PCS Move After Alaska, EXTREME Physical Fitness Test,Steps To Become An Army Officer….& MORE!

I'm nervous before every pt2 I want to be able to call them and say look give me something that's going to help me progress as a leader maybe time here's my name is on some good one if d is this your boy dad's coming in a good morning is a 720 there's nothing better for me to get up in the morning and smack PT in the mouth I've been doing extremely well I love jacket and simmer down a little bit I'm a 222 so I'm height I'm height I was gonna take the day off today but i think i've been going hard on but seeing the results for me is what latian you really know so i was at a 225 yesterday and I like damn if I were the stays in the gym of 10 20 more minutes around a couple more miles one more month oh damn I would have been so that's what I did I 20 much exhausted myself today I was gonna pass out I keep water with me I don't around I have a bottle before bed I will bottom the morning i have long with me while running what I've been doing eyes are if you guys can see this I'm not promoting their product you know any pantry it's a unrelenting energy multi-phase male performance super suspension thermogenic all that good their liquid kappa capsules can't talk and they're pretty good so I haven't been drinking coffee and this is the reason why I guess it's a lot of on caffeine in it it is but it specifically says don't take anything with caffeine I want to taking this but yeah I've been doing it all yesterday all I had I didn't eat breakfast get burps I know it's breakfast is pretty important but I'm trying to get to a certain goal and I understand sacrifice you by the cut fatty foods off and not drink which is going to be whore on thing of alcoholic without usually like to have a beer or two i'm pretty sure i canna 50 texts are the third for the seventh or thursday or seven i think is that mondays and thursday what ever so my goal is to 20 but if I'm re to 22 and it's written the second of march i don't think i have a problem i worry about my knees hurting but i mean i've been doing ok let me do a good and so it seemed like the more I do it the less you know some I mom I don't know I'm nervous I think for me I want to perform well you know I said with me at the staff sergeant I get ranked against you know one through how many styles lunges are in the company and I want to be in that top five you know i'm thinking like all the all the staff sergeants I'm like and ain't that many better than me so I want to make sure that you know is no not there so in all military schools PT performance and all that matters so I want to perform extremely well I don't want to just do good so I'm working my ass off I mean this literally literally I worked myself to dunk like I said it bothers me i'm nervous before every PT test every one of them my heart because I when I was what I would hate is to do all this work and losing this waiting in the gym and then get there I picked us up perform well it's never happened but you know I just always feel like it can it can you know I catch a crap or my knees hurt in that day or whatever it may be you know I that's what I that's what I really like sure the most as you know that that goes on my record I know if you guys know what the e7 board will be convening convene convening conveying it'll be conveying in may or june june june so I have all the time I have to do another da photo I'll get my uniform ready this weekend another da photo I have the PT test in April and right now i'm currently in unit movement deployment officer course and i'm hoping to take TC aims to functional course it made before we go to mcc so i'm trying to do a lot of big things i just saw my wife wrote on the calendar for this month that we have ten freakin months up to we leave Alaska on I was I was trying to ask you if she wanted to extend so we won't have to drive in its weather all you guys saw how it was coming up here on driving through Canada was effing ridiculous and I really wanted to avoid that because I would like to go through Canada I mean I'm sorry to uh Arizona I'm still sweating and this is not you know this is serious even after i shower and I met Jim released 30 minutes 9 up something still sweating like it does it for real so but anyway yeah i really want to travel across country why was you know summertime you know and then you know i just hate it you know cool you gotta go to school to school like this but i guess i'd be it right I'm sure he well he's all pretty good though for the last school he was there for I want to say it like on a complete year of the bleeped year and then we came to the school and he'll be he blew here for mr. January through May and it'll be he'll graduate second grade they go to third and be there from what September's name don't thing you gotta moving in Jesus but um I'm sure we'll be all right oh I said I won't know where we're going until maybe a May or June after their out two NT see what I said I'm just hoping though I really don't want to hope I want to be able to call them and say look give me something that's going to help me progress as a leader what I said I really want the loan officer I am desperately waiting for my muff secret