People Retake The Elementary School Fitness Test

– What if the 15 year olds watch this and they’re like, yeah obviously they’re not going to do as well as us. They’re old. (whistle blowing) (cheerful music) – My name is Clark and I’m kind
of active, but I hate gyms. – In comparison to this dude right here, I’m pretty athletic. – In high school I did wrestling. Wrestling was so intense, so I quit wrestling and
joined musical theater. – I’m pretty athletic. I use to break dance. – I use to be active when I was younger. I played every sport you could think of. – I think I am much more athletic in my mind than I am in body. – I try to go to the gym
like four days a week. – Good, that’s good. – I think that’s it, thank you. (drum roll) (sad music) – Ah, crap, this is that flexibility test. I sucked at this thing. – Oh no, this is the
worst part of gym for me. – [Interviewer] So today
ya’ll will be retaking the New York State physical fitness test. (laughing) – I just wanna do better
than the 15 year old girl. – Um, it says an 11 year
old boy can do 47 curl ups. What, I don’t even think I can do 20. (whistle blowing) – Five, six. – Seven, eight, you’re goin’. – Nine, 10, 11, 12. – Oh my god, my boobs. – 14, 15. – It’s about how hard you
can push and keep going! That’s how winning is done! – 38, 39, 40. – 55, 56, 57, 58. You’re as strong as a 12 year old boy. – I did it! – You did it man. – You’ve got nothin’ on me! (dinging) (buzzing) – So, for an 11 year old
male, the goal is 26 push ups. One, two three, two, two three. – Three, two three. – 12, two three. – 13, ah come on, give me 14. I hate this so much. – 21, two three, 22, two three. – 14, two three. – Four, two… (spitting) – Come on push, give
me five, give me five. Wow you weren’t kidding. – 31 man, that was close. You did good, you almost
beat that 15 year old. – I’m upset and disappointed in myself. – Either you’re gonna do worse than a kid or you’re gonna do better
than a kid, and it’s like… – Yeah, what are you,
gonna brag about that? Walk out of here just like I
squashed those 12 year olds. (dinging) (buzzing) – His whole upper body
is like my whole height. You gotta make your legs
straight sir, no cheatin’. – And so for females,
they have to go this far. – What! – Divin’ in to two. – No, that didn’t go anywhere. – What, 32, Jesus Christ! (yelling) Ah, didn’t do it. – 24, that is exactly 24. – Yeah well I gotta for 31. – Oh! (yelling) – I bumped that one. (dinging) (buzzing) – I thought that I probably
would be able to perform at an 11 year olds standard, but… – Let’s say there’s my crush and here I am trying to do push ups. He’s going to be disappointed at the girl who couldn’t do more than three. – But if you’re good at something and it makes you happy, do it. If that’s sports, do it. If it’s not sports, that’s okay. It may not seem like it’s okay right now, but I promise you, you’ll be
shocked at how okay it is. – Spread body positivity, alright. I was voted the most
athletic girl in high school and look at me now,
look at me now, ya know. So this could be you, so
don’t talk to fast about that person that can
only do five push ups. He doesn’t even have to take
a flexibility test anymore. Look at this, this guy is a genius. (yelling) A 15 year could beat Eric, can you? Can ya, can ya, can ya?


  1. how did they do barely any sit ups and be expected to do 40 push ups? lmao Im 210 pounds 6”2 and can do 200 strait sit ups but only 35 push ups

  2. None of them did any of them right😑

  3. "mentally athletic" that be a great excuse for fat ppl

  4. Where's the pull ups, and push-ups that you have to hold for 3 seconds

  5. I’m the guy that can do 60 push ups but I can’t run for long at all

  6. im 14 and i can do 200 situps tf

  7. Nobody to correct their form.. why do you do a sport video then, the curl ups killed their back

  8. Well we done 200 sit ups at my school

  9. How much time do they have to do the curl ups?

  10. We’re not thinking they can not because they are old but rather because they are on buzzfeed

  11. Imagine being a full grown man not able to do a couple pushups

  12. The pacer test is 100x worse then this

  13. Push ups are so much easier than curl ups wtf

  14. just because someones old does not mean they cannot pass the test

  15. Some of them didn’t do them right

  16. What 11 year old can function at this level

  17. The only one I was good at was flexibility mostly because when I was in 1st grade I did ballet

  18. Excuse me what there’s no time limit in US wtf my fitness test is 48 sit ups in a min, 7 pull ups, 55cm for sit and reach, 11 min for 2.4km run

  19. The hell kinda grade school has the physical fitness test. Minus a timed two mile run this hits the Army standard for Amry Physical Fitness Test

  20. if i have the weight 5years ago

  21. I'm 13 and I did better in everything lol

  22. This is definitely a lie

  23. Am i the only one who has never gotten to my Sit-up limit because that would take ages🤣🙄😭

  24. Look at them

  25. I know no one in my school that can do 40 push-ups to the fitnessgram cadence and correct form

  26. Stop lyin I took this test three days ago it’s a high school level test what elementary is doing this and all the scores are NATION average

  27. Im 15 year old watching this

  28. This is so fun to watch as an high level rower😂😂😂

  29. Lol Brenda can only do 5 push ups

  30. That isn’t even a curl up that’s a sit up

  31. What boy can do 57 curl ups?

  32. I did 80 sit-ups easy and 40 push ups

  33. Elementary school age, 11, 12 or 15 please make up your mind

  34. When I was eleven I do 80 sit-ups a day.

  35. In my elementary school fitness test we had to do (or at least try to) 75 curlups and maybe… 45 pushups?

  36. At my middle school you have to do 80 sit ups and 86 push ups. Yeah, as if I’m doing that-

  37. Lol the form throughout the whole video!

  38. Push-up test sucks

  39. girl: I played every sprt you can think of
    me: did u play Kabbadi? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  40. Oh, the mile run. I hate every part of that. 🙂

