Peter Ragnar on using rhodiola for physical training,

I get a lot of questions from people who are working out people who are at Letta CLE involved asking me what can I do about fatigue what can I do about the the dangers of overtraining and how can I continue to make progress in the gym how can I stay in shape well one of the things that I do when I found very very helpful has been adding adaptogens to my diet now what exactly is an adaptogen an adaptogen is in this case an herb that allows the body to adapt to various stressful circumstances whether that be mental stress or even physical stress so when I looked into the world of morality one of the top herbs for that is this this is ginseng ginseng is a prime adaptogen and of course a piece of ginseng like this is very very expensive and usually very difficult to come by however the second most powerful adaptogen is this stuff I love this rhodiola rhodiola comes to us from the Arctic it's a plant that grows all through northern regions of Siberia across Lapland in the Scandinavian countries you find it in Iceland you'll find it in the northern reaches of Canada and Alaska and also up in the high mountains in China where the Taoist immortals were able to find it and use it now rhodiola was known by the Vikings as a substance that helped them put on muscular strength and also to increase their endurance now it increases the endurance tremendously which basically translates to this you get in the gym you're working out you work out longer harder and recover faster what could be better than that that's the short formula for putting on lean muscle mass and getting into the best shape in your life now another thing that happens too when you take rhodiola is that if you have mental stress it also alleviates that it allows the body to adapt to situations and overcome any tendencies toward depression or anxiety so it has a an effect on improving your concentration it also triggers the release of various neural hormones such as dopamine and serotonin serotonin is that feel-good hormone that allows you to have a good mood to be in a good space all the time and of course dopamine we get our pleasure hormones from don't the minute so all of these things come into play and you know that feeling you get after you've had a good workout when the endorphins are flowing in your body well rhodiola certainly helps bolster that effect so it has so many different benefits that I can't say enough about about this particular plant actually the plant was used even in its raw state the leaves and shoots will can be eaten raw or they can be cooked and prepared like spinach now you remember of the the image of Popeye eat your spinach you'll get strong and powerful and you'll do the same thing and even more so with rhodiola I hope you find this information helpful just a few tips on what I've been doing and what helps me to maintain my physical thickness so I'm wishing you good health strength endurance and great mood happiness have a great day now


  1. Is Rhodiola ok to take if one has low cortisol? Heard it's great for high cortisol,but can it raise low?

  2. Incredible how the world is: such an important topic yet such little views. While other useless videos have thousands and thousands of views. The world likes things that glitter….

  3. Right on, Peter! Rhodiola reverence. Thanks as always for the great info! Been selling loads of rhodiola at work to stressed peeps in need of good adaptogens/cortisol balance, etc… love the haircut, too! Lookin' snazzy Peter 🙂

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