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what that's how it was for me it was a dark and stormy night I was on an adventure it's not windy all night time you have to pretend everyone crosses the pretend river safely well done my little explorers your next adventure is to swing across this swamp full of crocodiles I can't see any crocodiles you've got to pretend that those crocodiles know who's boss go away you Nazi crocodiles that's the spirit thank you as I swing across crocodile swamp of course I did scat not too scared as they were love me this is jump over it it's a dinosaur I was walking he likes playing dressing my wish is to be queen Susie Leo lion will be the Jester he doesn't want to be the Jester he wants to be the king here is daddy pig mummy pig tells me you have a very special visitor are you sure there isn't someone else pepper it's an honor to meet you King Leo daddy pig pretends he can see King Leo may I say what a fine golden mane you have yes it is very fine and he's wearing his best red he's wearing his best well Susie your friends are here even pretend friends we must all exercise and eat fruit and vegetables apples oranges carrots tomatoes why aren't you small like a normal potato not a normal potato he's normal potatoes don't have legs these are super potato we watch your show every morning very good and remember to send me your drawings patterned have friends Erik playgroups children today we will do drawings for mr. potato we find one upon a pole I'm drawing a carrot very good what are you doing Emily javi and pedal it's a super potato oh I see and George has done a wonderful tomato Peppa what vegetable have you done my daddy watching television Oh excellent now we put the toys in an envelope and post them to mr. potato it is morning and time for the mr. potato show please welcome your friend and mine mr. potato we posted some drawings to mr. potato in another light did you get the envelope oh yes of course I've received an envelope full of drawings this tomato looks very juicy George's picture well done George but this picture from Peppa Pig is my favorite Suzy sheep has returned with the biscuits did anyone see you no Wow only a grown-up you count would you like some juice to go with your biscuits its biscuits the biscuits I just gave you for your friends oh can I be in your secret club please please I've always wanted to be in a secret Club you must say the secret word which is pick a needle noodle pick a needle noodle that's it yo what happens now your cow it's daddy pig secret club ah there you are mummy sheep what's new I always wanted to be in a secret club can I join please my mum is grown up which is what do I do now look out it's mummy pig mummy daddy pig ah hello mummy pig what are you doing in that Bush secret camp I've always wanted to be in a secret Club we can't have everyone in the secret Club it wouldn't be a secret now that's what I call a blackberry bush this Bush has been here since I was a little piggy it's an overgrown weed I should have cut it down years ago don't you like it I don't like the way it looks at me silly grandpa it's just a harmless bush and it's covered in lovely blackberries George has seen some really big juicy blackberries careful George or you might get tangled I have a stick for picking hard-to-reach black furry but the best blackberries are right at the very top that's why I brought the ladder um lean too far over mummy pig don't worry I've been climbing this blackberry bush since I was a little girl yes but you're not a little girl now I know what I'm doing oh dear mummy pig has fallen into the blackberry bush I'm stuck beauty wot's once upon a time there was a princess could Sleeping Beauty one day she fell asleep in a phony bus and she stayed there for a hundred years yes that's a nice story Peppa it is Suzy sheep Suzy my mummy isn't a blackberry bus and she'll be there for hundred years like Sleeping Beauty and she'll be rescued by a handsome prince who will give her a kiss my mummy is having an adventure I wish my mummy would have adventures like that um can someone think of a way to get me out of here don't worry mummy in hundred years a handsome prince Lu risky we could do that for our picnic the island is a bit small to have the picnic on we can have our picnic in the boots who'd like a sandwich mrs. duck loves picnics everyone loves picnics one two and three that's us let's see who can get back first we'll have a race sure I can pedal much faster oh I'll do the pedaling will be carried back by the wind Danny oh is it the wind has stopped without any wind the sailing boat cannot go we'll just have to wait for the wind to pick up again I don't know it could be weeks can't we use the yanqing no you don't have engines on sailing boats Jenny Oh this sailing boat does have an engine dannion captain dog next up we'll take a sailing vote yes sailing boats have engines on them we do have a big dinosaur a real whopper would you like to meet it these are its footprints we just have to follow them these footprints look very real are you sure there's no living dinosaurs about Grampy rabbit a quite sure daddy pig [Laughter] princess stop look there are some green sticks it's a big dinosaur yes it's my bopping ginormous dinosaur slide that some dinosaur name is Soros you're a bit of a clever clogs aren't you right my little explorers are you ready for the next bit of the adventure yes we have to find an egg to me foxes love hunting for eggs Freddy Fox has a very good sense of smell grandpa what's that sticking in the water submarine action stations it's Grampy rabbit in his submarine lovely day to go sailing with just the sea of the sky the stories I could tell do you need any shopping yes cheese please grandpa pigs boat has arrived at the supermarket hello it's very quiet today you're