Phil Heath- The Future Of Mr. Olympia & Bodybuilding

it is my honor to introduce the greatest bodybuilder on the planet the recipient of the 2017 iconic Sandow trophy the seven-time [Applause] we are sitting with the number one let me say it again being number one body builder in the world seven years in a row according to mr. Olympia he's won it seven times soon to be eight this is the number one guy seven billion people in the world lots of people in the bodybuilding world there's only one person that can be number one he's number one Phil Heath the gift brother thank you for taking the time for being here with us I've been looking forward to this really I got a lot of questions I'm curious what is your playlist when you workout do you do you listen to like shot day do you listen to the Kenny G or is it hit him up by Tupac what are you listening to when you're working out well it definitely is going to differ if I'm doing cardio or a crazy leg day interesting because you know when you're doing cardio you know you might for me I might be doing like some audiobooks or stuff like that just the past time and actually try to learn something when you're doing legs and I use legs and this is a big example because who really likes doing it we all know that it requires a lot of focus a lot of drive and determination and we also know that you could potentially get sick gets people go really hard on that I always listen to heavy metal for me and you have it and you hit it on the head with two pockets it's like you got to have something that's very intense the words have to be meaningful I don't really get into the New Age of hip-hop mm-hmm because I can't really understand everything they're saying all the time I feel like I'm an old guy so true though right I'm old school you know I'm still listening to NWA I'm still listening to Dawg like his first album I'm still listening to jay-z I still listen to NAS I still do all that but when I'm really trying to get after I usually have my playlist I can give it to you right now I usually have Five Finger Death Punch I usually have ac/dc I'll have dr. Dre Tupac hit him up is for sure I mean there's so many tiers by Tupac Wow I'd say Snoop Dogg Who am I you know the one he says what's my name that probably is my most favorite song of all time I could be having the crappiest workout or even the worst I put that on and nothing else matters I'm like because it's like saying Who am I like who are you like what are you here for what are you doing the gym is the only place where you can essentially be yourself for one hour or two you don't have to answer the phone you don't have to really communicate with anybody but those weights those machines and that's like my time so it's like you put that song on and nothing else matters and I think that's why I identify with more old-school hip-hop I mean I could throw an ice cube no Vaseline like I get to go way back like like that like because it's like a point in time in my life when I was a teenager when I remember hearing this and it just got me going I can listen to Public Enemy you know fight the power like I mean how do you not if you hear that song you guys listen to that song and you're staring at 500 pounds on the squad you know that you got to go after you know that you got to go give maximum effort and that's what I do in the gym so feel before we get into some of the questions did you one day wake up and just say from you know eight years old I'm gonna be mister all empty I'm gonna be the you know bodybuilder seven times I'm gonna be there so how did that process take place from you going to where you are today quite the opposite I grew up in Seattle Washington my biggest thing was basketball growing up watching I mean gosh I had the best childhood got to see the end of dr. Jay Bernard King too like Larry Bird Magic Johnson Isiah Thomas this guy named Michael Jordan you know alright you know and really get to see like real competitive basketball that was what I was into I was always into that but I do remember watching a lot of ESPN you know and then every so often you would see a bodybuilding show on ESPN and that's when they used to even showcase like the Junior Nationals this is amateur competitions they would actually put on like a Saturday afternoon you know they had already pre-recorded it and stuff like that we're seeing this stuff right as you say that I remember that and I'm like what's what's this a night but here's the thing I never thought that it was weird I never thought anything negative I thought comic book heroes on a stage and I didn't know the names of those competitors at the time but I did know who source and anger was because at that time in the 80s and 90s he was polarized everywhere you know with movies and stuff like that and obviously Lou Ferrigno because the Hulk and all that so I always gravitated toward muscles even though I was playing basketball and in high school being at that's my player people used to make fun of me all the time because they're like dude you should be playing football cuz you're already kind of built for that so you were bad guy you always built now were you training all know I didn't lift weights they don't just just you know just regular stuff we call the Herschel Walker workout push-ups sit-ups squats air squats that's it and that's what I did where Shaquille O'Neal said oh you want to get a bigger calf development be able to jump higher you got to do you know if you live in a house that has stairs do calf raises just do calf raises you can't do the war that's why every night I was like well I wasn't blessed to be tall but I could outrun him and I could try to elevate so I learned at an early age that some type of physical fitness was important and that was back in the day when Shore singer was with George Bush doing the President's Council on health and fitness there's challenges and stuff that were available in elementary school that was a big deal and where I grew up I grew up in South Seattle where we had you know myself we have you know a lot of different Division one athletes that turned pro in various sports and we all grew up in that same area went to that same elementary school so you're dealing with really good athletes trying to do the flexed arm hang or pull-ups or a shuttle run I thought it was great and that's back in the day when Phil day was like something special so I can say that although I didn't grow up aspiring to be a mr. Olympia I always aspired to be healthy and strong and tried to use that in basketball because I knew that I was not blessed to be tall I didn't have the longest honor I've read and heard things that you would do to windmill dunk at a young age we're already high you had a vertical leap I don't know what number was but yeah my junior year at the University of Denver we you know you test in and stand still vertical was at 40 so Stan state stands still so it worked because I'm just under 510 so you know coach gonna take a chance on a guy that's under six foot they can't elevate to the basket or even get a shot off because he can jump high it definitely enabled me to earn a division 1 scholarship I didn't play a whole lot but you know at the end of the day I was able to you know get a pretty good set of degrees you know with IT in business so that worked out well and actually promoted me into doing bodybuilding and I think what's cool about you is a lot of times you know in the in the world of bodybuilding you know people see somebody with a lot of muscles and they say he's probably just big and he's not very smart and insightful and all this other stuff you've heard this before me and all these offers you're