why is phosphorus everywhere well the public has demanded it yeah believe it or not us the people who buy the foods were the one pushing for more and more phosphorus we want foods that are grab-and-go we are a grab-and-go society we want to run in grab something we also are looking for things that are quick considered healthy and take very little time to prepare phosphorus and false fates the the additives that are part of phosphorus make this happen so let's take a look at why phosphorus is being used so heavily by the food in first of all it is considered a jack of all trade when it comes to ingredients it does a wide variety of things here's some of the things that it does it can lower the cost of manufacturing cos it's really really cheap to add to food and it can replace things that cost a lot more it makes foods creamier it allows foods that normally wouldn't melt now the melt you can maintain the juiciness of meat yeah you probably didn't realize that all my goodness sodium phosphates being used a lot in meat you know red meat chicken to make it juicy it's absorbing water and you got those phosphates in there also it can prevent beverages from separating in the individual ingredients you don't want all the sugar at the bottom and the juice in the middle and the water up above it looks ugly people aren't shaking they don't want to do that and most importantly it extends shelf life and that right there is the single most reason you're gonna run into phosphate if you see something that's bagged or boxed and it's not refrigerated kids are it's loaded with phosphates yeah lots of different forms of phosphorus in there that's why when you shop at the grocery store that middle inside section all the boxes of the bags is the danger zone that's where there's lots of phosphorus there's also some potassium but there is a ton of phosphorus in that section of the store so I would like to shop on the outside the the the fresh-cut Meads the vegetables of fruit all that stuff I want to spend more time there when we're shopping in the grocery store now how can you minimize the amount of phosphorus that comes into your body well it comes down to four letters four very important letters diet yeah most phosphorus you're consuming so if we can control what we eat and how much phosphorus is in that we can control the phosphorus in our body and similar to potassium if you start reducing phosphorus too in your diet the results will be almost instant that your phosphorus levels will start to go down in your blood work this is something that's quick and easy to manage with diet let's talk about foods you really should avoid when you're trying to manage your phosphorus it's gonna come down to heavily processed foods if they've been heavily processed they are preloaded with lots of different forms of phosphorous tons of it probably a ton of sodium you don't need either and it's probably the cheap wrong kind of sodium when it comes to processed foods now what do I mean by processed foods well this includes fast food most frozen dinners hamburger meat and hot dogs cured ham and jerky chips cakes and snack bars and most canned items now you maybe think all James I found this healthy choice can soup I'm not saying it's called healthy choice that's a really bad week turn that can around look what's in there chances are what sounds healthy it looks healthy on that front label saying the word healthy and great choice good for your heart low sodium well chances are it's not healthy for you when you put all the ingredients together the claims of something being healthy are so freakin loose it is ridiculous matter of fact I'm gonna go off key this minute someone this morning shared in one of the Facebook groups that I belong to a photo that they took of a bag of sunflower seeds labeled low sodium and each serving of sunflower seeds is considered a bag of these was 90 percent of your daily sodium how the heck is that low sodium so you got to be careful even with these canned items they say they're healthy read the labels chances are it's not and it's a can it's gonna sit around for a long time could be years oh my goodness for you open that Neena that's loaded with phosphorus yeah there's all sorts of phosphates in there just keeping it fresh keep it a creamy keeping it from separating yeah oh so how can you tell if food has phosphorous in it well phosphate so it's the general name for all these chemical ingredients is additive food come in a wide variety of names and you gotta learn them you need to know what to look for so I'm gonna cover the most common ones real quick and then I'm gonna give you a little shortcut on how to find them easier all right you got your pen and paper ready I'll try not to go too fast is the most common ones we have aluminum phosphate die calcium phosphate disodium phosphate hexametaphosphate mono calcium phosphate monosodium phosphate phosphoric acid oh that doesn't sound good in food does it oh and polyphosphate you got those I'm not done oh my goodness yeah this Alyssa's gigantic we also have pyrophosphate sodium hexametaphosphate sodium phosphate sodium polyphosphate sodium tripolyphosphate tetra sodium phosphate tetrasodium pyrophosphate tri calcium phosphate and hold on one more one more the popular ones we have trisodium phosphate holy cow tri calcium