Patrick Willis' 'Homegrown' Workout

spatulas slam back for the San Francisco 49ers I'm here in LA now I'm chilling with stack come check out my home grown workout I like to call it homegrown no one I was growing up I don't have weights in and all that so I just had to kind of do it like the natural way just push-ups set up spat a metal bar and two blocks I'll put the metal bars between the two blocks and I will lift that so it's not about what you have is how you work with what you have I played a football at Brooklyn Central High School in Tennessee a little small town I only graduate with 40 people I want to go to Tennessee but Tennessee they won Oh mrs. I you know where we got scholarship here for you and I was like I want to come so I committed in Silent Hill on signing date it was the best four years of my life I don't know what I'm gonna do when I going through children do it I didn't do what I feel but it works with me I've been doing stuff that you learn you'd be like Hello made sense I was glad I'm like today and broke don't fix it up me out I don't know I like the way I look you know start out with cardio get my body warm get my temperature high anything I hate the most is cardio I had you're doing cardio badness I got to do it so now I'm about to do arms and shoulders some guys like to bench like this which I'm guilty like I do sometimes I'm trying to learn how to like always grip the bar and use every little muscle my body to mention up getting my forepeak you're going to hold on adventure hold out in front stuff you got to make sure that you equally do the back too because if not no then you're taking away from that you're not going to be as strong single on dumbbell row is just it's a work my my bet I determine a good way something I'm not going to cheat myself I say all right I got six I gotta get these six back I mention it right I take a break I do have my break I don't know not big with my core tight tight when your core is strong here lies you got to do everything else I thought everything starts from here and goes out this is my foundation I love few things just everybody you can be stronger frivolous let's get your course not for me though you don't matter I do clothes to work on my bicep and then I throw the hammer curls in there just a little bit that I've done thus far has only been it's not even tipped I swear people think they've seen my best football but they have haven't seen nothing yet I mean it's coming and it might be this year that they see like wow really really the real deal my goal is someday when I'm done playing is to be being the whole thing and then when guys talk about linebackers going to mention my name and say you know what that passion was when one bad boy you know and can't take away the Hall of Fame from a guy you know you when you're inside that I mean that's that's imprint that's in stone you know that's that's there and when you're growing up you heard that that little training I think I can't think I can't for the longest so you know nobody was like I think I came with time to talk I think I can't as I got older I realized that when you think I fly he leaves you leave Dallas when you say I believe there's no doubt there's no margin for error lights right you know what I believe with all my heart like this is what's gonna happen this is what I'm gonna do and for me I'm gonna believe in what I'm doing you might be bigger than you might be past me but you want our work you


  1. This is inspiring to me cause my back is curved and I’m fat and not a lot a muscle.

  2. Still to this day one of my favorite workout videos to watch. That Patrick Willis was bad boy

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  4. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders too. Thanks for the video.

  5. Reuben Foster would’ve been the next Patrick Willis unfortunately he was dismissed

  6. What tha? That’s my gym!

  7. He has a pre disposed genetic advantage but hard work trumps all

  8. 1. Deer antler velvet. 2. 1000 mg daily vitamin d ( estrogen blockers )

  9. Fast twitch

  10. Motherfuckers traps are goals

  11. Seems like a chill dude

  12. Terminator in the back at 2:07

  13. 🤤fine chocolate 😋

  14. Skipping Leg Day Patrick ?

  15. Let this be a lesson, no matter what "you bench" or anything else…gotta work traps. He looks bigger than he is because those traps are Goldberg status. That's wussup.

  16. Monster

  17. dont forget about good genes

  18. I miss him

  19. Those traps are huge!

  20. Tennessee passed up on the freak of nature what a huge lost!!

  21. Salute we miss you P.Willis 💯💯💯💯

  22. His Waves bussing

  23. I'm not saying anybody does or doesn't work hard, but don't get confused, genetic good fortune, and misfortune, is a VERY real thing. And this man is blessed.

  24. It’s crazy a few years ago he had hall of fame goals for himself and then he just left the game right after

  25. No excuses! You keep it moving! Good for you

  26. 🐔legs

  27. I want to know about the dude with the prosthetic leg!

  28. amazing how he manages to keep the calves of a 100lb female

  29. Patrick Willis come back to the 49ers

  30. Miss Patrick Willis in the NFL and FF.

  31. Bad form

  32. Wish I could do a plain workout and become a nfl middle linebacker.

  33. And this is why African Americans have succeeded in sports for decades! We are naturally gifted.

  34. Now do it all without the use of PEDs

  35. Imagine that…. Tennessee passed on another stud player…..

  36. time to make a comeback!!

  37. The reality is that he is a half wit that takes steroids and is able to use his physical gifts to make other half wits happy.

  38. he looks like cjay from gta san andreas with max muscle

  39. Why didn't Seattle run the ball?

  40. Awesome brother! Work hard hit hard be strong

  41. Patrick Willis comeback to the 49ers you can get a Superbowl 2018

  42. 1:59 Mostly arms getting worked there. Some people get big no matter how they workout. This guy is not really showing good form but yet is a beast. GENETICS.

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