probably one of the sharpest cats out there you know in your world and you represent the industry in a way where somebody's sitting there saying I got a four-year degree I did school and I got stuff maybe I ought to consider this guys thinking about it I want to consider as well so you know from there did you like it were you was it a dream to go become an NBA player or was just kind of something you did did you say what do I like to play with that thought I still remember it I was a junior in high school playing really well averaging quite a bit and then we had this transfer come in by the name of Jamal Crawford Wow so you saw on your team on my team well you played which what we wouldn't state together that following year so here I am knowing that like they were it was already in the Seattle Times like watch out for Heath next year he's gonna probably leave be one of the leaders in scoring in the state now might get that sounds cool until this guy comes in and he's a pro already you know it right off the bat when you play with though the guy was torching guys in summer league you know the guys playing against grown man putting up 50 points and pickup games on these guys I mean it was like no joke the attention to detail that Jamal had I had with school and other things in life and we shared that and watch being able to play with you know with him against him in practice taught me a lot taught me that I probably wasn't gonna go pro and I should probably go to a university that has a great education and so that's why you identified it right right there well you know annoying compete if I I knew that I knew what I was up against I mean it's clear as day when you're getting a stack of letters this big and he's got a full Melvin so it doesn't mean that I suck just means that he's exceptionally well at what his guy given talent is and he's and he's putting everything into that I on the other hand should recognize what I'm also good at and stop trying to live vicariously through you know I'm saying thinking I'm the same as him I thought I was the same as him I'm not six four four six five I don't have long limbs I don't have the same handle as him I don't look like him so I drew it out like this I said okay let's just say best-case scenario this all works out you go play ball you do that they fill your five ten probably by the time you're twenty eight twenty nine years old your career is over now guess what the people that you graduated with or six years into their professional you you're going to be working for them you're gonna now work for them when you were just as smart as them earlier no one person is alone you're right I mean it's not you know you said it recently you said uh twenty years ago if you had a contract you at least had a hundred thousand dollar contract by somebody supplement companies today you know there are thousands of supplement companies and all they care about is themselves they don't want to give contracts today no it's tougher today than it was twenty years ago a million times time even twenty years ago wasn't that big twenty years I know you have to be you know the greatest yeah it to even compete in the world yes so that it did the doc go to a point where you're a pretty confident guy yes you know I mean some people will even say maybe pass confident but only it's not somebody that doesn't have self-confidence right so did you say you know what I think i can go into bodybuilding and I think I can compete for the top spot I knew that I was at a point in time where I was getting ready to graduate cuz I play four years straight and then my fifth year I was finishing up school and that's when I got into bodybuilding and then I just start running into guys in class like this guy was smelling like tuna broccoli all the time like what the hell is this and who are these people on your laptop man at the time we're talking about 2002 2003 I got Brooke Burke on my wallpaper on my laptop right you know I'm saying she was fine yeah I got her all my stuff you got these dudes in these poses choice tell me more about it so he tells you about it I'm like oh I heard of this flex wheeler dude I heard about this Kevin Brody guy that big-ass dude oh so much yes sir not well him too but Ronnie combs money because he was the champ at the time so I'm asking him about this and you want to learn more man come to the don't go to the varsity great room where you know your athletes going don't go to the public weight room go to publicize getting after man this is pretty cool strong cats in here so I just started started training with them next to you know I started supporting them going to their competitions yeah ran into a couple pros that kind of recommended that I should give it a try one guy by the name of quad rule here just won the Masters in Libya and he had said I should give it a go on October 8 2002 is when I said okay you're gonna become a bodybuilder no more basketball that's it decision took a picture with my tracksuit just the bottoms did a little pose with a 2.1 megapixel camera took that picture and said this is my starting point and after that I took a picture every week of my progress I just figure will read books about nutrition read books about training by flex magazine muscle fitness you'll learn and then take the pictures because at that time body for life was a big deal 3 a yes yes his magazine was muscle media mm yeah it's my favorite magazine yeah I was cuz they actually got deep into it and as a matter of fact that's how I was able to prove that I really wanted to be a bodybuilder you know when a basketball player a basketball player will go great lengths to go find a court so for bodybuilding it wasn't necessarily I was breaking into gyms late night I worked at a fairly total fitness I was a retail manager instead of going to IT world I did this you worked at Bally's I worked at Bally's office a good deal helping people with Nutritionals making smoothies people were like dude you guys you guys should be working back behind here and you know it's funny a lot of people laughed they're like yeah making my smoothie dude this and that the other just trying to just talk down to me and I'm thinking to myself these guys have no idea one guy in line was seeing me get harassed by someone that I guess I didn't fill up their shake all the way to the top and she was just going off and I just said you know it's being nice I just said you know I'll make another one for you on my apologies here's a card we'll get you another free one on your next visit no problem oh you're just an idiot and this and that and the guy says actually that guy that you call an idiot was a Division one basketball at the University where you got two degrees that is a and then she and then another guy goes with it why is he working here and that's when I said you know I probably shouldn't cert myself at this conversation and I said how are you off 31 years old I said oh that's good where'd you go to school I said well that's right you didn't go to D you you're giving me a hard time trying to posture based on what my job title to this little do you realize I treat this store as if in my own I'm giving free education on how to run a business I do all the hiring firing I do all the payroll I do all the ordering I meet with all the distributors all the manufacturers that you know for the supplement companies and whatnot I know what comes in I know what comes out I know the planograms I organize all these things I know the profit margins are not only third-party nutritionals but also Valley nutritionals to keep these lights on so I know profit and loss and I can do a whole P&L analysis I know all this stuff I