PDC blames James Wade "health problems" for not include him in the 2014 Premiere League of darts

they are the 10 players that will contest the 2014 Premier League of darts brilliant lineup obviously people will ask the question no James way to form a winner I suppose that's the the big name absence from the list of 10 I think there's lots of big names outs and I think Andy Hamilton was unlucky not again Kim hi bricks was up there Michael Smith for his great win over Phil Taylor I think the committee took this that the situation with James Wade a past winner and a great great player you know he had to add a few medical issues this year and then decided to give him a year off and I'm sure James will bounce back from that and re-established himself as one of the world's top players it's been a tough call we can all make cases for so many different great players nonetheless we had to select 10 players and they are the tender have been selected well a lot of people will be surprised James Wade's not in there yeah I mean as Barry said you know the decision was made mainly on his health reasons you know we think they would do him a favor to have a a bit of a time off you know he's had some problems you know it's not taken away what a great player is we all know that seven times a major winner and what have you but it was a tough decision right the way through I mean you know the last two days it's been talked about all the time with you know Barry and the committee and Rory from Sky it was and of course we're going to get it in the next question beyond sight possibly from Andy Hamilton I think he's the only one that can fill a little bit of grievance but the rest deserve the spot


  1. I couldn't stop laughing when Wade didn't get selected, and then won the masters about 3 weeks later XD

  2. LOL

  3. erm behind the scenes james wade has smashed one hotel room up…swore and spat at officials..been aggresive 2wards players…being pissed and twice walking off half way through his games…thats why he aint in this year…to try and get him to sort himself out……not bcuz hearne dont like him and not the fact that he is boring….if that was so andy hamiton wouldnt hav got a spot last year..now hes boring…i no all this to be true as i no a back stage official at the p.d.c

  4. Fuck James Wade hahaha, ignorant kunt he is

  5. total crap, hearn has been waiting to take him out but couldn't as he has always qualified by right but hasn't for the first time in 6 years and because he doesn't act like a clown and just lets his darts do the talking and the "circus" premier league isn't about just darts now which should be entertainment enough

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