my first customers maybe it's because of the flood silly isn't it a little bit of rain and everyone stays at home what can I get you oh dear polly has forgotten the list it was lucky pepper was going to the shops or we'd have nothing for dinner here's your chocolate no we can have pepper and George have arrived back home it is their big time the water has gone but left a big muddy puddle danger danger oil is low oil helps engines to run smoothly know these warnings always give you plenty of time oil is gone oh dear luckily I've got a spare can of oil well done daddy pig we simply pour the oil into the engine and what's wrong there's nothing in here the engines gone it's funny sheep with Suzy sheep lost engine yes it's completely disappeared I'd like to help but I don't know a thing about engines I'm probably just being silly but this looks a bit like an engine ah yes well spotted mummy sheep that campervan has its engine back there that should be enough oil thank you mummy sheep you're welcome have a lovely holiday just up the next hill you have reached your destination time for bed where will we sleep mummy pig and I will sleep on this bed and you too will sleep upstairs watch this the campervan roof is amazing just like our little house while we're on holiday it is our little house it sounds a bit boring all this potato City what's potato city there's a tour of the potato fields ending with a potato tasting sounds interesting oh there's duck land it's a wide river full of ducks love ducks how do we get the camper van can guide us hello where are we going today dad please follow the road ahead in a straight line welcome to adults and two children always turn up more ducks and Here Come more ducks and here are all the aunties and uncles that's the last of our picnic gone dance safe thank you daddy pig oh you're most welcome it is time to go home we've come to make Polly better how long has Polly been sick since we came out on our boat trip uh-huh I know what's wrong with Polly she's a sick get Polly to dry land the sooner the better there's an island there we go better Polly Polly Polly is not a sick parrot anymore Oh an emergency hello hello daddy pig here daddy pig is in his office there are some ducklings stuck on our roof thank goodness you're here dr. hamster here mrs. duck later eggs on our roof fun no the ducklings have hatched who can make a quacking noise me I'm very good quacking pepper start quacking and the ducklings will follow you lead them to the duck pond please pepper okay I mummy duck yes it's mr. hamster I'm late for my tea his name was George EPP and he was off to make his fortune he came to rest do you like the story George inside the forest there's a little house and inside the house was a bowl of porridge Georgie pink was very hungry so he ate it all up yum yum yum he just as he finished baby bear walked in and said oh my magic porridge Georgie said yes baby bear said that was magic porridge it will make you go very big and then Georgie Pitts began to grow he grew he grew and he grew until he was taller than all of the trees in the forest the end are you sleepy George none not even a little bets none huh ok I'll do a bit more story baby Bassett there is a box of golden treasure at the end of the world but it's too far for me to go because I'm too little Georgie said I will carry you there so Georgie Pig walked to the end of the world Oh tiny hole are you sleepy yet none he walked three forests across mountains across seas to the end of the world and found two adults and two children please miss rabbits busy his mitt busy no this is quiet the potato sexy have a lovely day Peppa's friends have come to potato city too and this is mr. potato himself welcome to potato city where are the magical vegetables never ends see how vegetables grow learn how they keep us fit and healthy and get shot into space by the potato rocket ever and her friends are going to ride on the potato rocket George wants to ride on the potato rocket – are you sure George it looks a bit high daddy pig doesn't like Heights no I'm not getting on George is too small to go on this out oh okay make it quick oh it's very quick George has changed his mind oh dear George come to mommy maybe I'll just get off to yes lots of fun go round and put your head through that hole break it back Emily he will be busy all day selling it's here is mr. Fox mmm this all looks very interesting may I have that one how much is it how much have you got oh of course we are facing money for the school roof I've got rid of everything wonderful Emily how much money have you raised did you not get some money for the bits and bobs I didn't need to mr. Fox took it away for nothing Suzy sheep is in charge of the face painting stall hello Suzy can I be a mountain leopard please no I can only do fruits okay Peppa is in charge of the lucky dip okay what do I do mr. ball has won a dolly can I have a cold mrs. cat as one Oh digger mr. pool mrs. cat like they're lucky get prizes Freddy Fox is in charge of the mummies and daddies race it's all to raise money for a new school roof ah an old pram baby grandpa we only leave the prams wheels pepper this bit can be the bonnet what's your favorite number George George's favorite number is two oh this Racing car will be super fast grandpa George is only little don't worry Peppa this will be a pedal car not a motor car ah next we need a steering wheel last of all you need racing goggles and here are Danny dog Zoe zebra and Pedro pony I'll race you and me I'm a I want to race too where's your racing car pepper I don't have a racing car don't worry Peppa you can be the chief mechanic you fix George's car if it goes wrong oh I hope let's start the race three times round a garden that's the end of lap one and George is in the lead what's all this noise out here I'm