know operations and I actually use that from my degree so at some point in time don't you think it 23 years old maybe I get a little older and I learned that maybe I can do this on my own but I'm getting free education with this if there's kids that work at jobs you know it could be anywhere fast-food restaurants that's net there is just a job it's just a gig they don't really care other ones will say there's some real business into this man I want to learn like how my little store can outdo every store in the state not just in quota but in profit margin because that's what matters that keep the lights on I tell people this when you become a professional in anything the level of magnification is greater than when you're in amateur imagine my picture being on a slide you're doing this as an amateur magnification maybe 10 times Pro 50 times top Pro hundred times mr. Olympia 250 time and then first split you know seven years in a row 500 ton ride right because it's all about the negative at that point now as an athlete let's be honest man athletes I don't care what people say they want to be loved man they want to be appreciated we're being adjudicated by my judges based on what they feel is right and maybe it's their own personal preference to along these guidelines so your your training essentially hoping that they like you so I treat life like a leg day who wants to train arms to Phil Heath people line up around the corner chest to lines around the corner legs I don't know man see tomorrow may have five people out of a hundred because they know it's gonna be painful they it's unexpected it's the most uncomfortable situation you're gonna be in who likes to be uncomfortable as an athlete you realize like this is a game so like you said Ted Williams Usain Bolt all those guys they would they would hear trash talk and this and then they're like okay all right now let's go do it do you intentionally create it because there's you topside you're at your shit table everybody knows you are seduced do you also kind of do it to get the other guys right there's two reasons well there's multiple reasons right number one you're trying to sell I don't did this Phil he's getting a portion of the ticket says no but let's be real what people are so-called tired of a champ being a champ this and that I don't want you in hiding talking this trash I want you to say it to my face but you won't say it to my face because you know my mentality you know that I'm gonna absorb that I'm gonna embrace that not gonna use that fuel better than they do you obviously are not ty Makai green I mean you're nothing for him I mean he and I had a great moment he chose to choose different pastures hey fun things I always have to come on in move on the other guys personally I think there is respect and here's my thing I would tell a lot of them get my cell phone number you could text me and be like hey Phil love you dude you're the big bro you're you're the key but I'm coming to kick your ass man who has said that you who has that the audacity so and so then here's a question for you do you think it helps to know that there's not a definite number to that can really compete with you today so for instance as a plan some are sitting there saying here's the Vegas odds to bet bro you got number one everyone knows who's gonna win number one you have everybody else why they help bet on anything cuz no one's gonna win first place yeah do you think that's good for the sport I'm just gonna be real what they should do this is what the athletes should do second place has been shifted from vegetation to Shawn Rhoden to yeah so what they should do those guys who start talking shit to each other they should be saying that's the word the robbery is there's some inner robberies within every league it doesn't always have to be the top team and the second-place team it could be other teams or other individuals if you're always trying to come after me why not make it a three-headed monster coming after Phil Heath the top five this and then it explained you would tell them to team up and you know try to compete against each other so strengthen each other then somebody can cook me anyway they're trying to be too realistic they can anybody beat you I guess realistically yeah I mean I can get injured god forbid – you don't – that hell you take care of yourself pretty good no I mean your discipline is not like you're partying Friday night down at the Deborah nightclub things happen I mean I've won last year with two hernias and an intestinal strangulation problem and I still want so this is the part I'm with Cuban and I asked Cuban a question I said mark look at the Golden State Warriors and they're killing it says Pat don't get too excited says the Warriors are one ankle injury away from not even making it to the Western Conference Finals he said this to me right and I'm like you know what I never thought about it but if there is no injured if there is no injury that's anybody stand a chance no because I was hurt all the last four years and didn't address you know I mean who doesn't address a hernia I mean gosh like you know it wasn't as bad I didn't feel it and you know it wasn't hindering performance so I was like oh well no big deal and then I started seeing it and I was like oh this is a problem and then realizing that after the surgery was over supposed to be a 15 minute 25 minute surgery it took two hours so therefore how long was recovery now I mean I got a dinner after your Olympia so now I'm you know as a January 1st you know here we are in February I've been able to train so this last six weeks so in September till today you haven't hit the weights well September – to Jen when December laughs yeah and the bedroom so so you're saying they may have a chance this year come watch because it could they could actually have a shot actually no I guess yeah I'm with you I'm on your well the reason why I would say no is because in layman's terms when you go through and hernia and you have to and you have an intentional strangulation issue that means that it cuts off the blood supply to certain vital organs therefore your body can't renew its own blood supply to feed those proper organs which in fact would feed those cells that actually make your muscles more volumize so if I'm already interesting so in bodybuilding we want our muscles to be shredded also separated but also volumize big round cartoonish my body hasn't been very cartoonish over the last three four years because it's gotten progressively worse but now since that's been taken care of I can go by pictures I can go by blood work I can go by you know what my doctor has showed me and then I can go by physical performance I've been able to just over the past month do exercises that I can't I couldn't have done five six years ago without pain so what is that gonna yield it's probably gonna mean that like the blood supply is now renewing itself because it usually takes anywhere from 56 to 90 days for that body to real rest you know how they said something good to take a week so this is actually like I've been winning with the problem ever anyway yeah and now it's gone so yes yeah man is was already betting before it's like well hell he was beating you guys with 50% his abdominal core he was able to beat you so at 98% cuz that's where I'm at right now that's according to an idea but the doctor said he said I sewed you up to where you're 98% when you're retired we'll have to go in there and redo everything you have a scar I couldn't Rock a scar on stage you don't have a scar I have no scar at all you can't rock or the scar no not in your world not mine were like a professional and mr. Olympia