  41. 2:39 im upset 50 thousand on my neck is disrespect

  42. I love how we’re not allowed to get our feet held

  43. I could do 40 pushups I am a female

  44. Hahaha

  45. They are doing form breaks on push-ups

  46. 1:29 ur not even allowed to hold down their feet lmao

  47. I'm 11and I got 75 curl ups

  48. I’m 11 and can5 even do 30

  49. I’m only 9 and I can do 95 curl ups and 48 push ups. Yo girl power right here lol

  50. They didn’t do curl ups right

  51. Wait they do tests?

  52. Sit n reach they all did it wrong

  53. Dude-
    I fail my elementary fitness test-
    I NOT failing my middle school one ;-;

  54. They should have done Pacer and or mile run (I got like 72 on pacer and a time of 6:28 on my mile, pretty trash why lie)

  55. Look at these half curl ups… sit all the way up

  56. Are curl ups and sit ups the same?

  57. can we pleas ackknoledge that for the curl ups you can't hold their feet down and their hands must be down on the ground without lift ANNDDD their head must touch the floor and come back up to the knees.
    And for the pushups ummm that raspy voice dude did half worm half pushup xD and that one girl was doing knee pushups i think they called idk but nah, even girls gotta do dat full pushup. oh and my school's sit and reach is screwed up we don't got none of that push it with one motion and that's your score nahhhhh ours is reach, hold it and wait for the slow ass teacher to write your score down. edit: also for the pushups my school just put up a video of someone saying "down… up… down…up" haha edit edit: ALSO FOR THE PUSHUPS my teacher legit said 90 degree angle so i was wheezing the whole time while some athletic guy does wrong form and gets away with it because everyone thinks he had superhero strength :/

  58. curl ups – 1:06 (no holding down feet, hands down, head touch floor and come back all the way to knees)
    pushups – 2:03 ( regular pushups do 90 degree)
    sit and reach – 3:02 (male is basically either to your toes or a little bit past. female is basically like 2 inches past your toes or something like that idk im not flexible)

  59. It’s sad that I could destroy any of them

  60. They didn’t even do the curl-ups correctly

  61. They were doing sit ups, not even curl ups.

  62. We did a fitness circuit in school and the only thing I was rlly good at was the flexibility

  63. For everyone out there who doesn’t know the flexibility one usually won’t be affected by body shape unless ur legs and body r super uneven because if u have longs legs u tend to have a long body and the same with short legs

  64. Wait 43 cm for females… I’m twelve and when I did this I only got 29 which I don’t understand because I can easily get my head to my nee’s but the thing is we didn’t have one of those things you pushed with your thinkers and the person who measured me had been arguing with everybody about scores I mean surely 43 centimetres is wrong some people couldn’t even reach it my friend got 22 I don’t know any other scores but bruh 43!!!

  65. for fitness gram for 13 year olds it is 9 push ups and for curl ups it should be like 32 right? I got 26 push ups and 80 curl ups but even then im not sure what the standards are for 15 year olds and the title for this video is wrong it should be high school not elementary school if we are talking about 15 year olds.

  66. If this test was for 15 year olds the the kids at our school were monsters in elementary

  67. I’m 13 and I can do 122 sit-ups in a row and I don’t even have the school record

  68. Don't forget the mile run

  69. I'm so glad I live in Australia we didn't have to do this in school

  70. 0:00 um excuse you I’m 14. But yeah I was already thinking that from the thumbnail.

  71. In my elementary, the goal was 20 push-ups for males. There's no way 40 push-ups.

  72. I dont get why females get to do less then the males

  73. I remember for the Sit and Reach, when I shot my hands forward, my fingers slammed into the board, and flung three of my fingernails out of my fingers, and onto the board. It was great.

  74. yall know 15 year olds are in high right?

  75. They did it with such bad form so it it shouldn’t t count

  76. and not a single rep was done that day at all

  77. Teachers have left the chat

  78. I have the pacer test tomorrow wish me luck

  79. watching this after having to do the mile makes me feel strong lol


  81. I was kinda just waiting to hear…


  82. Now we have to do 80 sit-ups

  83. He said the New York State test I live there

  84. 11 year olds might be able to do that many pushups, but not a chance in hell theyll do all om them with good form lmao

  85. Fitness graham test?

  86. I went to a police camp in grade 3 and we had a push up competition I did 146 push ups and I was the youngest know body else could do more then 15

  87. My buff gymnast friend can barely do 40 push ups straight and its our freshman year

  88. No one did the exercises right but ok

  89. They didn’t do the pacer 😢

  90. The fitness gram pacer test thoooo

  91. Do a beep test

  92. Comments:Talks about pacer test
    Me:Laughs in New Zealand

  93. This is not a test In uk we do a test called the bleep test its basically just for pace

  94. Is it weird that I did this when I was 10?

  95. Where the beep test at

  96. The goddam pacer test

  97. Me and my friend did a competition in the pushups test the other day he smacked me I got 60 he got 101

  98. All their curl ups was done wrong so they all failed the first test

  99. I swear i couldn't even do 5 pushups at 11

  100. For sit ups a 15 yo only 57??! At my school the most we can do is 80 and every boy gets their except like 5

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