PBS Episode Blockchain in Medicine featuring; BurstIQ, Intermountain healthcare and Empiric Health

the future of healthcare will be driven by data and what is called blockchain technology one hospital adopting this new data technology that is having immediate results is Intermountain Healthcare this data platform technology delivers information that helps doctors and hospitals make smarter decisions and prescribe more accurately delivering better outcomes for both patients and healthcare institutions Frank rocoto the CEO of burst IQ outlines how technology will change healthcare burst IQ is a network of businesses individuals and health care providers all connected through the power of blockchain and really the the connection is designed to provide better services for you you and I so we can live a healthier life the word blockchain usually refers to a technology but in the bigger picture you know we like to we like to believe it's really the second major functional overlay on the Internet with the first be in the browser browser allowed anybody to publish information and access information and what does blockchain gonna allow us to do blockchain is really a trust overlay on the network it allows you and I to transfer value our representation of value like my health data in a way that's guaranteed safe and secure everyone knows it knows it's happened and there's an a permanent record that it happened first IQ is allowing healthcare and other health care providers a open and secure method to allow them to do business in ways that they've never been able to do before with the advent of blockchain technology and some of the technologies that we have brought together what this is doing is is allowing cost savings for the patient it's allowing different ways for doctors to engage with patients I think our platform can really open up that access whether it's between the consumer or between a business a business and consumer and allow them to create different products and different applications on the on our platform that allows you to get access to as a consumer as a healthcare individual and it really opens the door to really energize the healthcare technology side of life this technology is designed to facilitate secure access to health information for patients and health care providers what burst IQ is is a broad-based open data exchange the next generation of health is really going to be driven by data data is the currency that's going to change how change the whole health industry patients should care about what happened what happens to their data for a variety of reasons one they want to make sure it's safe and secure and a blockchain based system allows allows that to happen or facilitate sap from the standpoint of controlling who can access the information the second thing it makes it accessible to you we all have a loved one or many of us have loved ones that are over 60 years old so knowing more about yourself and being able to provide that information to your care providers allows them to make better decisions about your health and your healthcare and their recommendations and keep you healthier and out of the hospital yeah adding a mountain we pride ourselves on innovation we pride ourselves on using new technology in the best safest most quality way possible what empiric and burst IQ have enabled us to do is to get real-time reliable simple data so as an executive I can sit down look at that get a very clear clean snapshot of whatever it is that I'm looking for and then I can translate that very quickly to how can I help my physician peers in whatever specialty that I'm over how can I help them improve their practice we're able to do things now and in the future that we were not able to do previously without blockchain physicians and patients benefit from burst IQ and blockchain technology physicians are very busy individuals they don't have time to look through data and graphs and tables and spreadsheets on their own they really need give me the information I need and let me go take care of patients without births implementation of the blockchain technology into the analytics platform we the challenges that are presented by doing national benchmarking and true comparisons of data systems hospitals and physicians wouldn't be otherwise possible so where all this comes together is taking the Intermountain methodology taking the burst IQ platform taking the blockchain technologies pulling it all together at the end of the day is allowing the surgeon to make a evidence-based decision on what's the right process for their practice and then I'll relies on data date is absolutely critical to what we're doing here at the end of the day it's the data that tells us what the outcomes quality and cost have been for each individual case and then in turn how we can drive better and improve care for each patient doctors are excited about the future of healthcare using this new data technology am i excited about the future of health data absolutely unequivocably I think data drives decisions data helps me know how to interact with my patients in the best way possible so that I can protect them all of us join the medical field because we care and because we want to help people data allows us to do that in a way that frankly we haven't been able to do previously so am I excited you know how can I answer any more positively Frank ricotta explains how patients will have better and safer access to their health information what are you going to be able to do with a burst IQ solution well you're gonna be able to peek inside your health record and understand what information is contained in your health record not just with your primary care physician but any any doctor that you've seen or any facility that you've been to it brings it all together in one place via a device but a phone a tablet or your computer you'll be able to access your health information not just the information that your doctor has or may need but also other information from your wearables and your fitness I owe t devices and even the home smart devices that the doctor may ask you to keep the monitor your condition so you're gonna be able to see all that information but more importantly we're gonna make it easy for you the patient our system is going to end up saving you a lot of time because it's going to provide more accurate information to your doctor so they can they can treat you better and more importantly it's going to remove a whole lot of frustration out of the system only for you but for your doctor as well you

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