tattoos don't help don't really help so I guess the competition has probably been quiet because they're waiting to see what I look like just offseason because like wait a minute like what's he gonna look like I think social media has changed your world and this is what I mean by change your world I think sometimes when the money comes too early your fire goes away I'm an 18 year old kid okay I've been lifting weights I get on a cycle and I start looking guy get on another cycle now I'm looking good Instagram I start putting pictures and I'm doing all this other stuff right now I'm like a decent you know half decent good-looking guy now I have eight hundred twenty thousand people now I got one point eight million people follow me right and I got a supplement company comes and says I'll pay fifty thousand dollars up thirty sixty thousand dollars I've paid thirty thousand dollars I give you $100,000 contract now making 300 grand Europe I'm going to the clubs I'm getting all the play but I don't have to put your work ethic in you know what screw it I don't want to be mr. Olympia that's cross stop so do you think social media is helping or hurting mr. oh not not the other side your mr. oh I think it's to the point where maybe not the champion of mr. Libya but the other guys so if you took an 18 year old kid nowadays they have a hard choice to make they want to be YouTube or they want to be an athlete there ain't both in my opinion because so either because when you're doing skits you're doing a skin did Kobe Bryant do a skit LeBron James do a skit Michael Jordan do a skit yo they were too busy in the gym doing their crafts the difference is in basketball you can't make money there is no like you know what I'm saying like yeah so what body but leading it's like what is your main goal man you just want to be liked because let's be real you take down social media you take down the internet I would be a god because I mean what would they go by go by the statues they go by the trophies they go by the accolades as what people want you take away any type of social media in all sports you're gonna go by or who's the champion who's the best not the who's the best on YouTube is this that I'm not gonna sit here and discredit anyone that has made a living off of social media because at the end of the day they're content creators great he'll send me your business card maybe you could create some content for me but that same time perfect example why wouldn't kinda green to continually compete people say oh he's afraid that's net no he's not he realizes that it's probably better for him to create more content focusing on commerce he could create content and look just as popular cuz now in his heart does he feel like it's more popular maybe he does maybe he does it but he knows he's not mr. Limpy we're old school these kids they just think like the loudest person in the room is the most valid we're also trying to learn these algorithms and all other stuff hey I'm an IT guy I get this world it is very difficult to kind of figure out this social experiment but it is fairly easy to make money today it is but then you just become just like the next guy what your Crazy Eights to all the youtubers all the Instagram models all these girls that are holding up tea than any other yeah what is the difference you show your glutes more your butt more your boobs more a guy shows the B it is free yeah I think it pictures into the public bathroom yeah mr. Libby doesn't take pictures of the public bathroom to get noticed this is art this is thoughts of determination lots of strange mental physical emotional strength now if they think that they could cross over into my world they got another thing coming because I can easily cross over there there's there's the difference so if we're talking about like how do I try to influence other kids it's like we'll look you're trying to be a bodybuilder but don't want to clean it and I think that's sad because you're trying to do the thing same things as a bodybuilder in this that you don't want to claim it why you don't think it's cool enough oh you don't want to be judged you want to you want to live in the society where it's on it's through the third person you can edit everything Photoshop do you live in a virtual world and that's what people live in so this is my opinion about your world I think your brand is missing one thing and I think it's missing a Dana White I truly believe that Oh I truly do need a Dana White that comes in you need someone to make this larger than life I really believe that height the forces there people's no I think if I'm in that world and if I want that tradition to continue because if you don't change something right now the next 20 years it may be a different story I would go look for my Dana White I'd give him a shitload of equity a 9% type of a number and I'm not I'm not promoting anybody I don't know anybody that would be it would need to be somebody from your world that actually like a Rogan who knew that world and bright they brought him and they brought Dana because he was in a pride or a belt or whatever was that he was a part of I think you guys need a promoter because I think that brand you mr. Olympia needs to come up and so how do you do that maybe the person's got to get high right now it's a 450 yeah I think what needs to happen I agree I think we have Schwarzenegger who's great he's a great promoter yeah right so and then we just recently had Dwayne Johnson and his production company seven bucks productions work with the Olympia brand doing the production and we're not i do believe those two people in order to make this grow exponential not only have to speak more about our brand but use those corporate partnerships and show videos like this of showing athletes stories and let people know that we're not dumb maybe some maybe some we dispel a lot of negative stereotypes and I don't care who you are what sport you love anytime there is a sign of strength of accomplishment and achievement they all pose like a bodybuilder they all pose boxers they do the faceoff they pose that's right Rampal the Brawn pose if he Duncan come on green if someone gets a tan when they pose a running back run someone over he poses a linebacker crushes the quarterback he posts right where the hell are you learning this from that's right Christiano Ronaldo hit a goal he's taking his shirt off flexing where you learned this from we deserve the respect I'm with you he deserve the respect but here's the thing does the world not understand that bodybuilders eat six seven times a day the shoes that we wear the socks that we wear the clothing the wrist wraps there's more commerce in our sport you actually need a elbow sleeve there's an elbow sleeve necessary for a basketball player all the time it's more fashion bodybuilders need elbow sleeves knee sleeves headbands this and that we need all that stuff out of business are you kidding me beats by dre should have been talking to guys like me or whoever I've been working with a headphone company but this should have been happening years ago because what does a bodybuilder do he has to have music to trade to keep himself motivated we need proper food proper sleep so we're talking about mattress companies does capitalism at its best Nike should be calling me up saying but that's I know I don't think that's how it works no but exactly I don't think I think I think you guys need a guy that's thinking what you're saying right now I agree because here's a couple thoughts let's just say I'm in your world right I'm hired to be in your world here's what I'm doing number one the purse cannot be form on a grant it has not one of you I