hi guys hi guys I'm here to talk about three supplements that have really helped me manage my PCOS but before I get started I do just want to say I am NOT a doctor this is only something that has worked for me I'm not saying you should take these supplements and you should always consult your doctor about any you supplements you want to implement into your daily life that aside I just want to say these supplements have helped me get rid of my acne have regular periods and made it much easier to lose weight so they were really life-changing for me because since I started taking them 12 weeks ago ah I do not have acne on my skin maybe like one pickle right around my menstrual cycle my menstrual cycle occurs on the same day every month and so that's very exciting and it has been easier to lose weight without really changing much I mean I always do eat healthy but I'm always at a plateau you guys know how it is with PCOS and these supplements have really helped so let's get started supplement number one is you know Seto I found this on Amazon this one was a little more expensive it was well out of all the free ones I have by was $30 and it's 60 servings so that should last you two months unless you do decide to take it twice a day this one is called pure therapeutics and it's cherry flavor and you know Seto used to be a B vitamin but since our body makes it they decided not to make a B vitamin anymore and just call it in Osito and inositol is a wonderful thing I'm really important for PCOS because it works in those reactions the help insulin take of glucose so what really convinced me to try an acetal is a study that came out on 261 overweight women um they took an acetyl for 12 weeks and they saw an improvement in their fertility and they were able to lose a lot more weight it really hit home with me and I actually found like 13 more studies proving that you know still does have some effect on positive effects on PCOS and regulation so you just solve one scoop of this this is cherry flavor it's not the best tasting but you'll manage next we have alpha lipoic acid and this is a mitochondrial fatty acid and it's naturally found in meats and in a little minute amount it's found in vegetables so lipoic acid has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity again like in acetyl and also decrease triglycerides in the blood and in this studies I saw the women were taking on 800 micrograms I take five hundred so one in the morning and one at night but I mean on the package it says take one capsule daily so usually studies do put a higher doses in order to really see that facts and see if it works but I've been taking it twice a day and it works just fine and that dosent last but not least we have vitex berry so Vytas berry is a little different than the other two because it's a herb and it's I believe it was used in Chinese hormonal therapy and it has been said to increase fertility and manage PCOS symptoms package it says adult take 2 tech 2 capsules daily in the morning and best with long-term use if you ever take curves you kinda have to be prepared to wait a lot of you watch with oh I'm going to take this her butt said this and this it's going to happen overnight um the reason you're eager you're taking the more natural option is not to tap these things happen overnight but to find a more natural way for your body to adapt to the herps and slowly heal your body so don't expect miracles but I have been taking this regularly you can read about it I can't say much of my sister's not a lot of things scientifically backed up but it has been used in Chinese medicine to help women with PCOS so guys um I don't want to back up and tell you the prices because I know I mentioned above you know seat all but 5 expiry almost 1425 and that includes 60 capsules so if you take it twice a day is going to be for a month and you can if you decided to get once a day it's going to be for two months and lipoic acid it's $15 and I have 120 capsules but I do take this one twice a day but it's totally up to you and does take say take one capsule um so yeah guys so these are things that work for me really well um I'm definitely not going to stop taking them anytime soon um I'm just my skin cleared up and I also have been getting more like quality sleep I wouldn't say more sleep because I'm in college so I'm always studying but I am getting more quality sleep so definitely check it out you're going to find all of these on Amazon or probably probably your local vitamin shop or GNC so yeah guys thanks for watching and I hope to talk to you guys soon bye


  1. Idk because when you have PCOS you have insulin resistance which means your pancreas is producing more insulin than normal just stabilize your blood sugar. You can’t eat carbs but that’s the only thing that makes you feel energized but also causes weight gain. I’m feeling so lost with this entire thing honestly I just want to feel normal again 😔💔

  2. Can I have raw whey protein with pcos

  3. How many months I have to take this for pcos?

  4. Can u do a video on body hair how u deal with it cuz I have it and don’t know what to do

  5. Can anyone please tell me the names of these 03 supplements?

  6. Is the other video an update to the supplements u take. Or do you take these and those as well. I'm seeing one here that is not on the other video. I already use Cinnamon.

  7. My doctor told me to just take my pills everyday and I will be okay. But when I search about PCOS I found out that I have a higher risk of having diabetes, highblood and etc. . How can they tell me I'm gonna be okay? 😑

  8. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!♡♡♡♡♡ Thank you soooo much dear Ula for making these videos. You are an angel♡☆♡

  9. Do I have to take vitex forever? Or when can I stop take them?

  10. Ive been stressing about my diagnosed pcos. I feel like its affecting my hair and my skin, my energy and my eyes are really dry too. All the things that make me feel feminine and energetic are affected, its making me feel so sad! My doctor did nothing. Your videos have made me feel so much better! Keep up your inspo!!!

  11. What are the products again?

  12. I read lots of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Fopobiacne Secrets will help you get rid of your acne problem. Has anybody tested out this popular natural acne treatment?

  13. I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But I'm not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular natural acne remedy?