trying to watch television pedram pony is playing on the roundabout hello Petro we've got a desert island with houses and roads Sharp's trees and a lake but we need water for the lake have you got some please I don't know what you're talking about it's just pretend we're playing a game oh I see you want pretend water yeah pretend snow we can mount it to get pretend water on a mountaintop that's a slide it's a pretend Mountain Oh what's the matter Pedro because it is a hot day the snow has melted can't we pretend it hasn't melted no it's melted good and proper oh but look over there real water daddy pig is bringing from the water fountain daddy can we have some water in our bucket please we're making a lake schools it is Freddy Fox hello everyone what's this it's a desert island we are going to live here forever if I had a flag I've got a flagon if you like it mr. Fox has got everything in his [Applause] now tell me how does this make you feel it makes me feel a bit bored it makes me feel tired again no this is music it reminds me of a lovely garden on a hot summer day a young man he broke him Hobbs please can we have the spiced music again that that was not music it was the Machine gone home do you not like this music no Madame gazelle can you make the Machine go again no oh I suppose we cannot all like the same things in life I liked the space music and me okay okay what does this music make you think of I know I know this music makes me think of jumping up and down in muddy puddles George's hat is on top of some reeds in the pond lucky for us your hat is still clean George but how do we get it this is a job for a grown-up hmm I will need a stick I knew what I'm doing so you to me I'm having a cup of tea no you're not of course I'm not that was a joke it is perfectly clear to see that I have fallen into the pond that was a silly thing to do pepper George you're both covered in mud – we were trying to get George's hat back granny where is George's hat anyway it's I will get George's hat back and then you can all get cleaned up Oh be careful granny I would use a stick thank you everyone but it's perfectly fine I've got boots on if you walk on that manure you will sink – Papa I have no intentions of sinking I could reach it got it oh dear granny pig is covered in manure granny pig mummy pig has come to pick up never and George hello grandpa pig I thought you promised not to let the children get muddy I think you will find we promised not to let George's hat get muddy it's perfectly yes I can see the only clean thing around here is George's woolly hat home time children that was a lovely party wasn't it fun yeah are you ready to go home now no my goodness we're never going to get the back is any one thing forward I'll have to go in don't worry I'm coming in oh no I'm stuck – mr. elephant has come to collect Ecklund elephant no problem ladies I'll get you out daddy pig peppa and Suzy have come to collect George what good little children you are where are your parents that usually happens to me that is going to happen to me isn't it I'm going to go in there and get stuck where smaller that's kind of you both but it is my job as a grown up I must do this don't worry Peppa if I get stuck I will ring for the rescue services ah yes I'm stuck lucky I've got my phone hello oh you're in here – yes I'm a bit tied up at the moment so there's no one to rescue us hello mummy pig mr. rabbit is the parachute trainer this is a parachute it will help you float through the air after you jump should I practice that practice what jumping why not there you're a natural is that it yes you are now fully trained [Applause] all aboard I'm still a tiny bit worried about this jump daddy pig it's okay baby pig I'll come up in the plane with you don't worry mummy pig remember you could have parachute yes daddy pig oh well away from the ground oh dear daddy pig is falling out of the plane she goes oh wait wait for me daddy pig commie bigot jumps she is going to rescue daddy she's got him thank you for saving me mummy pig Oh daddy pig you're starving to slip mr. bull has just finished mending the school roof lovely job he'll last for years is daddy pig all right oh I'm fine good because you'll need to do that parachute jump again who wants to raise the money to fix this new hole in the school roof wait for me see you later mummy pig peppa and George are riding their scooters [Applause] ever George have arrived oh now I'm going to have to walk back home what I need are some wheels hang on I've got wheels due to me riding Peppa's scooter yes scootering is such fun you should try it sometime scooters today very good peppa and George let's all paint pictures of how he came to school today very good I worked here so nice to get the fresh air in your lungs my granddad brought me in his truck vroom vroom lovely it is time for mummy and daddy pig to pick up the children from playgroup have you got the car keys daddy pig I don't think we should take the car mummy pig but it's a long way to walk to playgroup we don't have to walk I made that mistake this morning we can scooter ok it's a spoon it's a shiny spoon I can make you go upside down it's magic my daddy says so ah let's find some more magic shiny things in the garden George has found a muddy puddle it's shiny enough to see our faces I can see the sky here a peddler Tony and Danny dog did you drop something in that puddle no we're looking at the sky but the sky is in the sky look at this it's a funny magic mirror spoon I know where there are some big funny mirrors really wobbly mirrors in a tent where are these wobbly mirrors at the fair the parents have brought the children into the fair roller roller see my amazing wobbly mirrors how does it do that daddy it's very simple illusions of optical differentials by convex and concave surfaces