want it I wanted more if we imagine if your first place is getting a 10 million dollar contract second place is a five million dollar shirt you were going to want to now here's another part here's another part what if mr. Olympia is being shown on TV back then apps we're doing a TV ending you do panels Lily and I can get this whole thing work force it down their throat what if I go out there and start doing more movies think about like even a small movie do you remember the movie do you remember that scene this kid wants to be who flex with those small little comments how many people know flex we love to know the world but those little things there should we gotta promote it man oh I should have been an entourage they'd be in the gym they could have had me as a cameo fit so that's one but well right now I don't have one WME representing you but but that's where Mark in the back he's got all that man but he gonna bring the mobsters have but here's the best part about that sometimes though man here's the best part about it is that not a lot of people and I and I appreciate this dialogue I don't get to have this exchange rate often I don't think that the outside world thinks that people like me want that because I've spoken to people outside I speak in spoken to sales guys with fortune five missing that CMO CEOs this night you know what they all say is like I don't want to bother you I couldn't imagine bothering you with something like this because they're thinking like well he has to eat sleep and train to look like that because they're putting themselves into that here's the thing I would say to them all elite of the elite have hobbies Michael Jordan would go hit 18 to 36 holes during that 92 Olympics lots of you know a lot of hobbies for some reason the best of the best have hobbies away from their hobby so find out what those are and realize that if someone said hey Phil I want you to come do like a free-throw shooting contest with kids and stuff like that it kind of look funny because you're a big guy I said I'd do it just to have fun with it I could do a plenty of different failings you need a W so and and again I you need there needs to be a collaboration with you and rock you and Kevin Hart you and these guys if if I'm working behind the scenes I need you to be on Kevin Hart's platform with 56-million about what we bring in Kevin Hart to our I just booked them sanatory event in august to conform in vegas you need to do something with rock and he nice opposed it on his thing those collaborative so you're the number one guy right now right sorry so i think what's happening now especially with Dwayne and his brand is that they are participating in our world and that it has to because he's a fan right so he loves working out yes I appreciate their work I do also recognize he's probably the most busiest guy in Hollywood these guys doing way too much eating had no time so I appreciate any time he's willing to give but I also think that there's other people like you said back in the day when P we still go to mr. Olympia we used to get like guys like Gregory Hines there we used to get like real celebrities you know like there where are they right now we need to get them in because every actor wants to get buff they don't necessarily want to be mr. Olympia but they want to get stronger they're hitting up trainers you know this and that to go do their diets and stuff but here's the best part it was funny to me that I was my fiancee she's great she had me watching this the Kardashians right so said what am I watching this for she's like oh well Kim got a trainer said oh cool Kim in hired this lady to get her off of the foods that she was doing and stuff like that so I like this is Lady I'm like wow she lost a lot of weight miss man she was even like competitive you know bodybuilding and stuff like that so I was like wow that's really neat and I gave him a lot of credit whoever was managing this ordeal because I'm thinking she took it upon herself to go find somebody that his lost weight and his female but has more of an extreme side to her because that's what she needed she needed extreme change why aren't more athletes why are more you know celebrities calling up best bodybuilders in the world say it hey man love your stuff dude do you mind flying out during offseason I just love to spend a week with you I'd be all for it I would do that throughout my whole offseason you know why because I'd be helping people out and presenting myself to them and then they'd probably be like man I feel youth man man he's a cool dude man I we had so many similarity that's not hard to fill no I don't think that's art so let me let me ask you a question I don't know the answer to this who is the Commissioner mr. Olympia right now Mike who is blaze David picker owns America media which almost say Olympia brand our president of the International Federation of bodybuilders is Jim Mannion that's who that's who runs it if you're a big promoter is your big marketer is your big yeah so you need the you need David David is mr. pecker is the one that is in charge of all that because he owns the brand itself it would be it would be so it would be three honestly it would be three things I would do like this it get instant media and it bring more attention back to it I'd go to a couple corporate sponsors that are gonna be making I'd go have conversations with three of these health brands Under Armour Nike some of these guys sit down and say here's what we're looking at why don't we sponsor and increase the purse if we increase the purse this is what's gonna happen let's sign attend your contract these things are out there for some other negotiate this contract is not like it's not out there and it know you're I mean you're hitting it I mean I would love to sit on those conversations as well because I would love to hear the yes or the no you know you know what could possibly happen here's what could possibly happen and then we'll wrap up with the last topic this is a prediction this is a prediction I'm making I'm not no Nostradamus but this is a prediction who is the biggest promoter and bodybuilding name that is a Hollywood yeah yeah now governor okay watch what I think could possibly happen you already know where I'm going with this okay I think if mr. Oh David these guys are talking about if they don't do a better job promoting what they're promoting fast forward 10 20 years because he's going to that thing could end up becoming just as big as mr. ol if Arnold Classic starts becoming that because he's going to promote now I think I think with that I think with what's stronger with the mr. Olympia is that that's who Arnold is we're not arm sourcing harness where's my gear is mr. Olympia and so therefore the mr. Olympia show will outshine anything no matter how much promotion how to promote it bill I agree I mean I do but I will say this in defense of what's going on I I do like to changes recently by saying you know what who do we know oh man we know Dwayne Johnson okay well let's invite him out to our shows see if he finds this even worth his while seven bucks production says let's do something and I have been told that like we're gonna be continually doing more that's all so I can only be patient the enthusiasm that we're having through this dialogue is great I've truly believe that that's what they want because the group that they have are into working out that some of them have competed so they recognize like this needs to be showcased you and I are the same we want it today let's do it now let's do this take a while and I do recognize this gonna take a while however what I would personally like is just have me sit