Personal Branding & Body Building 3

the main focus of Acy and my passion is personal friendly reason why I interview talents talents that I can tell myself so rule number one I need to be deeply and honestly fascinated by people effort I cannot be jealous I need to see these things that say wow it's interesting I don't want to be a bodybuilder but I need to admit and understand the effort the talent ability to do that the other things that I'm always very interested is ok I've seen the bodybuilder we meet the competition but there might be some vulnerabilities in your personality they might make this person more interested which is inaudible you know when we see movies we want to see Brad Pitt for master employed wing killing but we also want to see the fragile side of people that create a boundary the connection with these people what which are your vulnerabilities that makes you complete person and so complete sport personal thing also like how it's all about your personality actually either it not enough sometimes people they just they start to do this and then they just they just give up they just cannot not go with it they cannot have this load and everything talking about me you'll see the goal yeah maybe I will reach the goal but it seems so complicated I need to do a lot of job for these I need to and I'm gonna change myself and somehow human habits accept actions little break mentally you need to be strong mentally need to know what I go for we also know that sometimes we will practice six is happened to me at least couple times a week when I'm not mentally strong or at least I need to warm up right now positive I say a this is not working pressure it is other things that would happen in life the private side of life so you can always be strong so vulnerabilities come how you do super really good abilities sometimes are useful or they are just problem in the job you do because I'm like a normal person I have up and down every time when I also can be like a lot very positive about some things but I just give myself a minute and okay so let's relax like thinking about something else no anyway I just don't have a chance to give up because you know that my life I already chose my way so like I know that it's mine and anyway if I just take my time to have a rest and then I will go back to this again so like it's no way for me to just okay okay so you know how to reset whoever is up there problem up and down plus we live in China which from the outside world Alice do you are going to make money yeah we make a little bit of money but we need to deal with this is not our culture non-judgemental is a beautiful culture we love it I study Mandarin I deal with Chinese to the point of a life that I'm different I don't share some everything about this culture so sometimes when I wake up I miss few things that we know too much the fact I'm Italian European I need something that is not here reset you know with these things and say okay now let's be focus on my reputation especially for personal brand is not always easy that's why number one I shared this publicly with the people around me so when when I'm here working with my team I show them my face and say eh today I'm not at the top take me the way I am so you cannot and then in this process of being myself good things come because organizer also personal musical be myself a sport is about overcoming difficulties sweating pierogi papa as Martin either say push you to see the goal the goal is there because they are managing many competition many things to win a young age so the goal is they're just about keep going we have any hero something that you see and you say I might be like this guy one day please try I like a lot of people who are into these also for example some Russian bikini commoners like senior Moldova some of these girls like they're amazing so they also have like this chapter like champion naman what a building so I just follow their Instagram as many and I just can see like how many course they could interview know the preparation you know how many like Kali performance on the stage and I just it's wonderful but as for me I think that any support we just did not have many exactly here because people are different you also different from everybody and you just the one thing that you can do just went on yourself exactly because use you and on the stage you have a different performance from another person for sure because you have different energy you have defined the prevents you have to clean all these proportions or everything different so maybe you can have something from someone like how to pose you know how to behave I will also you know some secrets but you just cannot exactly follows references point I mentioned personnel again because it is a is a mirror for many people in workhorse in digital in America whatever in other part part of the workers personality is the guy that is fitting many things let's think about bodybuilding we Hollywood wing politics waning and not so many people are like this you know and now that again to career so it's fascinating person already is a genius because we know six parts like a governor Governor of California anymore now it's an actor again and it's not even older you know this what he believes you guys keep always you're right and they're like this and some some tricks the body works better so there is a strong connection bring yourself and bodybuilding you don't telling me at this stage you are a young bodybuilder invest in yourself I assure you you're getting the treats from YouTube from other influencer in the internship later we are going to talk about how these things can be translated in social media to gain some advantage

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