let's be real when people are so-called tired of a champ I don't want you in hiding talking this trash I want you to say it to my face but you've all say it to my face because you know my mentality do you know that I'm gonna absorb that I'm gonna embrace that and I'm gonna use that fuel better than maybe you think you can defeat me and then when you turn around and you're under the same roof and you're watching the show and you ask any of the other athletes you ask any of the other extremist champions who should win the show and everybody's saying Phil Heath it's not even close but then when people online try to pick him apart you can do whatever you want online anybody can turn around and freeze-frame a shot and do this and do that but if you asked anybody that was there they would tell you the same thing it was dominantly Phil see I treat life like a leg day who wants trained arms you Phil Heath people lined up around the corner chest to lines around corner legs oh no I battled the best beating the best and I beaten them every year since that's called staying power that's called grit determination you got enough that way you got to do that damn cardio and you know dumbass who thought my weights gonna be fucked up this year who y'all in for a big surprise start acting like you could win this change his mental set came out smashed it like a machine he just like turned into a terminator literally was like flipping a switch and that's when the feel heat that could have been really became whatever your craft is be the best at it you have to want that more than anything expect me to win – and I'm gonna win graciously and I want to win with a fabulous physique because that's what I worked my ass off for


  1. 내우상입니다

  2. But he was defeated… So the title is a lie

  3. To be honest I don't like his bodytype but I see some changes in his abs, tri ,back and legs and don't see Shawn defend the title this year.

  4. What's the weight and height of Phil?

  5. I'm a nobody a nothing so my opinion doesn't mean much. I survived cancer and found in Phil Heath the motivation to get back in shape as my inspiration. Phil your the best period. The greatest champions go and reclaim their titles. Go get yours champ!

  6. Oh shyt! I was actually glad to see Phil finally lose. He has been beaten before but politics gave him the win. However, if Phil get his abs together to match the rest of his physique. Nobody's gonna be able to beat him. Including the current champion who rightfully took his title.

  7. He mention every part of his body, but not his turtle shell gut Haha

  8. Man this instrumental in the beginning is amazing, can someone tell me the name ?

  9. ”Undefeated”

  10. Phil has been defeated

  11. 🏆

  12. Respect for the gift 👊

  13. Modern BB looks like they are real life mutated cockroach from the anime terra formars. Everything huge like those legs, plus a bloated belly similar to the cockroach

  14. Epic

  15. Phil my dumbass was right.

    Your waist was fucked up this year.

    Maybe we aint dumb afterall sunshine.

    Youre not made of the same material as Ronnie Jay Dorian Haney Arnold.

    Start owning your flaws Phil.

  16. Philip heath it's me Isaac remember me you said you're going to give me a shirt

  17. Undefeated apart from all the times he was defeated by Jay Cutler before he ever won the title.

  18. and he lost…

  19. beast man really

  20. Everyone knows again u defeat Mr.0lmp bcoz hardwork never fail

  21. Yr to effing old Phil heath yr a rust bucket now yr days are numbered seriously y you Gona risk dying soon for nothing you already won 7 Mr Olympias witch U shouldn't have cause Kai Greene big Rami, Dexter Jackson and Shawn should have won years ago yr cocky arrogant annoying and you talk so much shit for a pin dick miget we all no yr wife loves the rock Dwayne Johnson it's because you got a tiny penis from to much steroids look at wen U were posing U were huffing and puffing like U ran up a mountain it's all The years of steroids catching up to yr old penis head and becare full cos yr slutty wife is going to leave yr ugly bubble gut for the rocks slim taller body it ain't no joke mark my words yr wife is in love with Dwayne Johnson I don't blame her cos no one wants a steroid miget who looks like human penis ahahahahahahahah

  22. Undefeated eh? On a Dailyeeeee

  23. DEFEAT

  24. I am watching this on ..16th sep 2018 . And I am laughing my butt off ……Hit the like if you are doing the same. Mr cocky bye bye .

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