persuassive speech essay on health insurance in the U.S

hi my name is Catherine Kaiser and I'm going to be giving a reply on my persuasive speech I wrote about health and germs in America a little bit about myself and my history and why I chose that topic was due to the fact my brother he is now 28 years old he was born with a rare liver disease called pcs and he developed it when he was about 18 months old and through that being my mom and I have like learned a lot about health insurance and the pros and cons I'm not totally against the United States health care coverage but however I think that we could do better to make it more affordable to people that don't get it through an employer and things like that I also want to talk a little bit about how Canada their system is more of an equal base health insurance aspect of things and I think that's nice because like people that you know don't have the means can still have proper care and with that being said the cons about that is the fact that you know they have to wait in line so sometimes people die whereas in the United States if you have coverage you get taken care of right away and you don't have the waiting but our taxes are really high and most of the time people don't either they don't have health insurance or they have Obamacare and Obamacare does the bare minimum and a lot of the time they don't even cover some most of the things that the person needs you know they only it's like I said it's the bare minimum I think that you know as a community if we spoke out more especially the younger the younger generation which are the people that are suffering the most because after 28 years old you are no longer covered underneath your parents so that's another one and those are the people that we're seeing right now that are having a lot of debt issues medically you know because they can't afford to pay their medical bills so they open up credit cards and then that is more debt and we have a huge debt problem in America so it's like hand in hand the health insurance in America is also affecting us in other ways and we don't we don't speak enough about health insurance we really don't we talk more about you know other political issues that are going on that yes they are important but also health insurance is like huge you know I also just had a son three months ago and thank God I'm under my parent's insurance and he's covered for 18 months so I have 18 months to figure out you know through my husband's employer that he will be put on my husband's plan but god forbid you know they didn't have that I would have to me and my husband would have to figure out a really expensive way to get it on your own maybe and it's almost not affordable if you do not get it through an employer and another another thing I want to mention is the fact that a lot of jobs here at least in Miami that I know of it's hard to get full-time because of your full time they have to give you benefits most jobs do and a lot of companies can't afford it themselves so you're running into those problems as well and then people are having to work part-time so they really can't afford health insurance at that point because they're not even making enough money because they're working part-time so it's really it's a really tricky and complex issue and it's kind of hard to dive into but I think that we could develop a more economical system for our people and I want to keep on speaking on this issue and figure out what we can do to improve this and I hope that you all are interested enough to do the recent research on your own and also educate yourselves because if I didn't have you know the knowledge I have because of you know my brother's situation I wouldn't even know a quarter of the things I know about our healthcare system and I think it really helps not only yourself but the generations to come what we can do to better improve our system thank you so much for listening

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