People You Hate At The Gym

okay anaconda the gym is filled with people you hate so you hate because you're a hater so you hate you because even their parents hate them but others you hate mister fucking with your games game rapist these are the worst people in the gym the guy who wants to go down faster fuck this old crap he working you for shit it's always some willing to ask you how much you got left us at one there's always unhappy with the answer then he lingers around the entire time giving you the stink eye where your cruise and Instagram in between sex fuck off Dumbledore I'm not trying to catch your scabies from Ellis Island he only wants you to work out faster because he's going to die shoot the guy that wants to work in even though it's gonna really complicate the exercise you over here dude with squats and this guy comes over asking to work in and then after you agree he springs it on you that is going to be doing bench seating so and then he asked you to help strip to weight and rearrange three wonderful walking bro your wife wanted to strip all your weight off good this is like that friend I asked you for a favor I won't tell you what it is until after you reply and now you're stuck being the Godfather of this kid because it's too late ignore his texts which is fine until your fucking friend kicks the bucket and now you're stuck taking campus lose a son who's definitely grow up to masturbate to dragons and shit that's all on you have Rob the guy who puts the weights back in the wrong spot this is new dropped out of school when he was full cuz he never learned how to count by fives or Matt shapes now thanks to Count Dracula I have to grab one of the 90s from the top shelf of rack and the other one from the opposite end both equal use fall from the bench I'm using in the numbered slot that's at 90 pounds with the five pound dumbbells or got to dig through six layers of 5 10 25 to get to the 45 like I'm excavating for fucking yup see over here yeah you do this guy who works out for your mirror space if it wasn't a mirror there's a chance you might not have seen me working out behind you but I know you see me working out behind know how I know this good you're standing in front of a fucking mirror superset for yourself a chef's got here I can see me too I can see my pump my glory and my future now all I can see is your back fat and the reason your daughters are there though super says the guy who works right off the rack this is the dude that'll go to Whole Foods you eat all the fucking produce off the shelf acting like he's checking for freshness I could just personal fucking garden now it's cool I don't need any of those grapes that you've altered in inconsiderate gypsy fingers I'll just stand here and wait for Mortimer the guy who works out super close to you you're over here mention hundred pound dumbbells over your face and this guy thinks it's a good time to sit next to you and start flapping around some ceded lateral raises shoulder boy this is like pig roast in a jig with you bro who all of a sudden decides he wants to hit two five while you're still deep in the V we might go put socks on our dicks and rub them together we might not actually be touching that doesn't make me any less concerned with the fact that I can feel your dick with my dick through a thin layer of blood skin anyone doing Crossfit I don't need to be inhaling your fucking chalk dust well I'm mid sick Trish you can be hanging on to the pull-up bar that you violently swinging from all your friends over there busy giving himself scoliosis for time with the barbell any weak forces I got really all that equipment just to make zero games this is like that dude that goes to the PAS rocking true religion jeans a vest and a fedora just to get zero pussy who you trying to fool bro we can literally see your virginity I know you still got that shit bra up mommy's a guy who does tricep dips a 2-page you do tricep dips on two benches it's like going to a party and claiming two bands just so you can push them together and sleep in the crack the guy who does pay the swings in the middle of the cable talks you're trying to hit tricep pushdown your honor palm is over here dead setting the cable cross she's blaming the candles around like shaving a couple of strokes off his gold King he's gonna get his dick to work again now he's got to turn around and in the other side give it a rest bro the only sand trap you haven't been in lately is your wife's badge the guy who's led to set up and rearranges it completely by the time you back from the water family I would gone for 15 seconds and they left all my shit here with the weed on the part you know you were doing this is that dude named Franco that always try to compete your girl to break up with you every time you're not around all like yo sup girl I got tickets to Sam Smith and like we deserve to be treated piss off your fall goal for 15 seconds diggin coming here fuck with my setup see to gain dog Street buy them all tolkien – babe having picnic crap I bet you having a technic please subscribe to my youtube channel new videos every week eat all these is that like less and more doggies whichever is less good for me go down merch calm turns a new shit buy one get one but that's how it works like you you know you buy one and then you get that one that you just pay for in the mail so hit that up


  1. Anti-social douche bag place😕

  2. How does everybody at the gym sound?

  3. I hate the people that loudly make videos in the gym and where tank tops and some weird military style bandana even when they have short hair lmao

  4. There’s only 1 fucking rack in my tiny ass life fitness gym and all the 70 pound middle aged women use the space inside it for their fucking yoga? Like wtf???

  5. What about those dumbasses trying to make content and shouting in gym for half an hour? They’re so annoying too!

  6. I like the fighting at the end and look back at the imaginary opponent

  7. I dip with two benches

  8. What kind of pussy-douche would dislike this comedic gold?

  9. your my idol

  10. I wish I had his level of confidence

  11. This is why I workout at home, weights are for pussies, I deadlift rocks and wrestle black bears after I get done banging 15 virgins for hip strength. Don't get me started on leg day.

  12. That guy shooting a YouTube video 😂

  13. 3:37 i am crying

  14. my gym is 24/7 thats why i train at night, 2am comletely empty, could basically wank my willie and nobody there to stop me. You can train in peace.

  15. What shoes is he wearing?

  16. Fake weight dingleberry

  17. You have fucking sold your mind and payed rent with it , zero mind ,,,, subed man

  18. The Super Mario part had me rolling 😂

  19. Damn it I am all of those people 😶

  20. Very nice

  21. Lol what about the guy who yells and records youtube videos in an open ass room

  22. What about the guy whose always filming videos with no regard for the people unwillingly captured in the bg?

  23. I don’t even workout. This shit is just funny

  24. Oh forgot this one The bung holes who think they are too important to have to strip their bar or put their weights away.

  25. How about the guy who insists on doing a circuit when you have a small gym to begin with and its packed ?

  26. This is why I bought my own equipment and work out in my living room. Sure I'm probably doing some major structural damage every time I hit a new deadlift PR but at least I'm not dealing with this shit

  27. yh the fucking cunts that put the 10-20kg dumbells mixed with the 30-40kg which is so annoyong.

  28. Ego lifters who need spotting on every rep

  29. 3:32 happened to me this morning. very annoying.

  30. I do rows off the rack like that sometimes. I’m that guy.

  31. the league was such a great show and what about dudes who make sex grunts everytime they do anything…..assholes doing 5 pounds screaming like a pornstar

  32. I hate those women who workout for like 15 mins and spends like 45 taking pics and posting it on social media.

  33. Can’t stand the ones who rest 5 minutes between sets.. hogging the machines. Have zero gains and don’t know wtf they’re doing.

  34. 1:58 – bobby fisher? james? thmpsn?

  35. Lmfao

  36. Love how he just admitted the he squats

  37. Anyone that isn’t me

  38. Virginity is for pussies and betas

  39. 1:32 Best part no doubt

  40. 420

  41. gain rapists. dude Im already dying

  42. Piss off jafar 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. You need a speech pathologist!

  44. Count Dracula 😂

  45. 2:47

  46. The guy who deadlifts 120lbs and throws it at the ground after each rep like he's trying to dig a hole.

  47. When Bradley Martin had no beard.

  48. Got a fucking Vshred ad. Wtf Google EW

  49. Cant understand what this guy's even saying because of the idiom.

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