Philippines traditional healthy food, Bulalo [Battle Trip / 2017.01.29]


  1. Dara is like …. Korean's version of Beautiful and pretty… So adorable❣️

  2. We had our Honeymoon here and we will be back for sure!!

  3. Ang cute ni Dara magsalita jusko HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Next time they should make invite Jin for these kind of shows…

  5. They serve them plain rice,Dara ordered garlic rice 😂😂

  6. Im from Philippines 🇵🇭 😍

    "dalagang pilipina 😆"

  7. Thumbs up to the camera man.. good angel nice lens bravo!

  8. I miss Sandara already haha

  9. After this the rate of koreans from philippines improve

  10. Filipino food is really popular in korea and Jollibee is popular in america basically thanks to all those filipino heart there who shared our amazing food and love our dishes

  11. Missing Sandara Haha a lot 😂😂

  12. Missing Sandara Haha a lot 😂😂

  13. I say bulalo you say buraro hahahah

  14. Wooww Sandara really gave her friend the best… she needs to give more chicken and more hehehe …

  15. Tocino

  16. San po kaya tong place na to?

  17. They should play the iconic pinoy song “in or out” by Dara in dis show 😂 (●´ω`●)

  18. I always thought Dara was half pinoy. I always thought her mother was pinoy… but is she or is she not I’m confusion(・・?) 😅😅😅

  19. Ayeeeeee from Philippines sandara

  20. This is where Dara brought CL, right? I'm so proud of my country.

  21. Omg😍😍😍 daraa miss youu!!💕

  22. Gsto q tloy ngyon kmain nyan..😋😣😂

  23. Kahit hindi pilipino si sandara mahal na mahal niya ang pilipinas,,at proud na proud siya dito,,kaya mahal na mahal rin siya ng mga pilipino

  24. "Bulalo"

  25. Sandara doing sun dance

  26. Sandara u make me hungry.

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