generate patterns it's magic yes it's magic has knocked over two skittles you probably won't be able to do it Susie has knocked over all the skittles it's George's turn because George is little he can stand a bit closer Oh George is too little to play skittles George doesn't like being the littlest one hmm let's play baton ball pepper can throw the ball and George has the budget but if anyone catches the ball George is out George is out George is a bit too little even for baton ball you just need a bit more practice George watch me oops I'll just get the ball back hello mummy pig can we have our ball back please yes but please play more carefully in future yes mummy pig sorry mummy pig here is Danny dog my daddy is very good at it you batted the ball all the way into the house well can i play button ball too maybe it's time for a different garden game I'll show you I know jump over it it's much too high to jump over we go under the limbo Pole and we need music to do it is International day when we celebrate all the countries of the world pepper is dressed as France I'm George is Russia Pedro is America Zoe is Japan konnichiwa Susie is Holland to all the countries of the world do they sing the song of harmony together I like singing so do I does everyone remember the words lovely and later we will sing that for your mommies and daddies it is playtime all the countries are playing in the playground the United Kingdom is on the slide France and Switzerland are on the swings Germany is playing hopscotch America Russia Spain and Greece are in the sand here are Holland and Japan now it's our turn in the sandpit why because you've had your turn you can play on the side now but we want to play oh dear there is not enough room in the sandpit for more than four countries welcome to my cowboy camp ha it's a tent it's a cowboy camp where Cowboys sleep at nighttime are you going to sleep err in the night um no that might be a bit scary but we can pretend it's nighttime but it's nighttime just pretend the Sun is the moon okay petrol can we be Cowboys – yes you could be my partners it's my little cowboy hungry I sure AM ah that's how Cowboys speak would you cowboys and cowgirls like something to eat – always next to their mommy's kitchen no you have to pretend the house is not here this is the Wild West it's not the Wild West is the land where Cowboys live what Cowboys do they sell stories same songs and eight phase– beans on toast for everyone Cowboys love beans on toast everybody loves beans on toast Cowboys [Applause] yes I made it up and it goes like this I'm a brave cowboy enemy two i-beams with a bang and a blow man like me I could tell a story make it scary this is nice what Oh shoo shoo naughty birds okay pepper all the birdies have gone to bed daddy pig can go inside now your plants have started to grow soon they'll have flowers on them little snail has come to take a look oh dear snails like eating plants can you taste Barbara to your garden um okay I'll take care of Barbara it is one week later pepper George look pretty and look at George's plant it's a beanstalk and it goes all the way up to Giant's Castle no pepper but it does go quite high George's flower is taller than our house Oh George has grown a sunflower well done George flower garden now let's make you a vegetable garden but that's where I sit in my chair like tomatoes and carrots and potatoes George is looking for somewhere to hide George no no you must squeeze in with pepper and George no Belinda bear must squeeze in – where's everyone gone yeah let's just chill out we just sit around and talk about stuff let's talk about music I dig blues music um I like Reds music I like greens music we don't like children's music no what music are you into I like this it's very grown-up [Applause] knees and toes [Applause] it's time to go home now you will see Chloe again soon I'm coming to your house next week you can come but we will be playing games we like playing games with pepper and George you can still have fun playing games even when you're almost grown up here we are the seaside the beach is covered in snow oh she looks cold I was looking forward to having a swim you still can the Seas not frozen over I can't swim because I sprained my ankle and I think I might have a cough mommy pig it's lovely are you sure it's lovely of course the sea is wonderful today okay then mummy pig is going for a swim it's a little bit cold it's always feels cold when you first get in if you keep moving your warm up okay I'll keep moving mummy pig has run out of the sea let's get you dried pepper Georgia daddy pig Oh warming mummy pig tongue by rubbing her with towels are you going for a swim daddy pig maybe not today everyone likes ice creams of her seaside the beach is covered in snow we can make snow castles first we fill the buckets with snow we turn the bucket upside down give them a little tap and hey presto the seaside and I love the snow I love the seaside and the snide Bonjour means hello in French Bonjour mr. donkey my goodness is that huge case for Delphine yes Delphine has brought a few little things for her visit things you do not have over here cheese bread tomatoes water I will be back to pick you up tomorrow night where should I put Delphine's luggage this luggage is for one night stay oh yes that is why I only pack a little bag now Delphine is here to practice talking English so we must all help her I must say sorry I do not speak English very well you don't speak too badly you are very kind mr. pig but may I ask you a question about talking English of course I'm an expert at talking ask away I enlist bit infinitives a firm of irregular verb or past pronoun Oh actually it's quite late shall we set up Delphine's bed good idea pepper pepper and Delphine are sleeping at each end of the same bed now children try