down I should be sitting at that table because I'm not some box of rocks stone his meat head this new no no I I deserve to be at the table and not just to say like oh this is how it benefits Phil Heath is this is how it benefits when I'm gone because I truly believe that a lot of bodybuilders both men and women and all categories have a great story to tell we can't just rely on them to use their voice through social media because it should also come from a major platform we should be contributing to okay we have a federation let's let's work with Federation let's work with like saying like hey let's do some collaborative efforts and showing that this is what cuz that's what they're selling yeah I'm not selling the athlete well they're selling the organization and they're selling the the shows within the organization question I was briefly in the world to just kind of go in and I would go see everybody I remember when Greg Kovac was there Mike matera so you know like these guys like Bill Phillips wrote his book was it body for like this one that he wrote do you think a part of it maybe that there needs to be education done on steroids growth hormone PD because maybe there's a fear of well if we go to this point you know and there's a regulation comes in and says you can't be doing this you can't be doing that you know like it happened with baseball then it may get a black guy so it's better we stay the way we are right now let's not get into the national attention do you think there's a little bit of that concern on the people involved that they don't want to get into a deep with that topic cuz you know there is the on-camera answer there's the off-camera conversation well there it comes down to the simple point where you know every athlete has a choice they want to make with their own body it is what it is and make it Surfer rewards but also consequences they're there there are those everybody's perception is going to be such but we've also the arguments of like if bo Jackson was playing today would he be considered this this and this they would say yes but then you know so there are genetic freaks and everything I do think that what needs to take place is people need to just realize that these are professional athletes no different than any Olympic athletes have we seen they're all they're all pretty much lumped in this category what I would be focusing on is what they're able to do in their daily life with their ability to take the discipline that they have living the life that they normally live because people are competing because they don't make enough money people actually have normal jobs like some of these women they have like 3 4 KS and it's in that if we were talking about like the triumphs and all other stuff people like these stories people need these stories we watched 34 30s all the time we watched each 60s all the time based on triumphs there's a lot of triumph within the sport so whether you want to talk about PDS or whatever it is that's not even a question but the question I have is is why aren't these stories being told about people of triumph and and how they were able to focus with all the world's problems that going against them and focus solely on their physique and understanding like these people are able to diagnose self diagnose every little thing that's going on in their body to look a certain way for a certain period of time I think we should be sending those people down and saying please teach me how were you able to gain this much muscle or how are you able to keep your liver and kidneys and this and that what does this diet mean why aren't you guys doing these fad diets but the society has this being told that we need to do this vegan paleo all this other stuff when you don't have to do this let's let's have this conversations because we are the guinea pigs for society when it comes to health and wellness we understand that if I go out and eat a sweet potato or baked potato or red potato or a yellow potato we know the damn difference the outside people don't even know what that is and we have all that knowledge and people want to focus on peds all the time I don't know I thought to do is they need to realize that there are so many other permutations of diet and exercise it's just crazy I don't think that's where I'm going with it I think where I'm going with it is the following so you said something whose show were you on you're on the gap from hangover what is that guy's name is Brian Cameron dishon on his podcasts or sound like that and then they showed a picture of Tiger Woods right on Anna you said something very interesting you said you know what you know what Tiger should have done Tiger sure came out and said look here's what I did I messed up but I thought that I know here's where I'm at with this park and if people would have forgot about and I agree not believe me when he said that stay message you know what the guy makes a good point that's how you should come out even your I think your follower of Tim Grover I think your app letting you know you said Tiger should've came in a different way to see this is who I am what do you me to do I'm a freakin cleaner this is how I'm wired I can't change my wiring right right so football kept saying let's not look at CT nets Nauticus CT let's not look at CT let's not look a CT Oh Will Smith oh then it's like oh my gosh they could have done a complete different way I like what Adam Silver is doing Adam Silver is kind of getting ahead of everything we're hey I think it's very progressive on the approach he's taken and then you mercy with marijuana I mean we're in Colorado right now you know you gotta have the conversation what is it what should we do this and so they came out and started talking about the real challenges with it I think I think the bodybuilding would just come out and say and talk about it and say listen let me explain to the level average testosterone level for 25 year old for 30 or 35 year old 40 or 45 year old this is not anything more than I am eating this to produce this I am eating this to produce cretin if you do this it helps you sustain this level helps of immune system the challenges are this and you need to know this and this Angus you think there's a part of it were on the bodybuilding side mister o or Arnold Arnold came out and he talked about a little bit more openly I did this I did this with my blood and all this other stuff do you think there's an opportunity to kind of come out and say look you know if we want to compete at this level and this is what the market does this is what we do but in order to do it we have this levels and we do this to take care of our bodies and our health and this is what you don't want to do because you saw what happened with this other guy that just passed away do you think there's an opportunity for education with it I think there's a education of everything with that but the problem is is that everybody is different so everybody's gonna have a different story and the problem is is that everybody thinks that what one person is doing everybody's doing and that's the problem is that one person is going to be speaking for everybody it's going to be the extreme it is because that's wouldn't that be education so for instance we wouldn't have a channel but that would take so long like think about it like okay so you're gonna line up 500 people and give them the same type of blood work you miss it now and then and then actually the the problem is is this the average person isn't going to believe anything a person says they're just not because if someone says well I had heard this person did this this person said he did this and you're telling me you