Paul Ryan Slams Single-Payer, Government-Run Health Care

yeah this idea of Medicare for Medicare sounds good so it should be for everybody what that means is you will destroy obliterate the private health insurance system the employer sponsored health insurance system oh and by the way you'll hasten the bankruptcy of Medicare that's the thing with socialism Maggie Thatcher said it right which is eventually you run out of other people's money to spend socialism is long and promises an extremely short on delivering on its promises and so what Medicare for all basically proposes to do is completely destroy the kind of health insurance system that families get to who get their health insurance from work hurt seniors who are counting on Medicare's promises and put government in between ourselves in our own health care it is the hallow empty promise of socialism that will do so much to harm the very issues we care about good health care access to good health care having choices having innovation socialism ruins those things


  1. That lying slut calls single payer "socialism". What BULLSHIT!!! Socialism is collective/social ownership of the means of production. NOTHING about single payer involves collective/social ownership of the means of production. ie: NOTHING about single payer is "socialist". Single payer is just a far more cost effective hc FINANCING system.

  2. Ryan, that lying corporate campaign donor whore, says that single payer would destroy private insurance co's. BULLSHIT!!! eg: In Canada, under single payer, insurance co's still do a thriving business offering "Cadillac" plans that cover things that may not be covered under single payer, like a private room if you are hospitalized.

  3. You’ll destroy the private insurance system: oh no! 🙄 For-profit insurance companies won’t be around to medically bankrupt families. What will we do?

    You’ll end employer sponsored insurance: health not being tied to your job? If you want to leave, or get laid off, losing your healthcare won’t be a worry? How terrible.

    You’ll hasten the bankruptcy of Medicare: now that’s a flat lie. For one, current Medicare has been gutted by conservatives like Ryan, and they still want to cut more. Any complaints they have on its financial state is on them 💯

    That’s the Republican strategy: bleed a public service, blame government, ironically, and privatize it. It’s gross.

    Furthermore, he knows damn well that no one is trying to enact Medicare For All without knowing a rework of health funding will be required. For one, the various public health plans already in existence (the VA, Medicaid, Current Medicare, Public Employee Plans, Tricare, CHIP) would all conglomerate as “Medicare For All;” there’s more than half the funding. The other half could easily be found by rerouting monies we already pay to private insurance companies towards a single payer.

  4. If socialism ruins all the things we care most about Ryan, quit taxing us to pay for national defense, police, fire departments, infrastructure, and most of all politicians salary's, pensions and healthcare for life.

  5. Ryan, says Medicare puts the government between ourselves and our own healthcare. So what Ryan, we would rather have an insurance corporation that doesn't give a dam about us between ourselves and our own healthcare? What a putz. You pay for the insurance with employees and employers thru payroll deductions just like their doing now just up the contribution rate as needed.

  6. UniParty false flags work. After 2016 there will be migrants, bombs, and shootings from here on out.

  7. why does life have to be this way why are people like this allowed anywhere near the government why is everyone so stupid

  8. What if I give you a few facts.
    1, We have the worse health care system in the developed world,
    2, we have the most expensive system in the developed world,
    3, we spend a lot more money to pay co-pays and other charges to private insurance companies,
    4, Medicare for all WILL NOT ELIMINATE private insurance, it will ONLY expand Medicare to everyone. If you want to keep paying high copays, you totally can.
    5, we are currently spending, and you can just google it, around $3.3 trillion per year, that is $33 trillion in 10 years. Bernie Sander's proposed bill is estimated to spend at THE MOST $32 trillion on the first 10 years, then it would balance and be lower. So no bankruptcy.
    6, Talking about bankruptcy, 643,000 citizens in the US go bankrupt because they can't pay their insurance,
    7, 27,000 people DIE every year for a lack of health care in the US,
    8, we are the only nation in the first world that does not use universal healthcare, we are among the few in the world that don't use it, and we are the only nation where people die and go bankrupt for not having that system.
    9, Corrupted people like you care less about us the citizens and are willing to lie to keep those checks coming in from private insurance companies and the big pharma, but guess what you CANT HIDE THE FACTS, and YOU WILL LOOSE because we the people WILL MAKE AMERICA THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD.

    From DONKEY or ELEPHANT, we choose HUMANS
    From LEFT or RIGHT, we choose FORWARD.

  9. Ryan displays his ignorance of health care and Medicare. There are zero countries that rely on for-profit healthcare systems. Even the US has nearly 40% of its people covered by single payer government run healthcare now including VA, Medicare, and Medicaid. We pay into Medicare from our paychecks so it's not an entitlement and doesn't contribute one penny to the deficit. Every industrialized country in the world except the US has government run healthcare and pays 1/2 what we do with better outcomes. His whole speech is based on inaccuracies, lies, and fearmongering.

  10. Says a man who is on a Socialist healthcare plan. Hypocrite!

  11. I believe you do not want socialized healthcare because big pharma, AMA and insurance companies donate to the Republican party.  I know o people who cannot afford their medicine due to the outrages cost put on meds by pharma.  May congress should look at bringing prices down i.e. why is Canada paying only a small portion of what we pay for drugs.  The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not have healthcare.  Retired military and veterans who qualify for VA Healthcare seem to love going to the doctor and not have to pay for drugs or treatment.  By the way, why is VA Healthcare ration and not given to all who promised VA Healthcare when they were in the military.  It makes a lot of sense to have employees and employers both paying into a fund for socialized healthcare.  Instead of paying four trillion dollars to fight wars. let us use that money for healthcare and education  The government now pays for 65% of al Americans through Medicaid and medicare, why not pay it for everybody and have3 everybody pay into a healthcare fund.

  12. I could swallow this — except for the fact that he and McConnel want to diminish Social Security, calling it an "entitlement." It isn't. I paid in to SS and Medicare my whole life, and it's MY money for MY retirement. If they want to go after entitlments, they should look at their life-time salaries, Congress' health care and put the brakes on the president's golf outings. These thoughts from one who was raised a Republican.

  13. If you did not pay into Medicare there should not be able to collect Medicare.

  14. How about you guys and girls we put in office vote in some pro second amendment bills it's the only reason republicans have control right now and you have done nothing. we need national reciprocity and stop trying to make bump stocks a class 3 NFA you and all your fellow republicans have lost touch with reality your going to lose control of congress in November and you have done nothing to support the people that gave you that control.

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