to go to sleep you've got a busy day tomorrow Delphine is visiting your playgroup don't maybe ya know maybe uh is French for sleep well I'm not sleepy at all goons asleep after the story all right once upon a time there was a little boy called oh yes now Pedro planted that bean and it owned it when an enormous bean store that went high into the sky that's right petrol climbed to the top of that Beanstalk and found a horrible big giant but I don't want that I want to princess oh yes there he found a beautiful princess Peppa and so George a brave knight let me Big Daddy Pig and Grandpa pig Oh waiting to eat dinner I'll go and see what's keeping granny pig what's next in the story Norte granny Pig you woke the little ones I'm good at ending stories granny pig and you go downstairs I won't be long there's a boy a beanstalk well after they ate the lovely dinner granny pig mummy pig and Daddy pig are still waiting to eat dinner time story doesn't seem to be working I'm the expert at telling bedtime stories I'll have asleep in no time now we just have to wait until the electricity comes back I would say exactly a long time the TV needs electricity – yes in the olden days when there was no television children would have to make up their own games cutting a hole in the hole and very good the electricity is back okay pepper good it can I have some has found very good pepper George is pretending the fancy ball is the moon Edmunds space toy has landed on peppers head this looks fun are you going to the moon it's just boring space stuff for babies it's not real but space is real pepper and there are real rockets that go to the moon the museum has a show all about the moon should we go and see it no pepper we're not going to the moon we're going to the museum ok here is the museum hello everyone have you come to see the moon show yes miss rabbit five tickets please there you are enjoy your trip to the moon no Peppa it's just pretend this way for our trip to the moon mr. rabbit is the tour guide take off it's just isn't it that's right Peppa it's just pretend five four three two one we live on a planet does anyone know what it is called the earth that's right I'm a bit of an expert at space things there are seven other planets that go around our Sun does anyone know what they are called Edmund knows all about space does anyone know what these planets are made of made of cardboard my dad sells these in boxes of 10 Thank You Freddie I will remember that you don't need to go on holiday to get them beg you what are these these are castanets my dad sells them in boxes of five Thank You Freddie only that is how you play the castanets here you are Emily oh no just make the clickety-clack noise ah I see if a Becca has cymbals yeah now you know what your instruments sound like we can play them always together ready that is not music that is just noise anybody can bang bang bang but to make music you have to listen to each other and keep in time Madame gazelle can't listen and do music can you clap yes if you can clap you can make music or the girls please copy me now boys Madame gazelle has made the clapping into music now we will learn how to play our instruments together the parents have come to pick up the children ah you're just in time may I present the shake rattle and bang Orchestra Ready Steady Go Oh pepper I must be it one with the puddle what to jump in a puddle I must think no I need to sleep and dream about bunnies it is the day of the big puddle jump daddy pig is wearing his puddle jumping costume I can't find my golden boots I gave those old boots to Grandpa for his darling my lucky golden boots to be used as gardening boots you've got other ones it's not the same hello remember those old boots I gave you yes daddy needs them back urgently you have been they have be watered grandpa pig is growing tomatoes in daddy's lucky boots we need them for the puddle jump today right oh I'll meet you there everyone has come to watch daddy pig's blood Alize welcome your friend and mine mr. potato good luck daddy pig oh but where are your lucky boots here they are Thank You grandpa pig I can smell Tomatoes and now for daddy pig's pedal jump daddy pig is thinking Ready Steady Go I must become one with the puddle I must be the puddle we'll have a fantastic view when we get to the top we're here sunny view there's a lovely view it is miss rabbit's ice-cream store hello miss rabbit daddy pig for ice creams please what flavors would you like mint orange strawberry and blueberry please okay they're our favorite colors that's right green for me orange for me and Georgia's is the Sun has come out and look what else is covered George loved rainbows a rainbow only comes out when it's rainy and sunny at the same time oh it's got all our favorite colors in it and do you know what you find at the end of a rainbow none you find treasure ok the end of the rainbow looks like it's just on the next Hill my gun it's moved to the next hill you aim is to go to captain Hogg's hideout and get back my treasure without being caught everyone is excited to be playing the pirate game hello grandpa pig we're on our way jolly good grandpa pig and Polly parrot are guarding the pirate treasure be the black carrion fast on the wind at our backs we'll run to the boat oh there put your life jackets on granddad Dolph boat all the children must wear lifejackets that scurvy dog beard should be here by now here's a nice cup of tea grandpa pig Thank You Pig what can be keeping them hello granddad dog I thought you said you were on your way yes yes we're almost there it's taken a while to get my crew together I goes away the children have arrived at grandpa pig's orchard the game is to get that treasure without being caught I hope there are new pirates around here trying to take my lovely treasure the targets and wiener