People Try The New Diet Coke Flavors

– It’s still pretty kinda spicy. Is that a thing? Are millennials spicy? Is that the flavor that we like? – I love Diet Coke.
– I love Diet Coke. – I love Diet Coke.
– I love Diet Coke. I might drink a can a day. – Don’t drink a lot of soda, but when I do, it is Diet Coke, bar none. – In high school, I would
drink Diet Coke every morning at 8:00 AM. – Me and my dad, we would
just drink Diet Coke. – Such a cool bonding device.
– Cool device. – We’re Diet Coke fans, so
we know there’s new flavors. We just haven’t gotten
them in our possession yet. – [Director] So these
new Diet Coke flavors are marketed for millennials. What do you think of that? – Are they light pink? – Like millennial pink? – I feel like I’m gonna like them and I’m gonna be embarrassed
that I like them. – I mean, if they taste
good, then I don’t care who they’re marketed towards. – LaCroix is like exploding everywhere, so I think it makes sense
that they want to branch out to flavored Coke. – Everyone’s marketing
towards millennials. I don’t know why because
we have no money at all. – What about it is millennial like? Is it gonna be like Instagram? What does that mean? – Let’s try the new flavors.
– Let’s try the new flavors. Jinx, you owe me a soda. – Nice one, nice. Okay, this one smells very strong. – Smells orange-y. – Maybe it’s like an orange citrus. – Cheers. – This is really hard to determine. – I’m pleasantly surprised. – Love that, I really do. – You still taste that
faint blood orange-y taste, and it’s like perfect,
still Coke-y, that’s a word. – It’s just like too vague. Maybe if they committed to
the flavor a little more. – It could mix well with
vodka or a citrus-y vodka. – These are made to be mixed
with alcohol for some reason. Is that the millennial? I’m just here to figure out
why this is for millennials. – This just smells like straight Diet Coke.
– Smells like Diet Coke. – It smells like slightly
vanilla-ish potentially. – I love vanilla. – I think this is the ginger one. – So this one smells like ginger ale, which I’m also not mad about
because ginger ale’s great. – Is it just me or are all of these spicy? – Or it might be like a lime. – It’s definitely
– Ginger lime. – Ginger something. – It’s ginger lime, so
we’re actually both right. – Yeah, it really doesn’t
taste like Diet Coke, which could be a good thing
for people who don’t like it. – I feel like these are a little too light with the flavoring, but I like this combo. – I 100% think it’s millennial. – Yeah, isn’t ginger supposed
to be like a health benefit thing or something?
– So I did a detox that I couldn’t shut up about for a while. – Wafts it.
– Wafting. – I feel like I’m at a wine tasting. This is definitely black cherry. – I’m getting a hint of fruit. – Ooh, grape? – I’m getting a hint of
millennial verified on Instagram. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – I get a cherry feeling. – That tastes like regular Diet Coke. – It’s like really,
really weak black cherry. – Should I gargle it? – Yeah, I dig it. – Because it just tastes kinda normal with like a little bit of kick at the end. – I was not gonna say
yes to that question. – Are we guessing or
are you telling us what? – Feisty cherry.
– Oh, okay. – Honestly, I was really close.
– Feisty cherry. – Feisty indeed. The moment you open this
can, you take a whiff, the smell’s there. – It tastes like a spicy cherry. – This looks like a little spritzer can. – I like the branding. – There was Cherry Coke
in the past, right? – I feel like we’ve had
Cherry Coke for a while. – There is Cherry Coke. There is Cherry Coke now, I think. – Oh, this has distinct something. I also have a bad sense of smell. – Whoa. – Whoa, that’s strong.
– This is strong. – I want to say melon. – It’s like a candy but I can’t tell. – It’s passionfruit-y. – It’s like millennial bloodhound. It’s mango. – I feel like it tastes like a candy. – It’s a fruit rollup. – This would go good with coconut rum. – This is really good. I don’t know where
mango became so popular, but we made it hot, just saying. – I’m perplexed by this one. – Mango. – I love their adjectives. – This reminds me of freshman
year at UMass, I can’t. – Definitely my number one. – Very millennial. – I was just making an
Instagrammable photo there. – [Director] We’re not
Instagramming right now. – Okay, Diet Coke number one.
– Number one. – I would say mango. – Okay, mango is definitely number one.
– I like the orange one a lot. – Stick to the basics. And then ginger lime. – Orange or cherry could be number two. – I like the Feisty Cherry second. Yeah, you agree? Okay. – This is our lineup. – Lock it in, final answer. – Part of their millennial advertising, they’re like millennials,
they’ve seen lemon. You know what they haven’t seen? – A lime.
– A twisted mango. – [Director] Do you guys
feel so millennial right now? – I feel very millennial. – Considering we just
tried to arrange them to look nice on Instagram, yes. – I would drink all of them. – I would totally do Twisted Mango with a nice classic vodka on ice. – Maybe some lemon vodka
to mix with this orange. – So you’re doing more
of a bartender vibe. I’m just trying to get a little bit drunk. – This looks, oh the
shadows are very cool. Okay, one, two. – We gotta take it in portrait mode.


  1. Take a shot whenever you hear 'millennial'

  2. This would be more interesting with people who don't like diet Coke. I've always thought it tasted horrible compared to regular Coke but if these were good I might try them.

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  4. Diet pop taste acky.

  5. diet coke is for gullible women who think they are drinking coke but getting away with it as it 'diet' and taylor swift is sponsored. meanwhile the people who drink it are women sat in a office getting fat. aspartame kills more than sugar!

  6. I still don't know how I feel about the flavors but I came away with very strong opinions about all the people in that video

  7. I have had the mango and the lime and the cherry. I say the lime is my favorite because I put lime in my coke and Pepsi anyway. Anywho I found that I get heartburn sometimes. I also found I guess it was because I drank it too fast. When I drank the lime one slower I didn't have heartburn afterward. And I like​ the mango one it just tastes citrusy to me not really mango. Also, the cherry was nice it tastes similar to the cherry coke but a little spicier.

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  9. Diet Coke is associated with dementia, millennials.

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    Unless you're taking a picture of a person, everything is supposed to be shot in landscape mode. ESPECIALLY VIDEOS YOU IPHONE USERS! No one wants to view the world through a damn keyhole. (/rant)

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  13. To everybody complaining about the girl who said they're spicy, she's technically right, it's just that spicy wasn't the best word to use. They kinda hurt the back of your throat when you drink them.

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  16. Diet Coke (specifically the aspartame)  Kills good stomach bacteria which actually helps you digest food properly and feel full from less. Ironically drinking "Diet Coke" will actually help you gain more weight. 
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