Pharmacy Video Part 3

so what thoughts do you have about reducing your risk for HIV well I guess I could use condoms more I try to but I don't always do it do you feel comfortable talking with your partners about their condoms not really it always goes so fast if you'd like I can provide some information for you about talking to your partner's about condom use and some information on other risk reduction methods you can use would you like that sure so your results are negative ah so relieved that means that the test did not pick up any antibodies for HIV at this time to have any questions about that result no I'm just really happy and and I'm gonna be really much more careful from here on out that's great now let's move on to discuss a prevention plan for you the rapid HIV tests that we use here today is not going to pick up what's happened in the last few weeks since your most recent exposure it actually takes three months for enough antibodies to develop in your system to be detectable on the tests we use here that's why I recommend regular HIV testing and though your results are negative today you may want to follow up with a medical provider that has access to a test that can more accurately detect acute HIV infections the other option is to use condoms every time you have sex until the next time you can come back in and be retested here three months from the last time you had unprotected sex okay so I don't really know if I'm HIV negative we just need to confirm the results when there's enough antibodies in your system to be detected by the tests we have here in the meantime you just need to use extra precautions okay so you're relatively low risk for contracting HIV I'd like to talk to you about another prevention option that you have have you heard about pre exposure prophylaxis or prep No so pre exposure prophylaxis or prep is a single tablet a day that can greatly reduce your risk of contracting HIV tip a provider that you'd be able to talk to you about that no not really if you'd like I can provide you with a few recommendations of providers that we work with here that'll be great and also since you don't know the status of your last sexual partner I would recommend getting another STI screening tip a place where you can do that yeah I do so let's recap what do you remember about your next steps well I'm gonna use condoms until I get another HIV test and I should get screened for sexually transmitted infections that's correct so here's some free condoms as well as information I talked about earlier and some recommendations for providers that we work with in regards to practice do you have any other questions or anything else I can answer for you no I'm all set okay excellent have a great day dear thanks for coming

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