clearance that's what I really need that's what i really need follows wondering what sort of package I have everything else in line minus a couple of few things besides the secret clearance and that's that's what i really need i had to get a waiver for this stupid ass tattoo i put on my neck when I was a dumb dumb dumb person so if you guys come in army anyone then don't don't get this I mean I can get a waiver but the waivers does look bad you know I just I just thought I really don't get into the happy to get on I think it approved by the time commander that you know this and this is ok man I shouldn't be a problem NBC are pretty cool every time here's my name is some some good no I think I'll be okay with that but I mean what I'm getting ready to use because it's cutting so close to the deadline I'm gonna get everything done you know that I have to do on my part letters of recommendation the medical part and then you know hopefully all I can do is hope that the security clearance are coming this year I guess my pocket I feel pretty strongly about my all right on so the time that I've been in the amount of knowledge that I have the the type of units that I've been in people and operations company and land cargo transportation company to an artillery solve I have a vast knowledge of a little bit of everything I totally Corey up a little bit oh I'm excited and there was at the same time because this I mean it would be 15 years for me this year and I'm like I'm telling make moves I mean I don't want to make e7 but I do I mean you know and I don't want to be liked by e7 is a but I just feel like for me at this point of my career with all this knowledge I need to be willing officer I need to be a 88 to out for mobility officers making happen that's that's our thing I feel that's what I want anyway so I'm hi hanging up laughs no more 38 minutes and 42 second I just want to say hello I know I've been on the vlog lately i'm currently attempt to take look I'm taking college courses and I've been in military school right now and I still got to be squad leader I got into er's I'm doing COAS and I'm going on a am so i'm booked my wife says and i'm going to bed at ten o'clock that's what that's what I needlessly especially don't get up at five number you know and I stand up and studying and long and stuff so thanks for watching our ate a little thing she got to smuggle stuff I I do want to say that I am working on my my man channel sir snowing I'm believe in ghosts this ship is from some to spell outside and nobody out there the license leave my kids I don't know for them anyway so I want to work on the manchild not a man channel but there's a channel for males those that are interested in the military a question I'm you guys subject matter expert for the most part of everything if I don't know I know where they'll get to answer how know you want talk about cars no like that this stuff that when the probably females aren't are interested in or maybe they are but I'll try to be more of or vocal I know are we see that with it would be a lot easier if I have my own camera I had my own notes and i think i can take it more than work you got into the class just stuff like that I want to be here for you guys I'm outgoing like two minutes sorry hey everybody so I'm currently editing there's the face with the edit the vlog and I noticed that doesn't soak a lot which I appreciate but today's vlog with his footage would have been like 40 minutes long maybe less than that but it was going to be a really long blog so i decided to just cut it in half but you guys would be the rest of this base vlog tomorrow anyways i hope that you enjoyed everything that he said I certainly did I was like captivated even though I had to edit all his arms because he says even though i do two bases amor anyway so i hope they even enjoyed this if you guys have any Arnie related questions his job he's 88 Mike up anything about Warrant Officer anything about joining the military boot camp any of those questions come at them below and please like this video if you want Desmond to have his own channel I wanted to add the zone channel I feel like I want a lot of army videos because I'm so interested in what you know my husband does and y'all know I've been wanting I kind of wanted to join the army that went downhill it was like a month girl was like yeah you know I lose weight think about join but I don't think I can I don't think I can't I can't I can't be away from my babies I don't know anyway so yeah comment down below talk to Desmond to create his own channel please I know he'd be busy but you know what i might just created forehead I might just created for hit you guys so look down in the infobox stop below and see if I put a link to his new channel and if i did go subscribe to it so I could show him like babe everybody's already subscribed to you i will put like a picture of him in his military uniform so yeah just click below it it's not very i haven't created it but all right now i'll talk a lot anyways if you like this video please give us and desmond a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel and you guys will see us tomorrow peace out

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