Giants today we don't want to win another giant teddy pepper Sam worry you won't win women a useless at this I'm sorry what did you say it's a game of skill how much for one go one pound mummy pig has won unbelievable here's your giant teddy teddy like that one mummy they're too big no they're not daddy pig and George are riding on the based wheel that really is high you I'm glad that's over five horns Brown for one town five times round this jewel strengths only old aberrant Bell Rock what do we have to do you hit this button with this hammer if the bell rings you win a prize no skill involved but you need to be strong I'll have a goal one part bad luck oh I'm strong I'll have a go stand back everyone do be careful daddy pig you're not that weight oh yes daddy pig is looking a bit tubby what I'm just saying daddy pig is a bit round in the tummy give me that mama [Applause] goodness me I've never seen anything like it that wins all the giant Eddie's we have perfect mummy pig is going to make a paper airplane fold the paper down the middle now fold the corners in at one end fold those corners in again to make a point then fold the sides back like this let's see if they can fly Ready Steady Go mummy fix aeroplane has flown into a tree Peppa's aeroplane has landed in a flowerpot George's aeroplane is doing a loop-the-loop landed in the duck pond we'll need a really big piece of paper [Applause] peppa and George have made a big blue aeroplane hello everyone shouldn't you be at work yes but I've forgotten some important papers Wow fantastic you need someone big and strong to throw it Ready Steady the big blue aeroplane is flying very high and very far it just keeps on going bye-bye airplane now I need to find my important work papers has anyone seen any pieces of paper um maybe you should follow me is this one of your important papers yes that's wonderful everyone is here for Edmund elephants party let's get this party started who wants to play musical statues freeze like a statue ready steady this one is still blinking out you're amazing George Richard and Edmund are out you've got a medal it's made of real plastic gold over no it's time to pass the parcel hey when the music plays pass the pass around when the music stops take some paper off Edmund has got a medal richard has got a medal George has got a medal who put that pipe there I know I'll take a shortcut it's a bit muddy come on car daddy pig needs to get home daddy pig is stuck while ring for granddad dogs pickup truck breakdown recovery I'm stuck in the mud can you come and rescue me please sorry daddy pig I'm moving a big metal pipe that some maniac is left in the road I'll pass you on to the next Rescue Service hello sorry daddy pig I'm rescuing a tortoise but stuck up a tree come down tittles I don't know why are you like Limon trees you're at our time don't worry daddy pig I'll parts you want the highest rescue service in the land miss rabbits helicopter has rescued Danny Pig it can go spray likes going up and down round and round now let's make the party food this is the playgroup kitchen everyone is helping with the particular Emily elephant and Wendy wolf are decorating cupcakes heparin George I'm making jelly Pedro pony is outside keeping guard here comes Madame gazelle gazelle is coming we're not ready stop her Pedro okay hello Pedro you're early for playgroup yes don't go inside why not it's a nice day out here isn't it yes pedal can I go inside now ah no it's against the law what are you talking about Pedro we're ready you can go in now he is a present for you and I'll take pluck it's made of solid plastic thank you but why is there a party for me everyone wanted to thank you but being the best teacher in the world so we've made you a leaving party because you're going away forever I'm not going away forever Oh pepper all I said was no play cope next week I'm going on holiday I will be preaching for many years to come who else could be the teacher Peppa likes playing with twinkle toes perhaps you should play with the toy horse outside yes mmm it's a bit steep here maybe you should play at the bottom of the hill and the quickest way down the hill is to ride down I know what I'm doing Peppa I'm a grown-up what was that big splash what big splash Oh daddy pig did you know you've got a duck on your head oh yes well I did fall in the pond George wants to ride on the toy horse George cannot make the horse go if only there was someone big and strong to push George along oh I can't this George what's a good idea Peppa George loved playing together with Aussie twinkle toes play catch with it like a bowl sort of but when you throw a boomerang it comes back to you that's impossible I told you it was impossible you need to throw it harder George you have a car oh it doesn't work you're just not throwing it right you need to throw at heart what like this watch out the boomerang has flown all the way back to pepper what was that oh yes you have to throw it hard and then it comes back allow me to show you mr. pig are you ready one two three throw so when does it come back keep a good lookout kids that boomerang could be anywhere I think we might have found it hello this is mr. wallaby he is the next-door neighbor uh hi mr. wallaby I was sad just teaching these kids how to throw a boomerang sorry about your window well there's no worries there mate what's a broken window between friends mr. wallaby is a very nice neighbor don't let it happen again though Thanks like I was saying to throw a boomerang you need to throw it hard what like this here she comes here she comes ah no the boomerang has broken another window you have to have ah and you have to puff and you know what you doing is fearful Moo oh you how why do you tease huh that's what wolves do we howl at the moon Wendy can you teach us how to do