don't and a persist yes I'm not there like you're lying and it's like well the discussion over dude because honestly I can show you pictures like for me I can show people pictures of what I look like at 13 years old it's not yeah this isn't about me it's just about like the perception of like having these conversations I see where you're coming at it's I simply saying there's a big misconception there's a big sheriff and I think that that should not dis that should not disallow any corporate sponsor to be involved in this sport because of the simple fact that look there are some amazing athletes there they're able to do incredible things the determination the drive these are things that they motivate people I motivate people from trying to kill themselves I've motivated people with ailments beyond measure that make me realize like this this is more their body than it is mine I've won seven mr. Olympia titles and I could be honest and say those titles are more for them than for myself at times when I read these emails when I read these direct messages and I'm very fortunate and blessed to have a platform where I could say you know what the motivation I give someone I'm just in their training I'm just hearing a hare doing minecraft and so that's what my calling is my calling is you know they say oh you're the gift what does that mean I say you know it I have a gift I used it to the best of my abilities and I at the point in time in my career where I wanted to share this with the world I'm willing to share my experiences with business with athletic prowess to where anyone from all walks of life and women child can understand like it's a kid that didn't give up talk about my childhood we talked about high school in college a lot of wise in a row to why I'm here today are they perfect no but I made sure I used every ounce of resource and determination thank you today and I'm no different than anybody else we all have that heart we all have that brain you just have to have that confidence and we can be we have to be unapologetic to be successful your life is very difficult yeah your life is very difficult but if someone else has to tell it because if I tell it but it looks like very difficult are you kidding me seven meals a day you know the heat at night sleep trying to get a good sleep to you guys is like heaven and relaxing and not getting a cold or a flu or a sickness all this other shit that comes with it and at the same time mentally family finance to come up you don't have any money you got 43 bucks when you first enter that five grand won the prior to that you know you know flex wheeler I think that's your lunch for you or some some story like that you ain't any paper those things you know that people don't hear it is a very difficult world you're in I respect what you guys do all I'm coming from is I'm just coming from a place of saying here's a brand that's elevated to this level now we've had some incredible champions Haney eight times Ronnie eight times Arnold 7u7 you're about to do aid you could be the first nine ten times I'm sure your goal is to the double-digit and not stop until you to ten that's a milestone that's gonna be hard to hit I just think there's a part of it where there is a education element to it and I think that education could be done by professors doctors that are on both the sides like for me when I when I when I want to debate politics someone wants are talking about politics I always like to have a Democrat a Republican and guy in the middle think of it like this when was bodybuilding very popular we can say when the harness horse neighbor was doing it right we could say that right after art was reported any was doing it what was honor also doing he was a part of governor sport a health and fitness president's council health and fitness guys like me should be a part of that if you're mr. Olympia and you're not a part of the governor's board of health and fitness where you live or the President's Council of health and fitness there's a problem because of the fact that guys I source Nagar understood lifting they understood determination you telling me that I couldn't go to schools around the country and we store that President's Council of health and fitness tell no test they're gonna be like hell yeah they're the good guys guys well let's do this and I can show them I'm a functional athlete as well like why why isn't that happen it's Arnold working with you as a flag carrier like bringing you up to be the next face of their own there's not a you guys won't have that kind of relationship now unfortunately we don't I would love to have that and I think you would love to have a because I think I think it's important because you need to be able to have someone to pass the torsion unfortunately in this industry I mean we're all very busy and I'll give Arnold that you know he's very extremely busy man I'll be seeing him next weekend you know it is classic if I were to have five minutes with him and literally look at me in the eye and tell him say look what is it gonna take I think one thing you guys could easily have that conversation but I'm not saying that we couldn't I'm just saying like he probably needs to hear it from me and it's amazing there's a book it's called true believer okay it's called a true believer phenomenal book and it talks about how if you really want to change something you have to do it by people that are driven by a true belief not based on monetary you're a true believer I mean you're talking like an ambassador of the world you're in this is why I ask the question for me I said who's the president who's the marketer that write about the flag come on I do feel like I have value within that I do feel like they see that I think it now is upon look sometimes I think it's not those people that have a problem or anything like that because they would tell me say Phil you're not a kid it bastard it's that I think it's them respecting the fact that being mr. Olympia is very very difficult like does even want more of this on his plate but you do want it but so therefore why would they them out of respect for me why would they come up to me and say hey Phil we know that you have 365 days of Hell going to Jim be in the advance word you know doing all the stuff we want you to do these commercials we want you to do all this other stuff we wanted you to do this handshake tours you're saying this everybody is not like that in our industry I am I the conversation I hope the right people watch this shit we need to continue this conversation in a private setting can kind of see what we can do with well I think you know for anyone watching and they're you know have a interest in this industry I just listed a ton of different ways of how they can make joint venture with pro organization with its athletes as well whether it be a Sony Samsung whatever you know like to put up the LEDs that are events and stuff like that I mean there's commerce everywhere but to utilize our athletes in a positive light I think it's easy I think you just have to spend time with them like what we're doing here they just have to spend time and uncover some some history of why they wanted to get into this at all so then the public will see this guy just trying to be for the monetary just like the the cash grab or was he really trying to be here for that and I could say for myself I won the mr. Olympia last year with no endorsement from a supplement company I did do that I proved that you could have certain hardships in your life no different than anybody else but I always focused on being number one and what it takes to be number one and I think that story can help out CEO you know