trisodium poly tri poly there are so many different versions of phosphates out there all these things building up our phosphorus level in our blood putting us at risk now you're not gonna memorize this list no one does and there's more this isn't even all look you believe that this is just the most popular ones un-freakin'-believable chemicals being poured into our foods and our drinks unbelievable my opinion never would have known that if I didn't have chronic kidney disease and my wife depended on the food that I eat for how the heck can you find those phosphates well it comes down to reading the labels you have to read the labels of everything you buy if it's a packaged good it's gonna have a label on it you better look at those ingredients you have to now you don't have to take that long list of names of phosphates with you have to look for them here's the trick you're gonna look for four letters and this time it's not diet its pH OS Faust all of those had pho SNM disodium phosphate poly sodium phosphate poly calcium phosphate they all had false and their names so what you're gonna do is gonna look at the labels you're looking for false pH OS it exists in the first half of the ingredients throw that puppy out it is no good hi Forrest you don't need it your life is too important to have that now if it doesn't appear in the first half the ingredients okay we're on a good start we're not there yet you got to keep reading if it appears two or more times anywhere in the ingredients blow it out that is crap you don't need it's gonna hurt you it's gonna skyrocket your phosphorous levels and oh we're gonna talk about what its gonna do to you ya don't want it okay and chances are when we start talking about the symptoms many of you are gonna go like oh my goodness I have that I bet you it is high phosphorus holy cow because it's in everything it's a chemical we don't need no in addition to looking for false there are foods that are considered double jeopardy foods these are foods that are high both in phosphorus and potassium these ones you want to you want to stick in your memory to always remember those and I personally just plain avoid these now you could just eat very little of them you can always limit your portion sizes but me I was Stage five I was at death's door I was a you know they told me 45 days if I didn't have dialysis I'd be dead my wives be picking out a casket I said no I'm making it to stage two in one year January 2020 I'm gonna be stage two these foods are not going to derail me from getting to what I want to get to I've been avoiding them all so far and I have just been getting better you guys have seen it you could do this too all right don't fall for it oh but I love that I gotta have it no your life is worth more future you is depending on you today to make the right decisions all right now let's look at what these double jeopardy foods are the ones you need to just say stay away get them out of here first of all cheese I know I love cheese now some cheeses you might find some that work a little bit better like a low-sodium Swiss that's a decent option but pretty much just trying to stay away from cheese especially if your stage for your Stage five you know once you get it stays for you you can be a little bit more relaxed you stage to a little more relaxed but you need to watch out they're loaded with phosphorus chocolate Oh cream soups I can live without those no problem dried beans and peas another easy one to give up ice cream yeah it's creamy it's delicious it's got phosphorous and potassium in it milk nuts and water nuts made it made up or whatever let's make peanut butter all right these are things that you know they're not gonna kill you for me eaten um if you do eat them watch your portions okay be real careful use something to track the the ingredients and make sure you don't get too much for me Stage five and four these were all off the list now something you're gonna say all of it James I saw your food list that you were using to eat from it had ice cream knits and I can have 3/4 of a cup well that's portion control you're controlling your portions there but for me I want a fast-track it to getting better I don't want to take me five years to get the stage to I gave myself one year 12 months to do what the doctor said is impossible can't be done I've already done the impossible according to them they were wrong I'm not doing the impossible I'm changing my lifestyle I'm watching the foods they eat i'm watching my father's watch my palate potassium calcium my protein my sodium my calories i'm watching all those and i'm getting better all right let's move on to some more foods that you got to be careful with to either avoid or limit now these are more of the limit watch your your quantities of a cup 11 point out our completely avoid comes the beverages beer and ale dance high on phosphorus can to iced teas chocolate drinks cocoa know that includes you know making a hot chocolate or something like that dark call us okay wanna pause here for a second just stop with the dark colas you got to give it up i get messages every day i can't give up pepsi I can't give up coke you gotta and those are just loaded with so many chemicals and you think you're helping yourself by getting the diet version no that's far worse this is more chemicals