that okay first you have to look up at the moon and then you how Wendy wolf has taught everyone how to howl like a wolf [Applause] Wow who did that one it wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't any of us it is granny wolf happy birthday Wendy you must all be Wendy's friends how do you do my what big ears you've got granny wolf all the better to hear you with what big eyes you've got granny wolf all the better to see you with and what big teeth you've got all the better to eat okay it is a little house made of snakes ah time to blow out the candles Wendy what's that grandpa pig is putting up a big spry P tent in his garden circus pepper there's no circus here a big tent then this is for granny pigs garden party garden party it's where grown-ups stand around talking what's a waste of a good taint the circus would be more exciting why don't you make your own circus we can call it circus have you finished putting up the tent grandpa the guests will be here soon granny we're doing the circus for your garden party what a splendid idea tell me of course I'll get the dressing up Fox and jugglers my daddy was in the circus Wow what did he do he sold tickets yeah you can all find something to wear in the dressing up box Peppa has found a top hat on Danny dog has found some spotty trunks and a stick on the stache Pedro has found a clown outfit does everyone want to be I want to be the clown but papa where is your clown costume okay you be the clown I want to be the strongman okay Danny you be the strongman I want to be the jugular but I wanted to do that okay you be the juggler we need that box guitar great that's your castle almost done it's not almost done we have to stick things on paint it add the glitter glitter hello hello can I speak to Papa please pepper its Suzy sheep hello Suzy how's your school project going I'm doing very well more pointy mummy and it needs to be taller how is your castle going it's quite hard work but my mummy and daddy helping a little tiny bits what do you think of this tower bevor very good but it still looks a bit cardboard II hmm maybe I can paint it I need to get on with my work now Suzy see you tomorrow bye bye Peppa what do you think we got there in the end hmm it just needs one more thing glitter Oh glitter would stop the castle looking real and anyway we've completely run out of glitter pepper and her friends have bought their castles back to playgroup Wow Sally's that was the benefit wiki for you to make Suzy no it was easy my castle is made out of a cardboard box it is a very fine castle thank you Madame gazelle hedgerow did you not make a Carson I did but it's too big to bring into school we built it out of stone blocks isn't it wonderful what a children can make using just their imaginations my casa really is enough for me to living school projects surfing is the best thing ever it's true surfing is the best thing ever George wants to go surfing sorry George you're a bit too little to go surfing oh the waves are getting too big for pepper and Kylie oh is it time to go home are you kidding these waves are perfect for grown-ups to surf your turn to surf guys thank you but I'm quite happy to watch why don't you ever go mr. pig why not it does look fun too bad mr. pig looks like you've missed your chance to surf today oh that's a shame but he's just right for a little George to go pattern in know surfing George but you can sit on me instead yes and the two stars of the end point to the North Star no Peppa the stars are much too far away oh yes but they look a lot closer through a telescope no but grandpa pig has a very good telescope it's much too late maybe we can go just this once daddy pig it is the first time peppa and George have been in the car at night look we're following the North Star George have arrived at granny and Grandpa pig's house oh dear I do hope grandpa and granny pig haven't gone to bed peppa and George were hoping they could look through your telescope oh very well to the top of the house everyone grandpa pig's hobby is looking at the Stars now who's for the first we sailors use it to find our way home yes this is a planet called Saturn thank you there's just one more thing to do before daddy gets home yes daddy's birthday surprise George remember is a secret peppa and George have buckets of water mummy pig has balloons I wonder what daddy pig's birthday surprise can be big daddy pig is home from work thank you everyone Wow what a lot of candles that's because you are very very old daddy you must blow out all your candles in one go I'll do my best and here's your birthday present thank you you piece fantastic let's try them out Peppa George and mummy pink are wearing their boots daddy Lee is wearing his birthday boots daddy pig has found a little puddle let's see if these boots work the puddle is a bit too little for daddy pig hmm what I need is a big puddle I like your tree house Papa can we come in yes now we can have a tea party do you repair go and dad can we come in sorry Danny only girls can come into the tree house boys are a bit noisy they always spoil the tea parties but Jorge Richard a boy George oh I think I can help come over here now we can have a nice quiet tea party yeah now you boys have your very own den with it's very own no this is a boys then for boys only but I love castles castles aren't as good as treehouses come girls I'm the king of the car so every castle needs up we don't need a silly flag there is granny pig hello girls can I get you anything then lift it up and wave it around it's even better if you run along dear the bubble mixture is all used up do worry Peppa I have an idea mummy pig bring me a bucket please George bring me my old tennis racket bucket tennis racket what is daddy pig doing first I need some water then the soup and now the tennis racquet