a fortune 500 company having a guy coming in and rallying up the troops to go get out there and do something I feel like you can work with at-risk youth I feel like you could work with young men and women that are dealing with suicidal thoughts and tennessee's and stuff because maybe they're trying to find themselves and they don't have anybody to talk to and listen to are you talking about this like are you blogging or you are you documenting any process of what you're doing do you write on a weekly basis right people do I actually well as far as like Twitter and stuff I utilize that no no I'm talking about like compiling data for like books no no no your thoughts like here's the thought of the week by you like yeah by you and here's what I'm thinking about you know I mean I'm not sharing that with the world no I think I didn't want to consider I think it's I think it's important that I probably do because obviously people probably think that well Phil is just concerned about winning because being mr. Olympia has to be difficult yeah I'm at that point in time in my career where it's all about helping other people and bringing more positive life light and realizing that phil is just a regular dude but yet he's not you know he knows how to switch it on he's a professional at what he does but he has other special interests he wants to help people he wants to get them in shape he does not want kids to be able beast he wants to make sure that there's free or reduced lunch offered at schools he wants to work with superintendents and stuff like that he wants to make sure that kids have meals not focusing on and here's something I gotta say real quick I cannot stand this school these money they need a new reader board it's an interesting school you name it whatever city in the country they didn't be tracking this and that you know what they do coca-cola pepsi-cola come in and they give them the money you know what they do in return for the vending machine on every corner every hallway every floor of every building you wonder why these kids ain't paying attention you loaded up with damn sugar all day they're gonna crash and burn and now they're not getting the proper nutrition inside their own high school and you have open campus you don't think they're gonna go somewhere to go find it how often you talk about this stuff every time I get a seminar okay so I got a challenge for you can I can I challenge okay I'm a fan okay okay you are a true believer you have one thing that's very difficult to have you cannot buy it at Nordstrom's you cannot buy that Neiman Marcus you cannot buy it on Amazon you have moral authority you can't buy moral authority now here's a challenge with some people with moral authority when you have moral authority if you don't voice your thoughts on a weekly basis somewhere that can be shareable to other people not an audience of a thousand or five thousand that's too small if you don't share that and I read it at 12 o'clock at night like you know what I agree with this guy let me post on my facebook let me post on my Twitter let me email animate text it to my guy and then obviously got 50 readers 500 readers thousand readers 100,000 breeders 300 thousand readers one thing gets in hand of somebody at the DC and they say we want to meet with you and you get a call to come in my challenge to you as a friend as a fan would be you know you and your girl your discipline guy she does your diet I heard how disciplined she is with the cooking and all the stuff that you guys do together so like a team thing you have once a week whatever you rant about if she pays attention to it says baby talk about this write about this this week in just three paragraphs start writing every week document it on your site let me come and see it and read it do it on your Instagram post a short video whatever it is because I think that the the part where Arnold got him to get to the point where he was at he shared those thoughts and he meant evil right now look what he's doing he's not the president he's done any calls at the present all the time and so he's getting that attention from listening to you just sit here listening to you all I'm thinking about is I don't enough people know about that you know there are more people order nobody who are not in your world for sure so who are not in and like what you just said right now coca-cola Pepsi and bending machine everyone we're wondering why they're crashing I'm singing I'm probably gonna use that another conversation when I go back you just so next week I'm gonna be sitting with somebody I'm gonna say you know last week I was talking to Phil Matier what philosophical top line and what do you with them what do you think about this thousand people eight thousand seventeen thousand people let me contact Phil no for sure and so you're you're a smart guy you're a brilliant guy you're seem like a guy that's close to the perfectionist I'd no one's perfect but you're a perfectionist type of guy and I think you're not gonna just say anything out of your mouth without some weight behind it no that's a give be very interesting to listen to by the way I appreciate that my impression I've listened and watched a lot of your stuff but coming in here walking away from you dude this industry is lucky to have you and I just hope this thing gets to whole different level where the flag theory can spread this message to other people to realize how much this has bled into Hollywood this is bled into sports this has bled into media and we got to bring that attention back to how it got started back in yeah it's it's got to come back and I appreciate that and obviously the dialogue and stuff and I hope everybody watching was able to get a different glimpse of who mr. Lippe is my headstone will not read mr. Olympia my headstone will read my name Phil Heath that's it but it's now time to like you said share this information have more dialogue use the resources that we have through social media and get the voice out there and in our industry spit out the knowledge recognize how it's we've shared our knowledge and bring it back bring that energy back into us you know I appreciate the time brother this was always I mean listen here's what here's what we got to do here's what we got to do you got to go follow Phil he on Instagram filled you have a website is it Phil Heath calm please Philip it's the government named Philip Philip two L's pH I del L I Phe ATH doc is there a way to subscribe to a newsletter there or yeah a newsletter and I also have a new app that's coming out it's called the fit app it stands for Phil Heath instructional training so fit a pH IT yappi IT got it yep so you get it's always fit now so pH IT in o W if it already out already yeah oh so they can go down one and they'll be able to see it on Instagram it's just at a pH IT underscore a PP here's what I would like to see you do I want you to go tweet fill and say Twitter fill I'm looking for your weekly thoughts I want tweet it yes to him okay I want you to go defend them and say I want to hear your weekly thoughts about if they do that yes and here's the beautiful thing about that you guys hit me up on the Twitter you become a follower and stuff you ask me something and you say hey sorry interview loved it hated it whatever want to see more of you I'm gonna give it to you I will give it to you it's when I don't see the participation because it's got a ways usually goes both ways so I hope I get to see you guys you're gonna see that Phil Heath on Twitter at Phil Heath on Instagram and it's been a pleasure probably really enjoyed it thank you so much yes


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