you're just hurting your body more it'd be better to have natural cane sugar it's not good for you but it's far better than its pour it in all these chemicals I know it tastes good it's addictive they made it so you would get addicted to it you gotta fight that addiction get rid of dark colas alright the only exception there are some root beers and our low phosphorus but you gotta read the label not all of them but there are some root beers now I used to like root beer when I was little and then I just kind of outgrew it I was dr. pepper yo love dr. pepper I could drink it too later in a heartbeat but I gave up soda boom the very day that I found out you can't have these things anymore they're bad for you and I want you to do the same thing alright last on this list drinks that are made with milk because milk has a lot of sugar and it has phosphorous in it now in addition to beverages let's take a look at Dairy we covered a few of these earlier first is cheese then we have cream soups custard ice cream I know it's still on there doesn't go away milk Nolan Greek yogurt Greek yogurts a good choice yeah thanks they're gonna watch your sugar levels and things like that you're diabetic or if you're doing a version of a ketogenic diet watch out for the sugar and last pudding now you know a lot of people I've ran into you guys ran people actually physically in the stores it recognized me for my videos and they asked me many times it's very popular stop putting the thing they can freeze it and use it as an ice cream substitute this puddings in a little plastic container that doesn't expire for two years that's not natural that's phosphorus let's give me a commercial that's not natural that's phosphorus so pudding it's just loaded with it now some of them have a little bit less some require some refrigeration and that may be a good option to look at in addition to dairy there's a few other things we've got to keep an eye out for got a watch brewers yeast caramels or caramels however you pronounce it I love those chocolate most deli meats hot dogs bacon and sausages and why because those are highly processed most processed and prepared foods are loaded with usually a lot of extra sodium that we don't need necessarily and I'm not saying sodium is bad we don't need excess and we also don't need the cheap kind of they use but they're putting a a lot of phosphorous in here to give it a longer shelf-life make it look better make it look juicier you got to be careful it's heavily processed now if you see in some of my other videos you know there are some frozen dinners that are processed that I eat they are minimally processed then you always say that on the label and I read what's in there and I look and one of my favorite ones I can't remember the name right now the food's all placed on there and there's a plastic light covered bpa-free and it's just sealed right on there like they suck the air out of it it's minimal processing those I like also oat bran muffins and last on here pizza you got processed meats processed cheese get tomato sauces loaded with potassium and you got the bread okay pizza it's a no-no so how much phosphorus is safe well the only way to measure your phosphorus is with your labs you got to go get blood work and the save zone for blood work is 2.5 to four point five milligrams per deciliter and you know this could vary slightly but that's the standard range most labs use now how the heck do you do that you're not doing blood work constantly you know you can't do it every 10 minutes and measure that's none some of you I know your your insurance or the medical system you use may only allow you to get blood work every six months every three months I think that's crazy I think it's ridiculous I like mine often and especially when you're trying to get things in range and need it often to know hey did I go too far am i doing enough is it's working but for most people what this means is just limiting your daily target the amount you consume to 700 to 1,200 milligrams now how do you measure that use an app there's a lot of apps out there my favorite chronometer I have a link to it on dad vise with the review it tracks phosphorus potassium all sorts of micronutrients it does have a free version it does everything you need if you pay for you get some amazing reporting up on the internet that you can share with your doctors and look at and I use that with my blood work to figure out what's happening if something went up I look a high I had a little too much of that that's why I gotta cut it back a little bit more got to stop eating that I had too much of that gotta lower my portions so why is it important to monitor your phosphorous we kind of touched on this a little bit earlier but this is extremely important this is critical this is life-saving important you got to do this first of all phosphorous works with calcium it's pretty much a one-to-one relationship between the two of them when you have too much phosphorus it needs calcium so where it's going to get the calcium your bones the phosphorus pulls the calcium out of your bones making them weak making them brittle making them slow to heal all this isn't good and then what happens with all that stuff floating around that calcium and that phosphorus bound together floating around it can lead to very