PCOS Exercise Plan for Weightloss (just 3 steps!)

Hi, I’m Erika, the PCOS personal trainer. And I’d like to share with you my formula
for a PCOS weight loss workout plan. And you can put this together with three
simple steps and it’s the quickest way I know how to get you feeling
confident in your body. Again, reduce your stress and get you on the
road to losing weight even if you have PCOS. So step number one is to strength train
three times a week on non-consecutive days. So you want a break
in between each workout. So it could be Monday, Wednesday,
Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday you get the idea. These workouts should be total body
workouts so they should hit all of your major muscle groups, which is an upper body pushing exercise
and upper body pulling exercise, a squat based exercise and
and usually something for lower body pulling the hip hinge patterns. So you want to hit quads and hamstrings
as well in the lower body and then a core stability exercise. And you want to have that sort of
formula for all three of your workouts. Start to finish from warm up to cool down, it should take about
30 to 40 minutes tops. I know what you’re thinking that you
should be working out a ton if you want to lose weight with PCOS. I can tell you
right now that’s not necessarily the case. I’ve been working with women who have
had PCOS for a long time now since 2014 and probably say for example,
one of my coaching clients, Chi, she’s a personal trainer and she came to
me frustrated with stubborn weight loss that she just couldn’t get a handle on
and she was working out about two hours a day. I put her on the plan I’m talking about
right now and she got fantastic results and also she reduced her stress cause
she was having to spend so much time at the gym and it was getting in the way
of some other stuff in her life. Okay. So getting onto step number
two, which is your cardio, I recommend high intensity
interval training because
it is better at addressing insulin resistance and
decreasing belly fat. It has an edge over traditional cardio. So high intensity interval training is
when you alternate between bouts of about 20 to 40 seconds of
really intense exercise. Maybe something like running
as fast as you can jump ropes, burpees and then low intensity
exercise like just walking it out, marching in place, skipping rope instead of jumping rope
and you alternate between this high and low intensity for about
10 to 15 minutes tops. And I’d like to see my weight loss clients
getting in two HIIT sessions a week. I have also found that if you want to
place those hit sessions right after your a strength training workout that usually
works pretty well in might give you a little bit of an edge when it comes
to fat loss. I’m not sure why, but then again, I’ve been doing this for awhile and
I’ve just kind of noticed some patterns. So that’s one way that you
can give yourself just a
little bit more of an edge. Step three is restorative activities and
this is the one that everyone skimps on and doesn’t realize the power of it. So it’s kind of a well known fact.
If you’re a fitness nerd like me, that your workout is not
where your body changes. So working out provides your body
stimulus to change and the healing and recovering that happens on your off days. That’s where the metabolic
action, the magic really happens. So on your recovery days, you’re going to be building more muscle
and increasing your metabolism by building that muscle and you’re
insulin cell receptor sites, which is critical for women with PCOS. So that recovery time is really necessary. Plus overexercising kind of works in
the opposite direction for women living with PCOS because stress is
big underlying issue for us. And if you are, our
stress levels are high, either your physical stress levels
or your mental stress levels or both, you’re going to see your body take on
some hormonal reactions that aren’t going to help with balancing out your
PCOS related hormone problems. So all that to say you gotta
have your recovery days, but I don’t want you to just
sitting around doing nothing
on your recovery days. I want you engaging in
restorative activities. I love it if you can get outside for
this type of exercise because that gives you an extra mental boost plus the
sunshine will give you some vitamin D, but things like walking,
restorative yoga or yen yoga, so that’s really gentle yoga with a lot
of deep breathing involved and resting in a pose for awhile. It will help
with your flexibility as well. Walking, like I mentioned before, anything fun
where you’re laughing or goofing around, like playing kickball with some
friends maybe even in a league or playing with your children
or your friend’s kids, go borrow some kids if you’re
looking for some games to play. All of those are great examples of
restorative activities that are going to ensure that when you go to the gym that
you’re actually getting the results you had hoped for. Okay, so let’s recap. Strength train three times a
week, three full body sessions, so you’re going to be hitting your
upper body, pulling and pushing. You’re going to be working your quad
dominant exercises and your hip dominant exercises in your lower body and you’re
going to be doing core stability. Step two is high intensity
interval training. Either on your days off from strength
training or directly after your strength training workouts. Do not do hit before you strength train
because you want to come into your strength training fresh and fully
energized because it’s the most important element of your workout.
And then step three, your restorative exercise. So this is the physical activity you do
on your days off from formal exercise. It should be good for your
heart, heart heart, not your, your cardiovascular heart. But I’m
talking about your soul, if you will. Your spirit should be something
that boosts your happy, feel good, feel good vibes. It should be relaxing and it shouldn’t
have pushed you to your limits and it should happen every day that you’re not
in the gym doing something formal. Okay? So if you found this
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