please thank you now watch this pig has made his own bubble mixture come on everyone are you okay daddy pig yes I'm fine daddy pig has made the biggest bubble ever I can see something glittering it's a cool maybe it's a pirate's treasure let's make a collection of all the things we find yes in George's bucket what surprise is waiting in this pool oh there's nothing special in this one oh there's always something Peppa look closer something yes it's a crab the crab is pinching grandpa pig's finger Oh George is pretending to be happy Peppa wants to be a crab too there are two naughty crabs trying to pinch me pinch pinch you naughty crabs go back to your little rock yes what can you see a seashell can you hear the sea in it what do you mean if you put a shell to your ear you can hear the sea Wow I can hear the sea I loved my seashell George can you find a seashell to make sandcastles now we lift the buckets Richard is made a sand castle and George has made a sand castle you see playing together is fun this game has not gone very well it was your brother's fault he broke George's sandcastle your brother broke my brother sandcastle first now you two big girls are meant to be teaching Richard and George to play nicely together that's right we're big girls and George enrichers are too little to play together properly hmm I've got an idea Oh George what's your most favorite thing in the whole playground Oh George loves the seesaw [Laughter] it is a bit difficult to play on a seesaw on your own Richard wants to play on the seesaw it remain in the ground for many years pepper you are just like your daddy when he was little yes I remember and I was his teacher did you teach my daddy yes I taught all of your mommies and daddies when your mommies and daddies were little they made a time capsule – yes we did we buried it next to a little tree I think we buried it over here oh I thought it was a much smaller tree oh it was a long time ago the tree has grown a bit since then I found something it's our own time capsule I can't wait stand back children yes what do we have here an old comic that was my favorite comic 18 toy my favorite toy music my favorite record and a very old carrot that's mine what a good choice mommy in the videotape of your mommies and daddies they were little oh that's daddy pig oh and that's me hello to the Future what a squeaky voice you have you're probably living on the moon now silly little daddy pig I've come to collect your things for the jumble sale hey Lia thank you and would you like this old chair you gave away daddy's chair shh don't tell him he'll never notice it is the day of the jumble sale hello hello miss rabbit Peppa how about this chair it's a bit rubbish but you can chop it up and use it for fun I would but it's an antique is it daddy said it's worth lots of money well I never I'd better put the price up what did you give Suzy I gave my nurses outfits I gave my parrot to balloon I gave my toy monkey oh I'll miss my jack-in-the-box can i buy this jack-in-the-box please and I'd like this nurse's out fit the parrot balloon please look what I bought it's an antique chair Oh daddy pig that's not an antique chair it is miss rabbit just said so and it matches my old one it's your old what but miss rabbit has just charged me lots of money for it fantastic news everybody we have just raised all the money we need for a new school roof thank you daddy pig I love the school fete me too a very good choice pepper well see you later pop pop pop see you later George what do you like best dine-saw oh dear there aren't any dinosaurs at the fete George maybe we can get you a dinosaur balloon are you sure they have dinosaur balloons daddy pig I'm certain of it kajoor did I get our faces painted first of course miss rabbit has painted Peppa's friends as Tigers there you are Susie now you look like a tiger thank you Miss rabbit wow I like your face Susie are your Pussycats no I'm a tiger Papa did you like your face painted yes please can I be an elephant oh dear I don't have to do elephants I can do Tigers yes please there you are pepper now you're a tiger I'm a tiger Oh George what would you like to be dinosaur a dinosaur how about a tiger instead I'm good at Tigers so my Tigers don't say woof woof how do you know because Tigers are big cats and I'm a cat Patti please kitty teach us how to be Tigers okay Tigers creep very very slowly and then I can't reach it's too far down mummy I can't swim underwater even I can't swim underwater please hold my glasses mummy pig well done daddy pig I am rather good at swimming underwater sorry pepper diving boards are only for grown-ups Oh cheer up you two you can watch me sir nonsense bye 1 trophies for my diving when I was younger that was quite a long time ago daddy pig its lucky I've kept myself so fit and strong please hold my glasses mummy pig you'll get a better view if you watch me from the side of course I won't splash you pepper I think I need a higher pepper I told you I wouldn't splash well dug daddy pig no need for my towel I've got a special way of drying myself daddy pig has splashed everyone with water daddy pig sorry everyone I was very good when I was a little baby but I could still touch my toes but you must run very fast the mummies and daddies will run the first part of the race and then hand the battens to the children in the lead stop talking and run and the winner is Emily elephant I haven't won a prize yet don't worry Peppa there's still one more event event of the day the tug-of-war boys against girls you must pull it off with all your strength the girls will win no my boys the boys will win everyone is pulling so hard the Rope is breaking and the result is a draw so both teams wins I love the school sports day expecially when I win prize


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