dangerous extremely dangerous deposits throughout your body where well look at this in your blood vessels in your lungs in your eyes and in your heart and this build-up can cause all sorts of problems like movement problems and things like that but it can lead to heart disease a stroke or a heart attack by building up now what are the symptoms that you got too much alright it's gonna sound kind of odd there really aren't symptoms of too much phosphorus now if your nephrologist south or you just went he's wrong know what you got to look for is the calcium the symptoms of not having enough calcium because your phosphorus pulled out the calcium from your bones so we the best way to look for symptoms is to look for symptoms of not enough calcium otherwise you guys do a blood work to find out about your phosphorus so what are the symptoms of not enough calcium well muscle cramps and spasms numbness and tingling around the mouth bone and joint pain and this is a posits getting all other almost like little bone spurs weak bones they break easy they're brittle they are very slow to heal a rash and now the most common one there's so many of you out there probably experienced uncontrollable itching that just won't stop it's all over and go all of your body it could be your fingers your hands your toes your feet it's at the extremities it's just an itch that doesn't go away now there's people out of Facebook group saying oh it's too much phosphorus use lidocaine cream no no you're masking the problem you're not fixing it it's still there the way to fix this is diet reduce the phosphorus that you're consuming you know drinks eat any of that stuff no phosphorus cut it way back as much as you can and you're itching and stuff will go away now if you have it really bad you better talk to your doctor because you you don't want it to get worse so don't just think all James said I got this itch it all over I'm all good I'll just go on a diet and it'll go away no an itch or any of these signs you have mention to your doctor if you got extreme itching that's an important one give you doctor a call shoot them an email if they've got that available and let them know and see what they want you to do but diet fix these things change it quickly alright covering it up with a lidocaine cream or taking some benadryl that is not fixing the problem alright that's a that I don't see the problem I don't hear the problem a lot a lot of bad exist doesn't work with kidney disease okay doesn't work with anything all right so what are some strategies you can use to reduce the amount of phosphorus you're eating so we've talked about reading labels and we talked that you can control it with what you eat but here's some additional tips to help you first of all be aware of inexpensive budget megastores if there's some stuff super cheap they're buying it super cheap and how they get made super cheap magic of phosphorus it's all in there giving it a long shelf life you go to some store that's selling stuff that just expired or it's about to expire when was that stuff made was that made six months ago twelve months ago two years ago no that's what it was phosphorus you don't need it also look for alternative foods and beverages if there's something you really like and it's in a box unrefrigerated see if there's a refrigerated version of it something that's using cold to keep it from spoiling and going bad instead of being loaded with chemicals there will be lots of opportunities to find alternatives you like root beer I know I advise against exertion in it and I don't like sugar either but there are some you got to read those labels that are low phosphorus that you can have you like Pepsi and Coke no sugar too much phosphorus too much other crap you don't need all right now because phosphorus is interact Liev eree thing chicken me whatever you buy it's probably got some in there limit it where you can okay it's not that we're trying to stay completely 100% away from phosphorus we're just trying not to get too much of it medications there are Medicaid that can help you reduce the amount of phosphorus that's in your blood system now you can't just start taking the pills and your phosphorus levels go down these are called binders and they kind of work like a sponge you take the binder before you eat and there's a time maybe say ten minutes may say half now you've got to be right on time you take it before and these are available as pills chewable tablets powders and liquids and they work as a sponge and they absorb some not all but some of the phosphorus and well you poop it out okay go so your system doesn't go into your bloodstream and you just get to poop it out but you don't know how much you're getting rid of and this is just it's another pill you're trying to change the way your body works your body is amazing if given the right balance there's so much it can do no I can't fix everything but it knows what to do and it will try to fix things it will try to keep things in balance if you can just set up the right environment in your body and I'm not a big fan of taking pills unless you absolutely have to because every pill you take it goes through your kidneys so let's put in some work on it and what does it work do to your kidneys inflammation inflammation it's lower filtering low or GFR or toxins more