  14. Love your videos

  15. have you ever heard of using:
    Burdock root
    Yellow dock root
    Elderberry and
    Hydrangea root.

  16. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3813238/

  17. Inositol did nothing for my pcos 😓

  18. Hi, do you experience migraine related to your pcos?

  19. Do you still go through birth control pills?

  20. Do you have any experience with spirulina and chlorella supplements for PCOS or any related problem? Thank you for your helpful videos!

  21. Thanks for sharing! New subbie!

  22. 4 vitamin supplements for woman with PCOS https://goo.gl/Szzety

  23. Hello , I have pcos and m trying to convince. I ordered some suppliments for cure pcos . vitex , myo inositol , dong quai , maca powder , prenatal multivitamin ( garden of life )and saw palmetto
    Could you please help me all these suppliments are Sufficient for cure pcos or should I add some more suppliments instead of these plzz tell me
    I also taking soaked fenugreek seed in morning and grounded flex seed

  24. Doctors just want to put us on birth control and tell us to loose weight…don't consult them 😅

  25. How did you get sponsored

  26. Który z tych suplementow najlepiej wpływa na uregulowanie cyklów miesiączkowych? 🙂

  27. Can these be taken with birth control?

  28. Do you take all three of these daily?

  29. I am trying to get pregnant and my dr prescribe metformin… so many side effects and makes me feel so ill that I finally stopped taking it… I been following you and been learning a lot about my condition w pcos… thanks for all de knowledge…. I just got all the supplements last weekend and so far I have been feeling great. No more metformin for me… thanks!!

  30. Hi. I am 28, obese and would like to conceive. i have PCOS and i use Herbalife weight loss Products to lose weight. Do you have any idea if these products have steriod or is it harmful if i have PCOS?

  31. There are actually a lot of clinical studies that prove taking 4gr of inositol with folic acid helped women with PCOS to lose weight and regulate their cycles. I just started taking them this week. I feel my skin way better and my cravings are gone. I also feel less anxious and my sleep is better. I was unable to sleep more than 4 hours and now I can get my 8 hours. It's my first week but I have high hopes for this product as I don't want to take the BC pills.

  32. How do you spell the name of the powder that's cherry? I want to buy it.

  33. evening primose is a good supplement since it produces the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body in order to balance out the hormones.

  34. have you tried a glucose leveler? its a supplement that helps blood sugar spikes

  35. Wat was the first product name cn u type it exactly tq😊

  36. Sadly, two of those didn't work for me . My body responds horribly to herbs and supplements.

  37. Found your channel to be very useful. I haven't got myself checked yet but I suspect I have pcos, I have hormonal acne, severe hair loss and very often I wouldn't have my period for months at a time. I bought B complex vitamins, evening primrose oil and magnesium supplements (really helps with my sleeping problem and restless leg syndrome) but I'm currently using birth control cos I'm not planning to have kids this year, so I haven't use vitex yet. I read that it makes the birth control to be useless cos it promotes fertility. I will definitely buy vitex when I clear my birth control next year. I feel that I need extra supplements like iron, zinc and calcium. Point is, I'm obsessed with supplements lol

  38. I've noticed inositol in capsule form. Do you find better results by taking it in pure powder form?

  39. So I'm thinking about taking vitex but unsure because I heard it can raise your lh hormone and when I got diagnosed with pcos that's one of my hormones that were to high . What is your thought on that ? Because I have the acne that goes along with pcos and I'm trying to heal it and Iv heard great things about vitex healing pcos acne but unsure because of high lh hormone . Thank you 😊

  40. ahhh i am so happy i found your channel! I am 21 and i was just diagnosed with PCOS after suspecting it since being about 13. Your knowledge is lifesaving, i'm about to follow your meal prep and order all of these supplements as soon as i get paid! hahah
    i just had one question–regarding the vitex, did you notice any issues with weight gain? I came across this supplement a while ago and decided not to buy because of many reviews saying they gained weight. thanks in advance! <3

    oh and side note, you're beautiful! you look like you could be bethany mota's older sister or something omgg

  41. Hi! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you thought about Fenoboci Diet Plan? I've heard several incredible things about it and my cousin lost a lot of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  42. Hi, is it safe to take these supplements with Metformin?

  43. Great videos with great information! I'm so thankful to you. I'm pcos patient and I'm not diabetic. Does these 3 supplements prescribed by your doctor to you? do should take these supplements to the rest the life? Will these supplements cause any side effects? does these supplements cause any weight gain?
    Do you use other medicines for pcos or do you managing pcos just by supplements, diet and exercise?
    please give me reply it would be very helpful to my health and mind….please answer to my enquiries….
    waiting for your reply

  44. Hey there. You drink all pills after the breakfast, don't you?
    How long have you taken these pills? Do you get back your period as the same day every month?
    I saw the last video you take omega-3 together with these ones right? How it work does?

  45. Thank you so much for the tips, I just subscribed.

  46. Is there any chance you can update the links?

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