Perfect Full Body Yoga ♥ Detox & Digestion Flow

hey guys welcome to beautiful koh wai in thailand i got a 20 min yoga class for you today thats going to focus on your whole entire body and especially your digestive system were going to infuse a lot of balance stretching and twisting to get you feeling nice and refreshed so if you’re ready grab that water and join me on the mat so were going to begin today in a seated position starting with your cat cow inhale opening the chest exhale rounding the spine arcing the back exhale take it down taking your seated twist looking over the left shoulder allongating the spine and switch to other side come back to center slowly making your way over to the mat slowly taking your windshield wipers and then from here give yourself a big hug knees to chest slowly from here extending your left leg holding on to the back of the knee go ahead and flex your foot pull that leg as close to your body as posible awesome switch to the other side with each exhale pull that leg a little closer to you flex both feet extend both legs happy baby pose pull those knees to your mat adding a little bit of a rock side to side extending both legs pointing your toes coming into that little ball position taking our next move rock to boat round the spine and roll up inhale come on down with those hands taking your reversed plank lifting your pelvis lifting your hips squeeze your glutes drop the head back and hold slowly make your way down come over to our hands and knees slowly coming into downward dog take your time with this walking it out on the spot just letting go of any tension here get right into the flow come forward into plank exhale chaturanga dandasana come on down to your belly were going to take a baby cobra just warming up the body press hands down and look up exhale bring it down again lets just come up look up to the ceiling releasing the chest full upward dog or cobra tuck your toes back to downward dog look up and the shop over to the front coming into our standing forward fold and then bending one knee at a tim just letting go of any tension in your body bend right knee extend your left your going to reach your left arm up forward fold twist awesome come back down and then slowly from here just rock those knees a few times and then slowly roll up inhale reach your arms exhale swan dive forward inhale look up half way stepping your left foot back up to our warrior 1 deep breath in extend front knee hands behind the back slowly leading with the chest forward all the way into your pyramid posture now keeping your hands behind your back you’re more then welcome to release the hands down release hands over to two blocks or the floor folding right from the hip forehead reaching for your knee slowly come back up stepping forward lets take a flow inhale upwards facing dog exhale downward facing dog let yourself breath slowly stepping to the top of your mat holding our forward fold rock those knees out again if that feels good great job guys were going to take it to the other side bend that left knee extend the other leg take that twist reach your right arm up hips are square you’re just twisting from the hips come on down slowly roll yourself back up inhale reach up exhale swan dive down inhale come up half way stepping right foot back into warrior 1 reach up hold exhale release extending that front knee come forward make your way over to your mypramid posture hips are square from your hips not the lumber spine remember to breath exhale go lower arms back up to your warrior 1 inhale come up half way exhale stepping or jumping back into plank position chaturanga dandasana upwards facing dog open the chest and the heart and exhale downward facing dog take a second here and when ready reach leg up bending that right knee hold big giant step to the very top of your mat were going to take our high lunge reaching both arms up sinking low as you can take left elbow to right knee twisted lunge keep gaze down so you can balance keep pressing into your own hands focus if you’re comfortable go ahead and try binding by taking your right arm behind your back and left hand through this is quite challenging so please don’t worry if you can’t do it just stay in your twist variation for you if you want to take it stepping back foot forward twisted chair this is really good for digestive system slowly from here extend that same leg back stepping back into a warrior 1 extend front knee pyramid posture one moretime hand grounded now left hand reaching up reversed triangle posture slowly release the hand bring all weight o right leg lift your left leg back up hold find your balance and as soon as you lift warrior 3 loft hands off the mat flex your left foot use your core palms together extending that left leg up lets take a flow inahel half way up inahel upward dog exhale downward facing dog left leg reaches up big step to the top of your mat high lunge hold it here palms together to your heart take that twist right elbow to left knee palms together keep gaze down go ahead and bind if that works keep your balance and bind come back to that prayer position slowly from here step forward look up towards the sky if you can hips and knee are square twisting just from the belly button not the jips step back to warrior 1 untwist the body reach both arms extend front knee hands on the hips take the pyramid posture forehead down take reversed triangle breath find your breath here focus on that release of any tension hold it inhale bring all weight o the front foot lift your right leg warrior 3 lift your arms one straight line from forehead and heel focus on a spot on the floor make your way back up keep your balance use your core flex that right foot extending both arms up awesome reach up exhale dive it down inhale half way flow reach the right leg back up bend your knee and step into your warrior 2 cartwheel the arms hold extend the front knee exhale warrior 2 one legged lunge palms together in prayer extend front knee flex and turn the toes in slowly fold into the hips add a twist reach left hand over tot he right ankle right fingers up to the sky same thing to the other side right hand to left ankle left arm reaches up come back to center slowly roll up inhale reaching the arms up exhale turning the left toes warrior 2 inhale reach extend the arms inhale one more time exhale come into warrior 2 palms together yogic squats first come on down extend both knees come down to yogic squat elbows reaching for the knees palms can stay togetehr and hold this is an amazing posture to open up your hips good for that digestive system take a little twist with the shoulder come back to center palms together slowly extending both knees inhale reach step to top of mat exhale take it down jump to plank last flow hold it here and just take a little twist to the side lift yourself back over to your downward dog breathe come to childspose take a second for yourself here awareness back to the breath letting go of any tension in your body staying completely present slowly roll yourself up come to seated lotus headroll to each side big reach up to the sky palms together one more time hands to heart slowly bowing down to your heart thanking yourself for your amazing job today lots of love to your guys namaste i can’t wait to see you again


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  22. Good Dear,. Lets me to update you, all these steps are totally inspired by SURYA NAMASKAR's positions. It will be more convenient & most beneficial if these yoga steps are done in proper sequence as defined in Surya Namaskar 10-12 steps. Surya Namaskar will develop our body's functions naturally and will also develop spiritual health. If we do Surya Namaskar regularly only up to 6 months, it can develop supernatural powers in our body.

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