waste product in your blood sit down hill battle okay and that's where intermittent fasting which I've talked about in the past can help you can give your kidneys a little bit of a break to catch up but there are medications available wide variety of them if you really need it talk to your doctor if you need it use it okay I'm not saying don't take any pills just make sure you're only taking the ones you need and that your doctor told you exactly why and how long you don't want to be taking pills for the rest of your life so have an end in sight an exit plan to stop taking those pills all righty one more thing we've talked many times about getting too much too much potassium too much protein too much phosphorus but it is just as important to not have too little your body needs phosphorus it needs it to work it's going to help your body it does stop well we don't need is too much of it to where it starts pulling calcium out of our bones we got to stay balanced and I've said this many times that I really want to emphasize it the the one thing that has helped me so much in improving my health and improving my kidney health and my kidney function is finding balance balancing everything what medications do I take I found the right balance of those how much sodium I found the right balance in the right kind of sodium to consume phosphorus calcium potassium protein all of those I find the right balance and that's the secret to everything vitamin D my omega-3 everything I'm finding the right balance to keep my body in the best environment to give it a chance to work it's amazing magic your body is just absolutely amazing and by giving it the right environment and leveraging intermittent fasting which gives it a break you know I stopped eating my last bite is at 6 o'clock or earlier I don't need from 6 p.m. to noon during that time my digestive system is it pumping in more and more stuff all night long and all morning long my body's got the right environment and it's got less work to do so they can function on keeping up with me keeping blood clean keeping the toxins out keeping the waste out of my blood so that everything else just works great and that's what you want to look for look for that balance and watch eat use a nap track your phosphorous and everything else don't get too little and don't get too much because many times too little is just as dangerous as too much so hopefully this helps you better understand and manage your phosphorus it's tricky it's everywhere if you know anyone who has kidney disease or has someone they know who has kidney disease please share this video and if you haven't subscribed yet please subscribe to my youtube channel my goal is to grow the subscribers so that I can reach out to doctors and show them look I've got a large base of people one thing to know what can they do to improve their health to fight kidney disease to kick its butt and I want those doctors to get me there time to interview them get tips get advice what research is coming how is it going so that I can give you guys you know myself also this information to help empower you with education to fight kidney disease and kick its butt and then I want you to inspire others to do the same thing losing is not an option and I am so serious I've been saying that since stage 5 it is so true and I am NOT losing this battle I am gonna win it and I am winning it I am doing so well so many of you out there your doctor tells you there's no hope for kidney disease actually told me zero chance of getting better James no chance dialysis is the only way and you're gonna have to get a transplant all my ologist I love call my ologists my nephrologist I'm a urologist my endocrinologist Holly ologist told me that my primary care physician told me the opposite is jjjj we're gonna work on this if you will make the changes if you will commit to a better diet and healthier lifestyle you're going to get better we're going to let's try it see what's the worst that can happen you don't want to go into Alice's right now let's try it I made those changes instantly and I've gotten better every day since then and you had the opportunity to do that awesome now it doesn't work for everyone it's not a hundred percent not guaranteed if it was every doctor would be saying it and the dialysis centers will be closing instead of popping up everywhere making so much money you know those are franchises – OH it would just break my heart to have that as a franchisor invest in a company that was making money off of dialysis when diet and lifestyle changes could help so many people and not that many have to have dialysis some people need it but not everyone that we're throwing on it in our global whack of health care that's what it is it's a lack of health care um I made those changes and you can't do and these videos are helping you helping others and I just want them to get bigger and bigger I want to get more information because I'm getting the stage to January 2020 that's only about seven months away I'm really getting close can't wait I'm gonna celebrate like crazy if I hit it early whoo I'll be a huge celebration you guys all know about it anyway it's enough of me rambling on alright thank you for joining me and I'll see you in the very next video


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